Have you ever been engrossed in a tv show, excited to bring watch it only to have a major cliffhanger or a totally awful ending? It happens to us all.

A decade later I'm still mad at all the time I wasted watching and trying to figure out Lost--like seriously we were left with more questions than answers and some plot lines were flat-out ignored. Not to mention the near unspeakable ending to GOT that mad even the most die-hard fans groan.

Redditor likeistoleyourbike wanted to know other television shows that totally dropped the ball. They asked:

"What's the most unsatisfying BS ending to a TV series?"

Fans were eager to vent can't their finale frustrations. Potential spoilers ahead.

The season came tumbling down...

“Jericho. All that buildup for it to just never conclude..” TiredExpression

What really sucks about Jericho is it was canceled after one season originally. It only got brought back for the 2nd season because it had garnered a cult following of some very dedicated fans.”

“So what do the writers do when brought back? Do they close out the story and give us the conclusion we deserve? NO?! THEY GIVE US ANOTHER G*D D*MN CLIFFHANGER! Still after all these years, I'm not salty, not even a little...“ KaiMolan

Spolier alert: In real life she's actually a racist.

“Roseanne's original ‘it was all made up’ ending.” oldatheart515

“I f**king hated that ending. I watched the entire f**king series to get told ‘oh it was all a book and none of it really happened. Also I changed several major plot points.’ Not to mention they completely threw that out the window when they decided they wanted a reboot.” Mangobunny78

Fast forward much?

“Castle was a detective/drama show starring Nathan Fillion (Mal in Firefly). The season is wrapping up, his new-ish wife is becoming a senator (from a detective [Side note: this was confirmed to happen by a guy that was strongly suggested to be a time traveler]), then they're talking in the kitchen and some guy comes in and shoots both of them.”

“They're both bleeding on the ground, then it cuts to years in the future and they're laughing and smiling with their 2 young children with some voice over talking about some BS that I can't even remember.“ stefonio

The King of disappointments.

Freezing Game Of Thrones GIF Giphy

cries in GoT” riddickulusbella

“GoT was among the biggest pop culture phenomena of the past decade. Everyone, their grandma, and their dog was watching.”

“The show ended on such a sour note that we've collectively disowned it. And THAT'S an accomplishment unto itself. People should be regularly rewatching that series like they do with The Sopranos or Breaking Bad, but... nope.” yo_soy_soja

They folded like a, well you know...

House of Cards. I didn't even feel anything while watching. Not anger, not shock, not diappointment. Just pure apathy, because of how ridiculous and awful the rest of that final season was. I was just like: ‘well, I guess that was that.’ I've never seen a show fall of a cliff like this before.” Dvorak_Antonin

They killed the ending.

“Dexter. I pretend the last season doesn't exist, but unfortunately it seems they are going to restart the series from that point. Crossing my fingers they can somehow salvage the character.” SingleJunction2

Chilling adventures of Sabrina. The ending was so rushed and it didn't make sense. They killed the main character in the last 5 minutes and we didn't even get to see how the other characters handled her death."

“The most ridiculous thing was that Sabrina and Nicholas just got back together and he out of the blue decided to kill himself to be with her forever. It was a great series with a lot of potential but Netflix decided to cut it at the 4th season giving us a sh*tty ending." Ecate800

“Santa Clarita Diet.”

Santa Clarita Diet A Lot To Process GIF Giphy

“Santa Clarita Diet. It was cancelled on a cliffhanger. I still have so many questions!” rawrr483

“This one made me irrationally angry, what the h*ll was Netflix thinking? You cant just have mr. Ball-legs shove himself in Joe's ear, say "mama" and just cut out forever! F**k you Netflix, you half inflated baseballFyrrys

St Elsewhere a hospital drama that ran for 6 years...”

​“St Elsewhere a hospital drama that ran for 6 years. The final episode ends with an autistic boy staring at the hospital in a snow was all in his head, the entire show.“

“Author Cynthia Burkhead explains that with this final shot, ‘St. Elsewhere managed to take the idea of a dream and alter it just enough, putting it in the imagination of an autistic boy’, and surmises that an ending constructed in this manner ‘reminds viewers that the fiction they have watched for six years is actually fiction within a fiction, occupying a second level of unreality, one level beyond the space of illusion filled by all narrative television.’” BlueFalconPunch

Star Trek...

“Star Trek Enterprise. After having an incredible two partner that easily would have worked as the finale, there is an extra episode which is basically “Riker from TNG plays in events that take place ten years after you last saw everyone.’”

“They kill off one of the main characters, and then cut off Archer just as he's about to give his big speech. At least the very last scene is good fanservice. The books end up retconning the whole thing, but I haven't read themtupe12

There are so many fan favorites that get a frustrating ending which is unfortunate when the show was good.

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