People Share What Every Day Thing Seriously Creeps Them Out

People Share What Every Day Thing Seriously Creeps Them Out
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Reddit is having a field day talking about things that creep them out - and I'll be honest, I'm totally here for it.

I. Freaking. Hate. Worms. There, I said it. I don't mean earth worms, though. Specifically I have some serious issues with parasitic worms. I didn't even think about them until I briefly worked as a vet tech.

Guys, there is an ungodly number of worms that can work their way into your body and wreak all sorts of havoc and you won't even know it til you start losing weight and feeling them wriggle or maybe you poop out a squirming clump of... *heave*

You get the point. I'm going to stop talking about it because I'll have a gnarly case of the jibblies all day long if I don't.

Reddit user Webtrauma asked:

What everyday thing seriously creeps you out?

Now, I don't know if this question was asked to specifically induce some of that web trauma their username suggests... but that's pretty much exactly what happened. Brace yourselves, folks. It's about to get awful up in here.


Plain bare nails don't bother me, painted and manicured nails don't either. But it really repulses and creeps me out when someone has chipped/flaked nail polish, the feeling intensifies when they're preparing food meant for me. There's no real logic behind it, it's just something that has creeped me out since pre-K.

- mycodenameis

The Screams


Children tend to scream a lot when there's nothing wrong, they're just playing and having fun. Absolutely flays my nerves.

- milkysatan

There's an elementary school behind me. So whenever I happen to be out back during their recess, I get to listen to the herd of children screaming. Are they playing? Are they fighting? Being slaughtered? We'll never know.

- LandShark93

This. A teenage girl ran down my street the other night screaming at the top of her voice "HELP ME! NO! NO!". Ran to the window to see what was going on thinking she's being chased with a knife and her friend was just trying to take a bad photo of her for Snapchat.

- Maxative


Driving. You're trusting that everyone else is going to follow the rules of the road but any old a-hole can just kill you in an instant.

- iamcallegari

I'm not even afraid of being a victim of careless driving. I'm afraid of being the perpetrator. I'm terrified that someday, my attention might lapse, and I'll be a killer.

- yinyang107

Same here. It blows my mind how casually people can take driving and how they'll distract themselves with texting or talking on the phone.

When I was very young, I heard one of the little kids next door get hit by a car. I heard the drawn-out, incoherently worded shrieks of his mother as she ran towards the road to stop him from wandering out into it, and the squeal of the car tires as the driver tried to brake before hitting him.

He survived and wasn't permanently injured (amazingly), but in the first few minutes after it happened, when the driver sat shaking on our front porch as we waited for the ambulance and police to arrive, little kid me never forgot the driver's eyes. I saw someone who would give anything in the world to take back the last thirty seconds of driving. Anything to make that one moment not happen. It stuck with me as I grew up, and I will never drive carelessly because of that.

- Avendaishar


The fact that almost every human is covered in microscopic mites living off our hair follicles, eating our bodies' natural oil secretions.

- erst77

So Fragile

Sometimes I stop to think how fragile society is and it scares me. Everyone is collectively deciding to be a normal functioning adult today and one day we could just.... not. And it would be chaos. Same goes for currency. It's so fragile that if we all decided money was worthless, it would be worthless.

- VincentStonecliff

Creepily Waiting

Pamphlets left on the seats of public transportation like trains or buses. Sometimes they're religious, sometimes they're medical, but all the time it feels like someone's creepily waiting for me to open it.

- 34cwwnibanez7



Windows. But only at night.

- GiveItMoreGasBuhh

Same. My kitchen/dining room has three very large windows that face the equally large backyard. Every time I go down there in the middle of the night I have to tell myself, "focus, don't look out the window, there's gonna be a face if you look."

- LandShark93

Yeah, I live in a flat, by myself, but have my own private entrance. It has a large pane of glass in it, but slightly frosted. Every night I go down there to make sure the door is locked and I'm convinced there'll be a face there, or as I turn to go up the stairs I'll hear a knock, or the letterbox will open and I'll hear someone say something like "you'd better hide."

My brain just likes to scare me

- azima_971

Surrounded By Killers

The news around killings, basically. There's always stories of someone murdering someone either out of enjoyment or out of circumstance, but the fact is, anyone around us could be now or in the future a murderer and we could be the victims.

I seriously walk down the street and think of how I interact with someone and whether or not they could become vengeful. What if I say something rude and that's the moment they snap and pull out a knife and stab me? What if I hurt someone's pride and later that night I find them outside my workplace or home, ready to exact their revenge on me?

- Deplete1

Wet Sink Food

Soggy wet food I have to clean up from the sink after washing dishes.

- EmergencyCucumber

Growing up my family would just leave the sink full of water and add the dirty dishes for like 2 days at a time. I gag even thinking about the gross wet pieces of food I had to touch to drain the sink. 🤢

Thanks for ruining my night.

- shake_n_bake567

Pregnancy Woes

Every human grew inside another. That is gross. I have 2 kids and am intimately familiar with the whole process. I'd much rather people grow in like... pods or something.

- wrexinite

Yes, this is so creepy and gross to me. I don't want kids ever and I seriously don't know what I would do if it happened to me as I probably wouldn't have access to an abortion. It terrifies me to the point it's hard for me to interact normally with a pregnant woman, I avoid looking at them.

- irytek

The thoughts of an entirely separate living entity growing inside my body. Feeling movement inside myself and it be a living being. Freaks. Me. OUT!! Never had kids. Just can't even fathom it nor having some kind of fluid suddenly shoot out my nipples. WTF?!?! Any other time, I would be rushed to ER!

- WeedWisdom


Worms on the sidewalk after a rainstorm.

No clue why, but every time it really freaks me out!

- 2mnysheeple

And they smell!! People think I'm nuts when I say I can smell the worms outside.

- TheBIsBack666

Same! I start to feel really pukey if I focus on the smell cause it means I'm smelling my fear, inhaling them into my body. Ewwwwwww

- tazbunny

Yes! I was at the height of my morning sickness in the spring, and the smell of post-rain-sidewalk-worms still turns my stomach four years later.

- OliveGreen87

Curtain Concerns

Closed shower curtains. ANYTHING could be back there...

- Trenz007

The shower curtain touching me without consent.

- BlondeDel

Baby Teeth

The way real teeth are in a kids jaw developing to push the baby teeth out ...


(Google it there's little holes with teeth in the middle making their way up the jaw so gross)

- SilentTelephone

No Alibi

I have a lot of hair on my head and I shed everywhere I go, worse than a husky. I get paranoid that I may leave some of myself at a future crime scene and the forensic people will collect my DNA. Then I'm involved with some crime I wasn't aware of, and I'll have no alibi.

- mycodenameis

The Pledge


The pledge of allegiance. The fact that kids are forced to swear their undying loyalty to a country, to promise to not even question it, and that it is protected by religion... Its shockingly horrible.

- bigkek42

Reciting the pledge of allegiance everyday in school. I'm getting hella propaganda vibes whenever I have to do it.

- Xylostos

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