People Break Down The Things That Are Totally Lame Sober But Awesome With Alcohol
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In one of the more memorable episodes of the iconic sitcom Friends, Monica's boyfriend at the time, "Fun Bobby" was more often with a drink in his hand than without one.

But when she confronted him about this and he stopped drinking, it soon becomes abundantly clear what it was that made "Fun Bobby" fun.

This isn't at all a unique situation.

Have you ever gotten food after having enjoyed a few drinks with friends, then returned to the same restaurant to discover the food was noticeably less good without alcohol in your system.

Redditor gustavowdoid was curious what other food, experiences, or people seemed to be better when enjoyed with varying degrees of alcohol, leading them to ask:

"What is something that is totally lame without alcohol but totally awesome with alcohol?"

"Here comes the Bride..."

"Wedding receptions."

"Having been to a dry one, it was seriously THE WORST!" - stubept.

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You don't know where that dog has been...

"Back in my university days there was a hotdog cart outside the bar after closing every busy night."

"We always lined up for one since they were the absolute best dogs in town."

"I stayed sober one night and got a hotdog after the night was over."

"I couldn’t believe how disgusting it was."

"Cart hot dogs after the bar are totally awesome with alcohol."

"Not so much without." - Big-Challenge-1652

Dance like nobody's watching.

"Dancing in a big crowd to music you'd normally never listen to." - Darkdreams28.

"Crowds of people and loud music when I'm sober: Headaches, anxiety, want to get out of there ASAP!"

"Crowds of people and loud music when DRUNK: WOOO! F*CK YEAH! PAAARTAAAY! "- Ins0mnimaniac.


"I went to see deadmaus sober and i quickly realized i had to be drunk or high to not get annoyed by everyone else haha."

"People high as hell pushing you, dropping drinks etc."

"Was pretty cool but i was cursed as the designated driver." - User Deleted

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Wouldn't this just make them "games"?

"Drinking Games."

"You ever played ring of fire with cups of water?" - SeanRodrieguez.

This way they'll think they're actually winning...

"Playing Mario Kart with my non-gaming family."

"Suddenly I'm on their level!" - BlackeyeThe2nd

My boss needs to think I'm having a good time...

"Work functions."

"Company Christmas party with booze vs. dry as night and day." - Brancher.

Who knew I could sing?

"Karaoke." - SchnorpHasPies

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How are we related again?

"Family gatherings." - smellslikeloudoggg

More like "bored" games...

"Any board game!"

"Especially Monopoly scrabble and operation."- Calypos_Luna

Better question is, what isn't better with alchohol?

"Life, in general."- supbiatches1

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"Snifter stupid martini glass cocktail onions."

"Being quiet around others while they're yapping."

"Singing randomly in public situations."

"Bad music."

"That drink with tomato juice and an oyster in it."

"Really salty food like just salty chips, I like more flavor."

"Clamato, that weird blue juice that goes in that blue tiki cocktail."

"Dried fish."

"Oily fried fishes Cheap burgers or frozen pizza."- dumbnunt_

Liquid patience

"To have someone else talk to you about their mind blowing ideas, and just sit there and be like 'dude that’s gonna f*cking change the world'."- GrouchyInteraction12

Beer puts the "B" in Barbecue

"Cooking food on the barbecue."- leatherwolf89

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Might be worth a second viewing?

"Certain films, 'Twilight' being the classic."

"Highly recommended getting drunk or high and watching a kinda sh*tty film."- ViSaph

It depends on the mood I'm in...

'Listening to live music you don’t like."- peachycreaam

"EPCOT at Walt Disney World is lame as a kid, but as a grown adult, its the best place."

"Just go in and drink around the world."- El_JEFE_DCP

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Why do I suddenly find this so intruiging?

"Things you aren’t usually interested in."- fawnsweb


:Kid's birthday parties."

"A few dozen shrieking kids isn't too bad when you're half c*cked on some beers."- Woah_man34

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Next time you eat something, or watch a movie, or visit a location that isn't as good as you remember, it might be worth reflecting on what you were drinking at the time.