They say you don't pay for the product, you're paying for the label. This means most consumers don't necessarily care about the quality of the product as much as they care about the name on the outside. It's a sign of status, of hopeful quality, that the well known established reliability will present itself. However, some people don't give any thought to the brand, thinking the off-brand is just as good and it doesn't matter what you buy.

In reality, this is not always the case.

Reddit user, u/cherrystomperaf, wanted to hear about:

What's one thing you'll never buy an off-brand "version" of again?

Good Equipment, Good Job

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After 25+ years in construction, Tools.

Also: Batteries.


Good tools are so important.

Bought a cheap screwdriver set with those detachable tips.

The tips stripped so easily. Must have been made out of tin foil.


The Original? The Knock-Off? Or The Winner?

Oreo cookies. My family bought generic everything but that was definitely the worse.


Oreo's are technically the knock off. The original is Hydrox...which is a terrible name for a cookie!


It Doesn't Even Have A Sharpener On The Back

Crayons/colored pencils.

No RoseArt for me or my future children.


I actually remember a fist fight breaking out over RoseArt crayons in elementary school. You would probably be better off coloring with a candle


The Right Kind Of Support

Bra. I used to always buy something cheap that looked nice enough. Only recently I went to a lingerie shop for the first time to get properly measured. Bought two sets of bra and panties that actually fit perfectly and both feel and look great. My life quality improved in an instant!



Video game controllers


Lmao I bought a gamestop brand controller because it was 20$ over a legit Xbox controller that cost $60.

The thing needed batteries but didn't have a slot that opened up to insert batteries, and had a fake USB port. What the actual f-cking f-ck


A Serious Lack Of Sticky

Scotch tape - freaking hate dollar tree scotch tape


Same with post it notes. Cheap ones have different adhesive and are crap.


You Want Support For Your Clients

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I read recently of a massage therapist on reddit that bought a cheaper table off Amazon and the first day it broke when an overweight client crawled up in it. She left in tears


They have weight limits. Cheap tables, chairs, and the like usually have a limit around 150-200.


Too Dirty

Vacuum Cleaners.

Eventually you just stop vacuuming completely when it isn't strong enough or easy to use.


It's Protecting Your Knees

Shoes, especially running.

My back will never recover.


You don't want to go cheap in those items that go between you and the ground.

Shoes, matress, tires.


For The Sake Of Your Noses, Pay A Little More

Cat litter.... I wanted clumping.

Not piss laden cement.


Idk if you've already tried this but pine litter is so nice. It turns into a powder when it gets wet but it traps in smell way better in my opinion


Find That Sweet Spot Between Toy Tires And Racing Tires

Do car tires count here? Everyone is mentioning food, but Jesus please if you are a young person hear me out now: don't cheap out on your tires.


I second this! Buying high end winter tires makes a huge difference in driving performance.


Who Wants To Be Painting Over This In Two Years?

Paint - cheap paint is sh!t, trust me and get the name brand stuff otherwise you're just going to need it eventually to paint over that patchy cheap shit.


I second this. I work for a company that does professional cleaning. Sometimes we have to scrub walls. Cheap paint doesn't hold up. Good quality paint cleans easier, and still looks good when we're done.


No One Wants Teddy Bear Stuffing Inside Them

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Not really 'off-brand', but there were these tampons that were cheaper than my usual and were also 'eco-friendly'. I remember feeling so good about finding something green peace would love me for just to have bits of fluff fly EVERYWHERE in my bathroom the second it opened up. They hadn't even pressed the tampon into shape! It was literally just a loose cotton scam that, had I shoved it up my hoo-ha, would have left me living the life of a stuffed bear to this day.


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