If you're not careful, you'll find 10 million and one things that will drive your blood pressure through the roof. This can be a stressful world to live in sometimes. I mean... look around, America.

But I'll start: People who aren't aware of their surroundings in public annoy the hell out of me. They probably deserve to have a shopping cart rammed into their ankles, but that's just me. (Not that I've personally experienced that or anything.)

After Redditor ICantThinkofaUsertag asked the online community, "What really makes your bloood boil?" people shared–– and commiserated.

"Life consists of..."

People that aren't willing to listen to someone else's opinion. Life consists of developing opinions and constantly changing them. Once you form one, it isn't immediately set in stone, which many don't seem to understand. Just because you feel a certain way doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to someone else's point of view.


"Suffice it to say..."

Entitlement in all of its forms. Like when some c**t drives on the shoulder to skip ahead of traffic, for example.

Or on a more personal note, I have an uncle (Dad's brother) who owes my parents quite a lot of money, yet he has convinced himself he doesn't have to pay because they're better off than he is. And keeps asking for more at times, or always expects them to pay for expenses on their joint properties.

Suffice it to say, I haven't spoken to him in half a decade. If I see him, I probably won't be able to hold myself, that kind of entitlement is absolutely infuriating.


"Seeing people..."

Seeing people constantly compare themselves to others to try to put people down or make themselves feel better.


"When people don't..."

Right now? When people don't keep their distance when I'm out trying to social distance for the sake of my family. Get the hell away from me, get some awareness for the people around you instead of just thinking about yourself.


"When I'm trying..."

When I'm trying to rinse a crumb down the kitchen sink and it just keeps shooting one way or the other and won't go down the damn drain. Bonus if it goes up the side of the sink and sticks there. Puts me into murder rage.


"And rarely..."

People being abused, especially vulnerable ones like children or the elderly.

Animals too.

Bullies in general as well, since they are related to the above.

Repeated unreliability or really making a nuisance of yourself with no consideration of others can be really annoying too.

And rarely the dishonesty that some people display online, though it is generally not worth getting upset over things, sometimes it is just frustrating because some people just cannot argue.


"That at some point..."

That at some point in your life someone might have been giving you obvious hints but you were too dumb to see it and now you will never know and they will always be 'just another person you knew.'


"Where he gets his info..."

Conspiracy theorists.

I work with a close-minded conspiracy nut. It's mentally draining to listen to the stuff he goes on about. "COVID 19 is a hoax created by the democrats to undermine the Trump administration, there hasn't been a single confirmed case anywhere in the world. Why do you think they closed travel so they don't find out the rest of the world has never heard of it" or "George Floyd is a crisis actor and the cop that killed him is a f*g from the London ballet and another actor, since COVID didn't work now they are inciting riots to make Trump look bad." He also rants about mainstream media is fake etc. This is what I listen to for ten hours a day. Where he gets his info I have no clue, he doesn't have a smart phone - still uses a flip phone and isn't computer literate.


"I have a friend..."

Know it alls that don't actually know it all.. I have a friend that just can't admit he doesn't know something, if you try to tell him something cool, he apparently already knows. Even if you call him out, he'll just say "Yeah, I know, I thought we were talking about something else".


When every job listing..."

When every job listing needs 2+ years experience in the field. You cant get the job without the experience. You cant get the experience without the job. You are forced either to lie or get paid in exposure for two years.


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