Long hair is something that many people hope to get. But it's more than just "long hair/don't care"-- it can be a real b*tch to take care of sometimes. It can be a huge struggle to maintain beautiful locks, and these long haired Redditors are going to tell you why.

u/blue_penguin3 asked: Girls/guys with extra long hair, what are your struggles?


My hair used to be 33"/ 84cm long. It usually took 30 minutes to brush. I had to braid it before sleep or it would take much longer than that.

My SO at the time would roll over in bed onto my hair and I'd be trapped. The shower drain. Hair would find its way into my underbits and I'd have to very carefully pull hairs out of my most sensitive parts. So much shampoo and conditioner.


That's one way to dry it.


The fact that it takes forever for my hair to dry, but if I use a blow dryer I end up with frizz and static. I would cut it but the last time I did that I ended up looking like I stuck my finger in a wall socket.


Normal people with long hair: It takes so long to dry the hair

Me, a metalhead: headbangs like a crazy windmill on cocaine to the sound of my favourite songs

My hair: dries


So THAT'S how that happens.

In the shower. Hairs fall out and get stuck in you butt crack and clog your drain.


That is why you comb/brush your hair before showering this way most of the loose hair is removed.



When I toss and turn in my sleep and end up pulling my own hair.


I solved this by bunching up my hair as if I was going to do a ponytail and I just lay it all on the top/kinda behind my pillow. It also saves time in the morning too because it stays roughly untangled if I lay it in a straight line along the top of the pillow. No more pulling.


You tell 'em.


People asking when I'm gonna cut it, I'll cut it when I feel like it.


Tbh, I forget that people need haircuts. I just never think of it. I once forgot for 2 years, my mom finally said something after all the shedding happening at home. Only then I realized my hair was already at my butt.


That seems unpleasant.

I have closed my pony tail in my car door before.


Have definitely gotten my hair caught in my window more than once.


Teenage rebellion.

Funny thing: Pretty much every girl I've talked to (whose parent won't let them) want to cut their hair incredibly short as soon as they go to college. A surprising amount of guys I've talked to (whose parents won't let them) want to grow out their hair past their shoulders.


Leave me alone!


I think you need a haircut. Why don't you get a haircut. You should cut your hair. How long do you even want it to be? You can't grow it forever. When are you going to cut it?

My aunt and grandmother's constant refrains. Basically they think the only sensible length for hair is ears to shoulders. Halfway down your back is excessive.


So much maintenance.

Black guy here. The biggest thing when I had a big fro or when I was rocking a high top, people do not realize how much black hair can compress or how much maintenance is actually involved. I had a foot tall flat top at one time it could compress down to like two inches.

Getting high and keeping it high meant a lot work. It took for ever to dry, pool days, beach days what ever I was dripping, dripping for hours. If I didn't pick and towel the f*ck out that sh*t it could stay wet for days.


The real struggle.

My friend has really long hair and her struggle is to remember to put her hair around her neck in bathroom so that she doesn't pee on it.


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