People Describe The Most Statistically Unlikely Thing That's Ever Happened To Them
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Getting struck by lighting, winning the lottery, meeting someone else with your exact name who also shares your birthday.

For better or worse, the likelihood of any of these things happening to you is incredibly small.

And yet, there are still a handful of lucky, or unlucky, people who have experienced one, or all, of the above.

Even if the odds are against us by a significant margin, some people will go through an experience which they would never in a million years dream would happen to them.

Leaving them with quite some stories to tell.

Redditor scared4lyf was curious to hear more about the statistically unlikely experiences people have gone through, leading them to ask:

"What statistically rare thing happened to you?"

Miracle Birth

"My birth is in a medical journal and my mom still gives me crap about it almost 40yrs later."

Due to my mom's low rib cage and high uterus, I was stuck in the bottom of her rib cage."

"The doctors were convinced I didn't have a head and told my mom her whole pregnancy that I only had a brain stem and she should abort."

"Lo and behold she goes into labor and they rush her in to do a C-section, only to discover I'm stuck."

"They end up laying her all the way open and cutting 3 ribs to get me out."

"She ended up stapled back together."

"(Yay for 1980s science."

" She gave her doctors so much hell about her being right."- Silaquix

Blessed With Strong Bones!

"I've been hit by a semi truck twice, and both times escaped with minor injuries."- mydogsaysimcool

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Frequently Chased By Death

"I was pronounced dead at 6 weeks old."

"I found a dead body when I was 10."- Smoochmypie

"Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, And Start All Over Again!"

"I’ve broken my ankles on 5 separate occasions."

"I also have flat feet. "

"Ironically I love running!"- ItsMyCakedayIRL

Lucky Discovery?

"Appendix cancer."

"Accidentally discovered during another surgery."

"No idea there was a tumor the size of an egg on my appendix."- Low_Bus_5395

A Mighty Wind...

"Got hit by a tornado."

"They don’t tell you about how it sucks the air out of the room while you’re inside it."- FriendlyFiber

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Talk About Victim Of Circumstance

"I was born in jail"- cavallinm

You Can Have Too Much Wisdom...

"I had 5 wisdom teeth."

"4 normal ones and 1 tiny one."- more_merkins

Lucky Day!

"My dad my uncle and me were all born on 8/11 different years."- Kimchiandfries

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Some people have all the luck, and some apparently have none at all!

All the more reason we should never assume that any unlikely experience will never happen to us...

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