Money doesn't mean anything when it comes to measuring class, dignity and humanity. Those lessons seem to be lost on many wealthy degenerates. Showing off your wealth to a point that is extreme only exposes one's lack of self-esteem and taste. Nobody begrudges you for having it but there is no need to belittle everyone else with your (lucky) good fortune.

Redditor u/hughesyy94 wanted to hear how the other half is living a little too loud by wondering.... What are some of the trashiest ways you have seen people show off their wealth?

You're not Special....


A man came into my office to pay for something that costs $15. He proceeded to take out his wallet and took all the cash out, at least 50 bills... all of which were hundreds... and said "take your pick sweetheart".... kelleeboo13

Too Shiny!

Honestly anytime I see anything not needing to be covered in diamonds and rhinestones, covered in diamonds and rhinestones I am immediately cringed. Ruhianna

My aunt and uncle have a bunch of tacky gold jewelry with black and white diamonds all over them. It looks terrible, but I guess everyone can tell he has money. BadLuck-BlueEyes

Is that my Money?

I used to know a kid at school who would constantly 'accidentally' drop wads of cash out of his pockets and make a big deal about it before picking it up. It was a clear and unsubtle ploy to let people know he had money.

I saw him get his card declined once though, which more than made up for it. cardboardshrimp

Do you hear what I hear?

My ex has a habit of saying things along the lines of "I hate people who talk about how much money they make. I make almost 6 figures between all my businesses, you don't hear me talking about it" a bare minimum of once a week. Actually dude, we hear you talk about it all the dang time, stop pretending to be humble. CanadianSpunk

I'll take Carvel...


Eating expensive things because they're expensive eg $100 sundaes cuz there's a bunch of gold leaf in it. red-k-alex

What's the #?

Dummy posted a picture of his new debit card on Facebook without censoring anything. Everyone was telling him he should probably take it down. He just kept saying "IDGAF!" beneater66

What is a "Fiver" he asked innocently?

I'm a cashier. I always have a few people a week that order less than $5 of food, take out their wallet, and flip through several 1's, 5's, 10's, and even 50's before coming up on a massive stack of hundreds and handing me one like "ah, this should cover it." Bro. I have 60 dollars in my register. Give me a fiver. TheMusicJunkie2019

Party Over! 

Had some super trashy neighbors come into some money through an inheritance and decided to spend it all. At one point they all had Harley Davidsons and parties for their degenerate friends.

They partied but forgot to pay on the mortgage. godbullseye

To be fair, getting s**tfaced on a 5 digit influx of money is bound to cause some memory damage never mind enough to buy multiple Harleys. mike_d85

Can I have his car?

In college we had a roommate who used to mock other people's student loan debt by saying things like, "20k? I could pay that off in a month.... 45k for a business degree? Please, my father could pay that off by selling his used car."

Not the most popular person in the building. Quixotic9000

Poor Girl...


A friend on Facebook complained how unfair it was that her father was not allowed to blow out some of the mountain next to the house, to make room for her marina. Antivora

Oh Terry! 

Not as bad, but reminded me of my high school days when I was a grocery store checker. Guy came through my line to buy about ten bucks worth of stuff. Pulled out a one hundred dollar bill and made a big deal of kissing it before handing it to me.

The guy was Terry Bradshaw. CoconutMacaron

The Children will Follow.... 

I went to elementary school with a kid who constantly flexed his divorced parents money. Shamelessly. He didn't try to pass it off as his own, he gave each of his parents clear and loud credit for everything. Looking back, I do believe there might have been some instances of the parents competing with each other via expensive gifts, cars, homes, and vacations. Notable examples, all in 3rd/4th grade:

  • Bragged about having his nails manicured weekly.
  • Brought a laptop to school. In the mid 90s. 3rd/4th grade.
  • Took friends on "tours" of his mom and dad's houses to show off all the things. AlreadyShrugging

Cheers to your Tackiness!


Guy who's one of my Facebook 'friends' but really I barely know him. His wife gave him a bottle of wine for Christmas that cost $4000. He posted that on Facebook-- nothing about the wine itself, but that it cost $4000. Strix780

Buy a Stylist... 

My friend that fell into 100k. He started wearing brightly colored fluorescent clothes, spent 1000's of dollars on shoes and would constantly point out that people were staring at his shoes. Dude they're aren't staring at your shoes, they're staring at your goofy ass fluorescent clothes that scream look at me.

Dude dresses like a giant toddler now, all solid red clothes, or all bright orange clothes, or all baby blue clothes. Kalvasanortflampor

Just give it to the needy.... 

I had a snapchat friend who took a video of them burning a 10 euro bill ... It's not that much in money, but it's still such a waste of money to flex on. ValentineRunaway

Bye Boo!

So I used to work at a used videogame store where people could sell us their old stuff. Guy comes in, sells me an Xbox or something, not worth tons. I probably gave him $11 at most. While I'm checking out his console, he sees a mall security guard and whistles at him, then hides, and just kind of smirks like he's such a bada**. Does this a couple of times in a show off kind of way. When I'm done and hand him his money, he writes his number on the most torn up $1 bill and gives it to me and tells me "I can treat you good baby girl" before winking and walking out.

I just put it back in the register. I'm good thanks. aaiko42

Jordans ain't all that! 

Ex S/O used to post photos with his expensive AK, posted a video about his "packing to Argentina" that were just his Jordans, called me to complain about his parents not wanting to buy him his dream shoes, literally said about my ex "He doesn't even have Jordans, that damn poor" and I can't remember much he has done, he was trashy. moetetchandonn

The 24/7 Showoff....

Don't know if this was trashy necessarily, but I had a girl sit next to me for one whole year during secondary school. (We had assigned seats). She used to mope about how her parents still hadn't finished to build her a swimming pool in the garden (which she got for her birthday). She also talked about her 2000+ Euro expensive dog every day, all day.

Just things like this. For a whole year. Catleidoscope

Do they live in the Mustang?


Very common in the south, when people get any kind of money they like to go buy new cars, specifically Mustangs, which they then like to park in front of their dilapidated trailers. Weird flex, but ok. DoctorDredd

Skip the Inventory please.... 

I work in restoration and I find myself in plenty of houses or condos worth millions of dollars around Atlanta with horrible plumbing or foundation issues. I'd say 3 out of 5 times, the homeowner will mention the $10k couch imported from Europe or $100k artwork that has nothing to do with the job I'm working on. I'm only there to detach a toilet and remove some moldy drywall. And I'd say 3 out of 5 times it's a job in Buckhead, GA. I can't stand that giant shopping mall of a city. 9937853


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