People Explain Why They're Still Salty About One Teacher In Particular They Had In School


There are some experiences that still make your blood boil, even years later. I can still recall that one teacher who, in the middle of the class, told me to put my hand down because she preferred to hear from someone who was "more popular."

Still remember that incident all these years later––can you blame me?

After Redditor Heinzen_berg asked the onlne community, "What's something a teacher did at school that you're still mad about?" people lined up to tell their stories.

"My 6th grade history teacher..."

My 6th grade history teacher would clip his toenails in class, now I have a foot phobia.


"I was walking into English class..."

I went to a high school that had a uniform. We were supposed to have our shirts tucked in at all times.

I was walking into English class, between bells, tucking in my shirt because it came up out of my skirt while I was taking my cardigan off. My English teacher stopped me and asked, "were you just tucking your shirt in?" I told her I was and she promptly wrote me up for having had my shirt untucked.

It was utter bull and I lost total respect for her.


"I had a teacher demand..."

I had a teacher demand I change out of my yoga pants even though yoga pants weren't even against school policy. If they were banned, you'd bet your @ss she would have started a riot.

She also gave me a C on a project where we were supposed to decorate masks. Everyone else got mostly As. Like how the hell do you even grade something that is supposed to be artistic anyways? Mine was simple because I didn't have much money to spend on decorating it but to this day I still believe it was better than the sparkly BS some kids turned in.


"I had a friend..."

I had a friend in college who really went above and beyond on a programming assignment. She thought of everything. Part of the teacher's test was trying to break the program. Done in class as a presentation thing. The teacher couldnt break it and marked her down for not following the rules. What my friends did was outside the scope of what was required but no where in the rules did say not to. And if anything should have been given extra points for really digging in and learning more.


"A boy in my class..."

A boy in my class (about 8 years old) had dyslexia. So one time, the teacher gave a dictation. He had spelled all the words wrong and she was really mad at him, just shouting to him in the middle of the class that he should've tried harder, he didn't do well enough etc. He was crying and from that moment on I really hated her.


"The teacher got up..."

The teacher got up in the middle of my presentation, took my paper out of my hand, and in front of the entire class told me that I had plagiarized my assignment from the internet. The thing is, we didn't have the internet at that time at my house. I had worked through the entire assignment while talking about my ideas with my dad. It was super embarrassing.... Made me feel better to learn that the next day my dad went into class and yelled at the teacher in the staff room in front of all his peers. I didn't have a problem with that teacher after that.


"Last grade..."

Last grade in high school there was a Chemistry teacher in my school who had two different sections of the same class, both with too many students due to amazing provincial budget management.

My class, this guy routinely called the dumb kids up to the board and made them sweat in front of everyone when they clearly didn't have an answer, shouted at kids who didn't study, and was generally being an angry d!ck. It was normal for kids to just walk away to drop out of it when we shuttled between the classroom and lab. I wasn't one of the dumb kids, so I didn't get much direct abuse, but I ended up dropping because I was sick of being constantly stressed and angry.

At first I figured he was just being an @sshole to clear out the extra students and I hated him for that, but I could at least understand that he was put in a bad position.

I later found out about the other class. Overloaded with kids, like mine was; but no angry outbursts, he played music during quiet study times, and generally treated everyone nicely. The guy was running a f**king experiment without telling anyone! 26 years later, I'm still pissed off when I see him around the community.


"I came in..."

Homework in 2nd grade was to learn our parentss real names instead of mom and dad.

I came in and told the class my mom had a different last name than me. The teacher said 'No, her last name is Jutsu like yours and your daddy. That's what happens when you get married.' I told her that it was just me and my mom and that my daddy never lived with us.

She told the class that that meant they needed to pray for me and my mommy because we were going to hell.

That was my last day at that school.


"On the last day of school..."

On the last day of school my home room teacher took me out into the hall and told me she thought it was her moral obligation to tell me I'm a horrible person. No specifics, no advice, just I'm a horrible person. I was never in trouble in school, always tried my best to be kind, and was even the valedictorian. I spent the rest of the period pretending I wasn't crying because my friends still had a final in the afternoon they were studying for and needed to pass.


"Little me was obsessed..."

Little me was obsessed with two things: dinosaurs until I saw Jurassic Park, and space. I was obsessed. In third grade we had an assignment where we had to talk about orbits. I wrote examples like the Moon orbits the Earth, the Earth orbits the Sun, and the Sun orbits the Milky Way. My teacher gave me a D and refused to listen to me that what I had said was true. We didn't have computers in the classroom so there was no way to look it up. I tried to bring a book with it the next day but she blew me off. Jokes on her though because I'm about to get my PhD in astronomy.


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