Gift giving is a year round joy to the world. Christmas, birthdays, Halloween... flag day. Who cares! As long as there is some spiffy wrapping paper and a receipt for return, all is well. 

Unless of course you receive some gifts that make your jaw drop and question the relationship you have to your gift giver. 


Reditt user mrsik187  posed the question...

Y'all, what are some of the worst gifts you've ever received, especially from family?

The response? Brace yourselves.

I had mentioned to my uncle one year that I wished I could grow a beard like his. Come Christmas time my uncle hands me the present he got me. I unwrap it and what do you know...It's his beard in a Ziploc bag.  ainen

Imagine if they wished for wanting a heart as big as his?

A wooden pop out play set from my aunt, recommended age was 2-4, I was 14.  PlatinumAmphibian

A giftcard to a lingerie store from my grandma. The messed up part wasn't the gift itself, but the fact that she made my poor 19 year old brother go in and buy it. As he told it, the conversation went something like this: Cashier: "shopping for your girlfriend?" Brother: "no, my sister...well my grandma..." Awkward silence... handikat


In the late 70's, all the cool kids wore Ocean Pacific brand clothing. We were kinda poor so my mom and grandma made most of our clothes. My grandma made me pants and hand stitched the letters O and P on the pockets. Looked nothing like the real thing. I had to wear them.  deleted

Like Dolly's "Coat of Many Colors" sings,  pockets of many letters can soar. 

I didn't see my grandpa THAT often as a kid. So whenever he bought presents for me and my brothers they were always the cliche, "terrible grandparents gifts."

One year, I remember he got me this INCREDIBLY freaky porcelain jester baby sitting cross-legged on a pillow. When you wound up the key on the back, it would slowly start spinning at the hips while playing a song from a tiny internal music box. It made the best torment fuel against my brothers for a long time though. So that was good.      PermanentMoccasins


It was a shirt that had "I'm not a gynecologist but I'll take a look anyway". It was from my stepdads mom. She knows I want to be a doctor and her English is no bueno. I found it hilarious. Once we translated it to her she almost cried from embarrassment. I proudly wore it for the rest of the day. wheelchair_boxing

Then sometimes you have to admit there is a time and place for everything.

I got a book called "Coping with Being Adopted" from Santa while I was in high school. Was news to me.... AngryCyclops


I was dating this girl. She knew I was self conscious about my teeth (I have fluorosis), so I wouldn't smile very much. When I did, I'd try really hard to hide my teeth. Well, this girl's family bought me a toothbrush. It even had my name on it.  dark_not_evil


I got a bucket.. just a bucket.  Leakingcircuit

Buckets can be useful in so many ways. Just ask Jack & Jill. Oh wait. 

Not me, but one year my cousin gave my mom a box of tampons. She's in her 60s and well past menopause. It definitely made for an awkward Christmas.  triggerheart

When I was 8 I got a lighter from my grandmother...

I am not done yet.

On the lighter was a marijuana leaf and it said "Natures way of staying high"

My grandmother had thought it was a cartoon of a plant giving a high-five, and I thought it said "Natures way of saying high" with "high" as in "hi" with a plant hand.Approvingcanadian

Okay, that can be pretty awesome, depending on who you ask. 

My parents always did a Christmas auction at their house with little gifts and silly ones. I spent $700 monopoly money on frozen cat crap.   frogginfish


A week before I married my husband, his older sister got me a gift bag of lube :|

...and I had to return it cause I checked the ingredients and was allergic to ALL of them. There was no moment in my life quite as embarrassing as having to return a full gift basket of like a dozen different types of sexual lubricant to the little old lady at Target.  ReservoirKat

My grandparents are notorious regifters. there was this old, broken pinball game thing that everytime they'd gift to one of us, we'd leave it at their house. then they would find it and gift it again in a couple years, like we'd forgotten. one time they gave my mom three wine glasses. one was chipped. jacksonvstheworld


Sometimes you don't always get what you want, BUT, you may just get what you need. Example :

I was not the recipient of this gift but my uncle, who had 6 children at the time, was given a very large box of condoms from my aunt (his sister) . My cousins were not impressed.  1-forest-1

The Christmas after i started my period my parents gave me a super plus economy sized pack of maxi pads. blindtobeauty


My wife's grandmother is a complete narcissist, and one year she gave everybody in her family, including kids under the age of 10, handmade tree ornaments with a picture of herself in the middle. This was so "no one would forget their grandmother at Christmas." It's been 20 years, but I still make my wife hang it since I find it hilarious. Never in my life have I seen a single object capture the whole of someone's personality so completely. It's like we own her grandmother's soul.   compuhyperglobalmega

Well nobody wants to be forgotten. 

This wasn't my gift, but it was the most awkward situation ever. So a few years ago my grandma had her legs amputated. Don't feel bad, since then, her health has improved a ton. Anyway, last Christmas my Aunt bought her socks. It was sooo awful.    datcat2


And Sometimes a boy just likes to draw. 

I'm a guy and when I was about 12 my older cousin bought me a butterfly catcher. I didn't hide my confusion well, so she explained she thought I was gay. I'm not gay I just liked drawing.    bante

I received a dictionary from my parents with the price sticker was still stuck on it, they bought it for 5 dollars. I wasn't even mad I didn't get anything the year before.   AnAverageAsianGirl

Language is important, no matter the cost!

My ex-gfs mother bought me a thong with an elephant face and a long trunk and asked me to send a picture of me wearing it.   joblo619


Two years ago, I opened the lone present under our tree. It was big, so naturally bigger presents make up for fewer ones so I never gave it any thought. Inside was a suitcase. I was quite confused, until they told me to be out of the house by March.

Merry Christmas.    shaybryder

Well at least they were willing to help pack?

Let's all just do gift cards this year. OK?

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