People Share The Silliest Things They Believed Were True As A Kid That They Found Out To Be False

People Share The Silliest Things They Believed Were True As A Kid That They Found Out To Be False
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It's so easy to lie to kids. You could argue it comes from a lack of respect, taking their minds for granted and assuming they couldn't handle the truth of the situation. Or, maybe it's because you don't think what question they're asking is worth your time, so you make something up. A harmless little white lie, what's the worst that can happen?

Turns out, kids have pretty solid memories, and if you life to them they'll talk about it on the internet when they're older.

Reddit user, u/DrinkingSoup, wanted to know what you learned later on in life when they asked:

What's something stupid an adult told you as a child that you discovered was totally not true?

There Are So Many Better Years Ahead

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"High school is the BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!"

The hell it is. F that entire decade between 8 and 18. They're some of the most uncomfortable, challenging, and difficult years of a human life. It gets WAY better in the 20s and 30s, though still challenging in some ways.

If you "peak" at 16, you're selling yourself SO short!


Santa Doesn't Always Deliver

My uncle told me that santa would come out of the sink since I didn't have a chimney in my old house.

And that he was going to by me a ATV.

And 10,000 dollars :(


If This Were True, This Sounds Like The Beginning Of A Horror Movie

Eating watermelon seeds will lead to a watermelon growing in your stomach.

As a child, I took this pretty seriously for a while. LOL.


*stares at pile of unplayed video games

"You will play video games as much as You want when You grow up"


Think We All Heard This One

That when the backseat light in the car is switched on, the driver is legally not allowed to drive cause it is the cause of many accidents.



I was told my other grandma "went to china to look for her knitting."

This wasn't true, she's dead


Well, Kind Of, But, No

Everytime you run west you slow the earth's rotation a little bit and the moon moves further away.


This is actually 100% true, but the amount is so small it's like saying dropping a kool-aid packet in the ocean is going to change how it tastes.


The Sad Thing Is It Doesn't Matter Either Way

That if you leave a google window open and idling on your desktop it exclusively leaves your computer open to internet hackers


Just Don't Be High. Problem Solved.

My dad told me the vacuum would suck up my toes. I know that won't happen but I still wear slippers when I vacuum


My dad has a story about vacuuming when he was younger and he was super high, and vacuumed over his toe and the roller rolled it in and broke it, so there may be a little bit of truth here!


We're All Kind Of In The Same Boat

"Get good grades in school and you'll succeed in life?"


Conversely "if you don't do well in school now you'll struggle all tour life".

Jokes on them, we're all struggling regardless.


This Isn't How Vikings Are Born

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that if u shave your beard grows thicker


I grew up in a salon because my mom is a stylist and this drives me insane. People try to tell me this bs all the time and when I challange them, I'm the crazy one of the group. More people believe the rumor than know the truth.


Thanks, Bro

My oldest brother (he's 21 years older than me) told me that head-lice burrowed through your scalp and into your brain, and that's why I was so stupid.. thanks bro.


You Descend From A Long Line Of Kings And Queens

My parents weren't supposed to be married so they used to tell little me that I would've been the child of either my mom and some other man or my dad and some other woman and as a kid I used to imagine one of them being my aunt or uncle instead of my parent and laugh, it wasn't until I grew up and took biology I realized I only exist because of those two specifically lmao


Why Do We Lie To Kids?

I was on a road trip and my grandparents told me that the people in the banana fields were banana benders. So one day at school I had a straight banana and I took it to my teacher and said "Mrs they forgot to bend my banana". I can only imagine what she was thinking when I explained to her what a banana bender was!


Feel Like This Is A Really Good Lesson For The GOP

Respect your elders.

I heard this all the time. I thought elders with more life experience should be respected more. Older people in families, grandparents, etc.

Right up until I was betrayed by one of these elders and I opened up my eyes to the deceit that people hold in their hearts. Face to face they're all smiles, but behind your back, they are, for fail of a better word, quite evil.

Now: your age is irrelevant to the respect that I should give you. Show me that you have a good heart, and you deserve my respect. Your respect will not be inherently given... But earned. And those people who have a good heart, do not even have to think about earning my respect, because it comes naturally through their words, actions, and general demeanor.


This Is Just Called Lying

As a kid, My dad told me his phy-ed teacher made him write a ten-page essay about his shoelaces as punishment. It must have been coercion for me to behave myself.

I asked him about it as an adult, and he had no idea what I was talking about.


Doing The Butt Bump

Thunder is the sound of two clouds bumping into each other.


My parents said it was giants throwing rocks, but they weren't being serious. I had read the Hobbit and they were referencing that. I actually knew the real answer because I liked reading the children's non-fiction section at the library.


Definitely Not How Churches Should Behave

We were guilt tripped in our church. They told us we should be able to hear God's voice. If we couldn't, we had to pray harder to remove all sin from our life.

I remember being at a 24/7 prayer camp than ran for a week. I remember sitting there for about four hours. Finally an "aide" asked me if I could hear God yet. I told him no. He said I wasn't praying hard enough and I hadn't revealed all my sins to God yet.

I was done with church after that trip.


There's A Slight Difference Between The Two

That I was smart, when in reality im just not stupid.


Sometimes, it's better to be not stupid. Less expectations.


Turns out that being smart does not equal success in any way. You are much better off being average and lucky. Just smart enough to see opportunities, that's all you need.


Kids Are Smarter Than You Think. Give Them Credit. Tell The Truth.

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Why has nobody in this thread mentioned the cab light in cars? We were all told it was illegal to turn on the light.


Why do adults do this? I never knew this was so common until I joined reddit. My mom just told us it distracts her while driving and so we didn't turn on the lights. Seems simple enough


Because people are lazy and think children are inherently stupid or too rebellious to accept a simple explanation. We've had to explain a couple times to our kid that the light can't stay on because it's a distraction.


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