It's easy to think back on your school days as the best time of your life...


Who are we kidding? Middle school was a waking nightmare and we all just barely survived high school. Terrible, dystopian stories littered school campuses all over the country and, fortunately, the internet is here to gather up some of the worst for us.

WARNING: Some entries involve murder and sexual conduct.

Reddit user, u/Throwawayv6969, wanted to hear about the worst school days when they asked:

What was the most messed up thing that ever happened in your school?

Darn It! So Close!

So, at the beginning of maybe my sophomore year of high school, we were all announced that if they were no fights for the entire school year, every class would get a pizza party, pretty stupid, I know, but it surprisingly almost worked. Up until about a couple of weeks before the school year ended and there was a fight in one of the main halls. Someone shouted, "Great! We don't get a pizza party now!"


An Over The Top Respose

A substitute teacher was trying to get the attention of a troublesome student who had earbuds in playing music. The teacher went up and pulled the earbuds out and the dude got up and started beating the sh-t out of the poor old man. He would've killed him too if my teacher hadn't taken him down.


Sounds Like Something Boys Would Do...Or Idiots.

One of the most f-cked up things I saw at school were 2 lads in biology class, they were sat next to each other and both had a scalpel each for dissecting frogs or something like that. Anyway one jabs the other one slightly with the blade in the arm enough to draw a little bit of blood. The other one reacts with a harder jab to the other with his blade in his arm while shouting f-ck off.

Anyway this escalated to the point where both of their arms ended up completely butchered with neither of them backing down with harder and deeper cuts with blood all over the classroom. It was crazy to watch ( the teacher had left the room while all this was happening )


Be Sure To Look At The Grade Level

A boy and a girl from my class once went to the girls' bathroom to down shots of liquor during a break in the middle of the schoolday in 5th grade. I was there to guard the door to make sure they wouldn't be caught.

This one would be up there


More Money, More Problems

Happened a week ago before coronacation was announced. I'm a foreign exchange student in the US and this freshman I knew was secretly cracking bank accounts and PayPal accounts, selling the information online etc.. 5 days before the closing of the school he got arrested in middle of class, because he was flexing with his stolen bank accounts and somebody reported him (He actually had over $750k+).

Ended up being a good exchange memory for me.


The WHAT Week?

Some boys in 6th grade had a fight in the canteen. Apparently one of boys talked sh-t about the other boy's mother. Of course the boy got pissed and started beating the sh-t out of him. They were pushing, cursing, kicking, punching and screaming at each other. The teachers stopped the fight and both boys got suspended.

This was only the first week of school. That escalated fast.



I've got plenty but I'll just stick to one topic. So the kids at my school are kinda stupid and think that it's funny to flush stuff down the toilet. Within this shortened school year someone has flushed a Nike sneaker, a dead squirrel, a big fish and a sh-t ton of condoms. I know you can find the first 3 on Snapchat and the last one is because my school is full of horny people who decide the bathrooms are their personal trash cans and sex spots.


A Funeral For Everyone But You

My cousin (by marriage, not by blood) got killed in a car accident during my sophomore year. She was really popular around the school, a cheerleader and heavily liked by everyone. That day was weird. I wasn't too heavily affected because we weren't close by any means but everyone else? Damn. They brought in grief counselors to the library so people could talk to them, friends were just bawling, and I don't recall any classes actually being taught that day. It was just silent altogether. The funeral was pretty big. I won't forget other family members just crying throughout the whole thing.


Unnecessary Violence

In middle school, some guy who was known to be rebellious, stabbed the eye of a female classmate of mine with an orange sharpie. Orange liquid came out of her eyeball and it was dripping around everywhere because she was screaming and running around out of panic.


Just All Good Things

Well there was that one time where we had 6-7 fights in a single day.

There was also that one time where we had to go into a 20-25 minute lockdown because some kid got into a fight or argument and their mom or dad ended up coming to back their kid up. People thought that the parent had a gun or something.

Oh, that reminds me, when I was a freshman, people were starting to go home when suddenly everyone just started running in the opposite direction ASAP, running into random classrooms. Turns out, some dude got arrested by the cops and according to some people, they literally cuffed him on our school's door steps.


Would They Then Retreat To The Rafters Afterwards?

The phantom sh-tter.

Basically some girl or dude was crapping in a bag and throwing it in the girls toilets weekly.


We're All Going To Go On A Trip

Someone thought it would be a great idea to bring in magic mushrooms and hand them out to people in my year (13/14 years old at the time).

About 20 kids were off their faces during lunch-break and last lesson.

The kids that got high were suspended for a week and the dude who brought in the shrooms got expelled from the school.


Doing Something So Stupid Everybody Knows About

A guy ran into one of these thick glass doors.

The door had a big fat crack afterwards and had to be replaced. The guy was completely fine.


A True Bloodbowl

Not my story, but my brother's, Someone split their head open, like properly open, and while the ambulance was coming, the teachers just gave him a bowl to bleed into, by the time the ambulance got there the bowl was almost full and he looked like a dead man walking.


Just Like REAL Political Figures!

When the officers of the high school student council had meetings, they'd lock the door and break out the coke, right in the middle of the conference room but out of view from the window on the door (only way to see in). The conference room they used was in the main office just feet away from the principle, VP, and school resource officer.

A close second, one of the guys, who was one of the smartest in the school and had went through all the gifted programs in elementary and middle school, in high school became a major xtc trafficker. Not just reselling a few pills to students, but making deals with hundreds at a time. And he eventually got up to taking like 20 a day himself. Not just a rumor either, after he quit that after graduation, we became very close friends. It's wonderful that he completely turned things around too, now has a long career as a firefighter and a wonderful family.


A Bit Of Bad Luck.

Girl had a seizure at the top of a flight of concrete stairs. The janitor caught her but not before a couple of bounces. The whole right side of her body was paralyzed for life.

She was a good kid, her parents ditched out on her and she was living with her sickly grandma. Supposedly it was caused by stress but I have no idea if that's true.

Her whole life f-cked beyond recovery by a bit of bad luck.



German teacher on the verge of retirement was accused of trading good grades for a bj by a student that was at my school in the 80's. No one believed it because the man was the sweetest teacher anyone had ever had.

Then another student came forward with the same story, and then another, and another. Turns out this guy was getting blowies on the regular all through the 80's. All the girls were of age when this happened so by the time all this came to light there was very little the school could do, so the guy was just quietly pushed into retirement.


Nope. Wow.

When I was in 8th grade, a 4th grader and her older sister in high school were both shot and killed point blank by their father, who then killed himself. Their mom was so lost, and she still wears a pin with their faces on it every single day.

It was weird, for about a week the school was silent. Bullying just stopped all together. The lunch room was quiet all day. I still remember their mom and the 4th grader's best/only friend wailing at the funeral.


Wow, almost the exact same thing happened at my school when I was in sixth grade. There is a small woods in my neighborhood, the guy took his family there and shot them. I don't think he did anything to his wife but I do know he had a son and daughter, both younger than me. The youngest child was in my little brother's kindergarten class. After he killed them, he killed himself. Both kids went to our school, which didn't have a huge student body at the time, so a lot of people knew them at least in passing. They turned a couple of classrooms into "comfort rooms" for the next few weeks, with stuffed animals and counseling available and a table set up to make the mother cards and stuff. I don't know how she could ever get over something like that. My little brother was too young to understand, one day there was a girl in his class and the next she was gone and the whole culture of the school had changed.


I Take It Back. Wow.

Pregnant girl went missing. Her boyfriend friends and family of hers hand out flyers looking for any help finding her. Her boyfriend, who as I mentioned was handing out flyers with her friends and family, confessed to killing her and dumping her body in the garbage.


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