It happens to all of us: When was the last time you picked up the phone only to realize the person on the other end of the line had the wrong number? Moreover, when was the last time you were that caller? I once received a callfrom a Chinese restaurant... I had not ordered Chinese food. They insisted I had. They eventually found the right person, by the way. I wasn't going to run away with someone else's dinner!

After Redditor knightlystuff asked the online community, "What is your best 'Sorry, wrong number' moment?" people came together to share their stories.

"Someone called me..."

Someone called me Susan and asked me to come into therapy.


"One day..."

Whoever used to have my number still uses it on forms and stuff. I get calls for debt collectors, dentists, etc.

One day...I get a call from a bail bondsman. This lady's boyfriend has skipped bail, and she's on the hook for 50K. Scared the hell out of me.


"I woke up..."

I woke up to a MASSIVE string of texts accusing me of being the man that was cheating with someone's girlfriend or wife. (I'm a woman, I didn't work at the place mentioned). They were super apologetic when I text them back in the morning on the plus side.


"I obviously never picked up..."

When I got a new phone and number from MetroPCS years ago, I immediately started getting text messages and calls from a number in Guatemala.

I obviously never picked up a call, but started running the text messages through Google Translate.

I was able to determine that this was the SO/spouse living in Guatemala of someone stateside, and she was quite upset for him dodging her.

(I loved some of the "literal" translations of her insults... stuff like: "You liar snake beast. You will cook in hell with the monsters you lay with.")

I tried explaining in simplified English it was a new number, but she just thought it was her man pretending to not know her.

I had to end up getting a new, new number as she was pretty relentless (30-40 texts per day and multiple phone calls). They waived the fee to change my number again though.


"I know she was pregnant..."

I've had a few. I got my own cell line once I hit 18, pretty much, and the number I got used to belong to a woman named Sandra

I know she was pregnant as I had gotten calls from strangers congratulating me on it, and after realizing I had no idea what they were on about, would ask if I had her new number. Dumb request, imo, but I mostly ignored it.

I also got voicemail a few times from her place of work, and one sounded very serious. From what I could gather, she was a nurse (or at least worked at a hospital) and they were trying to get her to cover a shift. I called back trying to be helpful, but the person who answered was mostly annoyed.

I got a call within the last year asking to speak about 'my son' and how he's in trouble, I'm assuming the same kid from almost a decade ago is getting into trouble at school. Why they listed such an old number, I don't know

Lastly, I still get calls for her and her husband's prescriptions. No idea how many times I called to correct them, but Franz and Sandra have some set up for auto-refill. I haven't gotten a reminder in a few weeks, so maybe a pharmacist spoke to them finally.


"It was actually..."

It was actually a voicemail left on my work phone. It was a woman going on and on about how the intended recipient was a "very naughty boy and he deserved a spanking." I was mortified and deleted it after a few minutes but I should have kept it. In hindsight it was hilarious.


"One evening..."

Back when I was a kid, we lived 3,000 miles away from our grandparents so we didn't get to see them very often. One evening the phone rang, I answered and had a really nice chat with my grandma for about 10 minutes. She called me the wrong name to say goodbye and I was confused and we both realized she'd dialed the wrong number.


"Their tone of voice..."

I remember getting a wrong number call a few days ago. They introduced themselves in a very intimidating manner, stating that everything spoken over the phone would be recorded and used against me in court. But then they asked for "Rebecca" and I mentioned that they had the wrong number.

Their tone of voice COMPLETELY changed afterwards and they apologized and hung up.


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