People Share Things That Are Still Good Even If They're Bad

People Share Things That Are Still Good Even If They're Bad

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There's an old saying that bad pizza and bad sex are still both good. While I (and a LOT of people on Reddit) completely disagree on both counts - there's something to be said for the idea. One Reddit user asked:

Besides pizza and sex, what's something that's still pretty good when it's bad?

When we first started thinking about it, we couldn't really think of anything that was still good when it was bad... but the responses actually nailed a few! We're talking sick days, small paychecks, chow mein... click through for more stuff that's good even when it's bad.

Day "Off"

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Having the day off of work. Pretty much every time it happens, we just load ourselves up with work around the house but it's still good to be off. Just had a 4 day weekend; we painted the master bedroom.

Sucks, but days off, so it's a win

Sick Days

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Even when I'm sick I'll think "at least I can just sleep all day"

Who Cares If It's Wrong?

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Old maps of the world, where half of the places are wrong or just made-up from hearsay.

Island of California, Kingdom of Prester John, Australo-Antarctico-Papua...

Entertainingly Bad

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When a movie is so horrible, it's a lot of fun to watch.

Just Sleep

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Sleep. Bad sleep is far better for you than no sleep, by a long shot.

The Worse They Are, The Better

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Jokes. I absolutely love terrible jokes.


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While I've had widely varying levels of quality, I've never had a bad donut. A normal, store bought glazed donut that's been sitting out all day still sounds really appealing to me.

New Recipe

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Chow Mein noodles from Panda Express. When they changed the recipe to make it "healthier", I didn't like it, but it did the job. Was not great, but just decent enough. Still not as good as the hole-in-the-wall, greasy, Chinese fast food chow mein.


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Borrowing one from Jeremy Clarkson: Cars. You may hate everything about a certain model of car, but if it's in decent condition, it can still get you from point A to point B cost-effectively and conveniently.

Just Get The Job Done

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A drink. As long as you still get drunk.


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My dad used to take me to the local park where there was a small lake for fishing when I was a kid. We had a lot of fun just talking, relaxing and playing with our dog. We never got a single nibble.

Years later he told me that the lake was manmade and not stocked with fish. He just thought it was fun.

Good dad!

Hi Mom

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Visiting my dying mother in the hospital.

Flaming Dumpster Pile In Culinary Form

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Nachos. Even if it is just chips with bulk-bought cheese sauce and some jalapenos, it is a good snack.

I regularly get a very specific craving for the s* nachos a bar I used to work at served. They were cheap tortilla chips from Costco, nalley chili beans, pre-shredded waxy-as-hell "fiesta" cheese mix thrown into a salamander (basically a commercial-grade broiler) and then topped with canned salsa and sour cream.

A flaming dumpster pile in culinary form, but my god do I yearn for them on cold and lonely nights.

Doesn't Even Matter What Kind

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Dumplings. Doesn't even matter what kind of dumpling it is. Gyoza, pierogi, gnocchi, whatever. Dumplings are the best, even a crappy dumpling is still better than most food.

Best Served Cold

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Revenge. Sweet, untraceable revenge...

Bad Bread Is Not A Thing

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Even the cheapest, mass produced, most preservative filled bread is still pretty good. I don't think I've ever eaten bad bread.

Go Browns

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Going to a football game. Even if your team doesn't win a single fing game, at least you still got to dress up and get sfaced with thousands of other screaming fanatics.

Go Browns

No Regrets

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A workout. Even at my worst workouts I've never regretted it.

Wake Up

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Coffee. Bad coffee is definitely worse than no coffee.

Money Is Always The Right Answer

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Paychecks. Even a small one is money.

H/T: Reddit

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