People Explain What Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their Lifetime
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To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, Catcher in the Rye.

Books are often found on the list of the greatest novels ever written.

But they are also commonly found on the list of books most people had to read in high school.

Which doesn't mean they aren't among the greatest pieces of literature.

But more often than not, people find the books that turn out to be their "favorites" not because they were assigned to them, but because they chose to read them for their own enjoyment.

Some people’s favorite reading material might not even be a novel or biography, but rather a juicy blog or message board.

A Recent Redditor was curious to hear what books, or other reading material, the Reddit community believed demanded to be read, leading them to ask:

'What should you read at least once in your entire life?"
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People Explain Which Quotations Absolutely Changed Their Lives
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Great writing changes lives.

Great snippets can stay with us forever.

And beyond the grave.

So many people put great quotes on tombstones.

Redditor downtownshiba wanted to discuss the words of wisdom that have left a forever mark. They asked:

"What quote changed your life?"
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People Share The Books That Are Often Quoted But People Seldom Read
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We all wish we were a little more well-read, finding decent-sized pockets in the day to sit with a classic book and delve into the wisdom it offers. Unfortunately, mostly thanks to streaming television I'm sure, we don't all have the opportunity to let a good book sit with us.

So we look up quotes online. Or we see people sharing them around. Or, and this one happens a lot, we see people using them incorrectly to justify some misguided point they're trying to make. Whatever the reason, these books are definitely not seeing as much love as they appear to be.

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People Describe Their Most Beloved Fictional Characters
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We can get quite attached to fictional characters.

Whether they appear in our favorite book, comic, TV show, animé or film, a really well created character can tug at our heartstrings, inspire us or make us cry.

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Last summer, I was pretty bored and looking for a new book to read, preferably a horror novel. i stumbled upon Nick Cutter's The Troop, which tells the story about a troop of scouts who go spend time at a cabin in the woods and come down with an... um... interesting infection.

I'm not going to say more about the plot to avoid giving out spoilers but let's just say that the book gave me exactly what I wanted. I was definitely disturbed by it... and uncomfortable. Sooo uncomfortable. I still think about it a fair amount.

There are plenty of other books out there that made people feel similarly taken aback, as we were so kindly reminded by Redditor NeedSomeUpDog asked the online community,

"What's the most WTF book you've ever read?"
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