"Is there an airport nearby, or was that just my heart taking off?"

The art of the pick up can be cringe-worthy. Desperation for a date can lead to people saying strange things. It could be to get a laugh out of a potential partner, or a genuinely bad attempt at flirting.

Redditor u/OGVenon123 asked people, "What is the worst pick up line that you have heard/used?" And the lines that were shared ranged from funny to downright disgusting.

10. A fair exchange

"I was at a concert and I overheard a girl ask a guy, 'Hey, can I borrow your lighter?' 'Sure, here you go. Can I borrow your number?' 'Sure, here you go.' That actually worked?!?!?"


9. Old school

"'You know that dress you're wearing would look even better laying on the floor next to my bed' said to me on the early 80's"


8. I think that's charming

"'You look like trash. Let me take you out.' Said by me to the woman who is now my wife."


7. Impressive, but disgusting

"No ****, about 12 years ago, a buddy and I sat down at a dive bar. He looked at the chick next to him and just said 'Wanna bang?'.

She looked him up and down briefly and went 'Yea... alright, let me finish this beer first.'

It was impressive and disgusting."


6. Don't use Honest Abe's name in vain


"Are you Abraham Lincoln?

Because you're causing an uprising down south ."


5. This line caught my interest

"are you a bank loan? cause you got my interest"


4. Does this work?

"I'm a woman. when I see a guy with a cool shirt I say nice **** as an opener."


3. TMI

"My friend was once hit with:

Do you work at Subway? Because I'm pretty sure you gave me a $5 footlong."


2. I want to hold your arm

"A friend of mine has a prosthetic arm because he was afraid girls wouldn't like him if he just had a stub for an arm. He walks up to a girl, says 'Hey, can you hold something for me?' The girl says, 'What do you need me to hold?' Then, my friend says 'My hand...' as his prosthetic arm falls off. The girl picked up his arm and said 'This arm?' Now they are married."


1. Absolutely not


"I **** my pants can I get in yours?"


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