People Divulge What They Miss The Most From Their Childhood

Time really does fly by.

I never believed that until recently.

I wish I had relished in my childhood more.

I miss certain toys and watching specific movies for the first time.

I miss the feeling of hope.

If only we could start again...

Redditor SadTonight7117wanted to get nostalgic.

They asked:

"What is something you miss from your childhood?"

I miss discovering Madonna. And I miss the days before social media. It all seemed simpler.

Adulting : Would NOT Recommend...

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"The whole summer with nothing to do but just enjoy yourself. I can't believe I ever wanted to be an adult."


"I have a really clear memory of myself, aged about 10, flopping down on my parents' bed in the sunshine after school on the last day before summer holidays, and announcing to my mum, 'I am so completely happy.'"


“adult circle”

"Innocence and ignorance."


"This! I remember as I kid I wanted to know everything that was going on around me (family secrets, gossip, etc.). Now that I’m allowed in the 'adult circle' I have to actively take myself out of these conversations because it’s too much drama and too stressful."



"My health."


"Right? When we're young we think we are invincible and when we look at old people we think that will never be us. Yes it will, and sooner than we expect."


"Yes! The energy, the strength! Eat crap food and still run for miles!"


Easy Days

"Life without responsibilities."


"Me, too. Just going somewhere without a phone, wallet or keys. Be home for dinner is all you have to do. For the rest of the day you can build a damn in some river, play catch, throw rocks at anything, run through a corn field or rip out some plant, try to eat it and plan to remember that corn needs to be cooked. We stole broom sticks, painted them in bright colora and fought until the kids in town joined to play Star Wars. I remember my fingers hurting from those little mishaps."



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"The simplest play just with a few cars in my bag I'd be entertained for hours."


Summer days, had me a blast. And those bags of cars... fun for hours.


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"The house I grew up in, and my grandparents."'





"Ignorance is bliss. When I was a kid I didn’t understand what people meant by it and I want to know. Now that I know, I don’t want to know. Ah, I miss my happy childhood memories."


"And Dinosaur chicken nuggets but mostly Happiness."


Let's have fun...

"Playing outside. Catching snakes and frogs. climbing trees. Playing pretend. I'll never feel as much bliss as I did when I was 9 years old and my grandmother's huge wooded backyard with a pond was my entire world. What I would give to be there again. And my back didn't hurt."


The Rider

"Knight Rider."


"It’s on Netflix if you have it. It’s kinda cool to see the first episodes and how Michael Knight came to be. I don’t think I ever knew about the double-cross and transformation! I’ll leave it at that to not provide too many spoilers in case you haven’t seen the first episode."


Counting the minutes...

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"And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun."


Time is fleeting. Remember that. Appreciate it now.

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