People Who Cheated At Something And Got Away With It Share Their Stories

You know how they say cheaters never win?

Well...that's not necessarily true. Sometimes cheaters DO win. Why? Because nobody knows that they cheated.

It's really hard to get away with cheating on something--the truth usually comes out in one way or another--but it DOES happen. And when it does happen, that person comes out ahead--however unfair that is.

u/PacketLord asked Reddit:

Reddit, when did you cheat something and get away with it?

Here were some of those stories.

Not A Cheat, Just A Mistake

I was the top of my class in chemistry, but something was wrong with my brain on our fourth exam; couldn't think to save my life.

I was so frustrated that I crumpled my test and threw it in the trash at the end of the hour. Next class, the teacher asked me to stay behind, apologized for losing my exam, and averaged my previous exam scores. I feel bad, but she saved my ass.


A Rando Grade

I hired some (truly random) guy at a pub to write to my final exam paper for a media studies class because I had too many advanced courses to study for.

Not only did he not mess it up, but he earned such flawless marks (unlike me), that the professor made a special note of its quality, "Brilliant work. This was unlike anything you've ever written before."



Free Parking

Parking garage hack with a cookie sheet on the sensor. Park and take your cookie sheet. When you're walking back slap that mofo on the sensor and get a new ticket. Then leave. Saves hundreds in Chicago. It thinks the sheet is a wheel and spits a new ticket.


"Cheating" But Really Just Dumb Professors

I had a class that required students to film a short video demonstrating a specific concept every week and submit the Youtube link by email. I got a zero for one week on the grounds that (and I quote) "the link isn't blue."

Translation: I didn't hit the space bar after the URL to make it a hyperlink, and he didn't understand the concept of copy-pasting a link into the browser. It was so profoundly stupid that it took me a very long time to understand what he meant, but he very generously let me resubmit my video link with the proper blueness for full credit.

This happened in 2012 in an online community college class for a professional certificate program, and the instructor had at minimum a master's degree in a science-related field.



In university, we had an exam that was online and during the exam, we weren't allowed to have any other tabs open. I had a study sheet that I created on word beforehand, and I copied the whole document and pasted it into one of the short answer boxes.

My professor walked around the lab to make sure no one was cheating, so every time he walked by, I scrolled up to the top where the multiple choice questions were, and when he left, I would search for the answers in the little short answer text box.


90s Arcade Culture

So there was this place called Discovery Zone when I was a kid. Usually had birthday parties there as it was a mix of a jungle gym with slides and tunnels along with an Arcade. Think Chuck E' Cheese with a big playground. Like most places that had arcades for kids, you earned tickets and could cash them in for prizes, but like all these places the good prizes cost a shitload of tickets.

My parents, being sensible, wouldn't give me unlimited money to play the games so I was only able to get a few hundred tickets from some of the easier ones, not enough for anything good. I couldn't decide what I wanted or if I was going to be able to play more before spending the tickets but I didn't want to carry them around with me. They had a system that one of the staff counts your tickets, writes the number on the back of a ticket and signs it so you only have one ticket to carry.

I really wanted one of the big stuffed animals because they had all the good Looney Toons characters. My brain went to work. I figured out that I could write whatever number of tickets I wanted on the back of another ticket, fake the signature and cash it in. Problem was my writing wasn't good enough to copy someone else's, so I brought one of my friends in on it.

I explain the plan to him and he gets to work writing the ticket. To my dismay the number of tickets he puts down is in the tens of thousands. I thought for sure it was way too much to

be believable, but his argument was that it has to be a large amount for us to both get something good, and we won't be able to use the trick too many times. I agreed and figured we didn't have much to lose.

We waited until the staff member who's signature we forged went on break and got to the counter while they were away. The staff member looked at our ticket, gave us a good up and down, shrugged and asked us what we wanted. We made away with a giant Tasmanian Devil, Marvin the Martian, and Sylvester the Cat as well as a bunch of smaller items to use up the excess tickets.

Our cover story for how we earned so many tickets without any money from our parents is that we found a bunch of the game tokens in the ball pit and used them to earn the tickets. To add icing to the cake, in the back corner of this place there was a net high up with more of the Slyvester the cats on it, we used our Slyvester the cat to knock another one off. He took the Marvin the Martian and one of the Sylvesters, I took the other and the Tasmanian Devil. Our parents never really pressed us on it but one of our classmates was always incredibly suspicious of our story. Over two decades later and I still have those stuffies.


Not The Mile

High school gym class. Had to run the timed mile. I am not fit nor athletic. We had 2 days of exercise challenges for a grade, day one being push ups, sit ups etc., second day was the mile. I was absent the first day when my teacher had paired the class up into partners that would help each other keep track of stats etc.

Being an odd number of students, when I returned the next day the only person left to be my partner was my old, rude gym teacher. We head out to the track to run the mile, teacher says one partner from each group go first, when you are done we will have the second group go. The first group went and I just stood behind the teacher. The second group went and I did the same. Then I waited until she looked to her right and I came up from her left, breathing heavy, acting exhausted I gave her my "time", perfectly happy with my sh*tty time and not even running a step!


Genius Child

I had missed the original date for my math final before christmas. So the day i got to take it was when everyone was watching a movie right before break so the lights were out and the teacher sat me at his desk so I wouldn't get distracted.

He then went and sat at desk with a student so he could watch the movie too. I was moving around on the desk looking at things and I noticed he had left the answer key to the final underneath some papers. I would just move it slightly down to see the answers and then put it on my test. I was lucky the test was all multiple choices and you couldn't have work on your final paper so when you were done you just threw away your scrap paper with your work on it. Easiest A of my life.

Sorry Mr. Lieber I know you thought I was some genius.

Now You'd Get Expelled

I've told this story before: I started college in the early 2000s, had to drop out, and went back near the end of that decade. A lot changed in those intervening years, including sites like turnitin not existing my first go around. I had an essay I got an "A" on my first start at college, and I still had it on a floppy disk.

When I returned years later I had another course that had an essay due. I wasn't feeling doing it, but I remembered this old essay I had from before, and I knew that turnitin didn't exist them (I only turned in a paper copy that time), so there was no online presence of it nor would it get flagged as unoriginal. So I got my disk converter out, got that old essay out, changed the date/course number, and turned it in on turnitin for this other course, and as I knew would happen it wasn't flagged. I also got an "A" on that paper too.

Yeah, you can't do things like that now.


Parking Passerby

In college I worked for campus police as unarmed security, and while I was assigned to the library, I realized that the traffic officers couldn't possibly enforce 30 minute short term parking spots littered across campus as they simply didn't have the manpower to check them multiple times a day.

Anyone could park in these spots so for the last year of college I unregistered my car with the school and didn't buy a parking pass but got the best parking on campus.


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