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Ever feel like you're having an exceptionally weird day?

Sometimes it feels like that no matter what you do, that the universe is just out to get you. For better or worse, you find yourself in situations that are so unlikely, that some higher power has to have a hand in it.

Redditor u/GhostRxm got people to relive their weirdest days by asking, "What was your 'The universe is messing with me' moment?"

10. What are the chances of getting a bug in your ear?

"I sometimes "play hooky" from work...basically if I need a "mental health day" but can't explain that to my boss, I'll make up some other excuse to call out.

At least 75 percent of the times I've done this, I end up getting sick or injured or something which results in me actually needing to take the following day off work.

Most recent example: I called out one day and claimed I'd been struck by the stomach bug that was going around. The next morning, ready to return to work, I woke up with a goddamn bug stuck in my ear canal and had to go to the doctor to have it removed."


9. Sounds like a really bad joke


"Right after moving I was in a car accident on the freeway during rush hour. Backend of my car was crunched. While it was sitting in the parking lot of a collision center waiting to be repaired, a semi backed into the front end. The collision center was right next to a trucking company. When my husband called to tell me what had happened I thought he was joking."


8. Double dumped

"While getting dumped, I was shat on by a pigeon."


"You got dumped twice, dude"


"That's a crappy feeling"


7. Quitting is hard, good for you!

"The evening of my first day without a cigarette in 15 years I came across a full pack of smokes lying on a window ledge. Laughter ensued. I never had found even 1 discarded cigarette before. Nor since."


6. Sometimes, the universe is kind

"Back when I was a kid, I borrowed a CD of my dad's without asking, and it ended up becoming lost. We looked everywhere, but it was never found... Dad scolded me, but worse, as only a dad can do, he would tease me about it. He never forgot, and he made sure that I never forgot either.

Fast-forward ten years: my dad died unexpectedly while at work. Thankfully, the universe (or someone/something) made sure to let us know everything was going to be okay:

After we arrived home from the funeral, my mom, siblings, and I were sitting around in silent shock. It was Christmastime, so my brother thought he'd try lightening the mood by playing some Christmas music. He went into the CD cabinet, and there, sitting right in front, was the missing CD. That CD had been missing for ten years!"


5. August 2019

"August 2019.

First weekend in August i get mugged and punched on a night out. Lose my phone, wallet, keys

The same weekend my dad and second mum split up after 15 years.

The weekend after my mum goes on holiday. The first night shes away and im watching the dogs. The eldest passes away in the midnight vet as im holding her.

About 3 days before she comes home i get rushed into hospital with supposed sepsis and have surgery. Luckily i was in and out within a week.

The last weekend of August my car breaks down and costs me £300+ in repairs.

I am not leaving the house next August."


4. There was a glitch in the simulation

"A couple of months ago, I went to the drinking fountain to fill up my water bottle. Except there was no water fountain. I walked away from it, looked around the hallway, and then walked back to the area where the drinking fountain was supposed to be, but it was still gone. Thinking I was crazy, I ended up going back to my office and asking my coworkers if we'd ever had a drinking fountain there to begin with. Of course, they said that there was. I went back to the fountain a third time, and it was there, the same as always."


3. A surprise was just around the corner


"Cut off contact with a horrible ex around May of this year and last week I finally decided to clear all of her stuff out of my car. Some clothes and random junk. Got it all bagged up and tossed out. The very next day I turned a corner at the store and there she was. I haven't seen or spoken to her in six months and the day after I try to remove items that remind me of her I almost run right into her."


2. No good deed...

"It was my birthday weekend. I helped someone jump start their car in the morning. Later on, LA has the most rain it's had in 6 years, the storm drain near my house get backed up. My house gets flooded, and was the only one on the block to be affected."


1. You're right: A dog wouldn't do this

"My girlfriend cheated on me last fall which hit me really hard. Took a long time for me to feel ok with myself and gain the confidence to start dating again and trust somebody else. Fast forward to last spring I met this amazing girl and been in a relationship with her for the last couple months and even admitting being in a relationship was a huge step for me. Well, who doesn't call me up five days ago but her boyfriend asking me if I've been with her while he was away working abroad. Conclusion: I'm getting a dog"


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