People Share Their Best 'How The F*** Do You Even Know That' Facts

How in the World?

Random knowledge is sexy. Knowing information seems like a dull prospect but it's a pretty cool attribute. But certain information can come with a warning label. As we grow older and live each moment, obscure facts will find their way into our psyche. With experience comes knowledge, we just have to be prepared to explain how we acquired such insight. Alex Trebek may think its cool but some audiences may worry about our life choices.

Redditor u/pygmypuffonacid wanted to know who else is full of crazy random info by asking.... What are some" why the f**k do you know that information " facts?

Small Diets....

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Squid can literally give themselves brain damage by eating something too big. Their brain is a donut shape and the esophagus runs through it.


Fur Baby

Furry artists can make upwards to 35-50USD an hour doing paid commissions, that's why industry graphic designers usually ends up going down that rabbit hole.


I mean hey there's human artists who do Caricatures and the whole Uncanny valley stuff of Nightmarish Will Smith zombies.... people with eyes too big or being denounced and boycotted on twitter. If you draw a fluffy bunny, what's the worst that can go wrong?


That Rolling Rock beer ........

That Rolling Rock beer almost went bankrupt in the 1990's. As a last ditch effort they hired a new marketing exec to turn their fortunes around. In their big meeting with all the board members waiting in anticipation for his big reveal he told them to just raise the price. They were ready to fire him on the spot, because they couldn't sell any at the cheapo price. Then he told them why - their price point was less than Budweiser at the time and that was the standard by which people judged the quality of a beer. He reasoned that if they increased the price to the next tier above Bud and did nothing else, people would believe it was a better beer, even though it was the same as it ever was.

It turned into their ad campaign and they thumbed their noses at all the yuppies who drank it by the case in college in the 70's and 80's who started buying it again because it was now a "better" beer. It was wildly successful and saved the company.



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In order to make a dagger out of the blood of your enemies, you'd have to kill 559 people in order to get the amount of iron you need.


Death Details...

Valery Khodemchuk was an engineer working the Night Shift at Chernobyl's Reactor 4 the night it exploded. He was the very first person killed in the accident, as he likely died instantly when his body was vaporized by the blast. His remains were never recovered, and the ruins now serve as his tomb.


Since it was a steam explosion rather than a nuclear explosion, it probably wasn't an especially quick or pleasant death, too.


The Grain Say so....

Crayfish (or lobster?) have a sort of open channel like an ear that helps them balance. A few grains of sand sit in it and because gravity is pulling the grains down they always know which way is up. However if you put magnetic metal shavings into the holes and hold a large strong magnet above them they'll start to swim upside down.


What about Frosted?

John Kellogg (inventor of corn flakes) was a huge advocate for circumcision because he believed it would prevent us from masturbating.


He also had a chair that delivered a high pressure enema to clean his bowels. He would use it many times a day, and several rich and famous people of the time also used it (henry ford, amelia earhart, jc penny).


First Position.....

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Some foot fetishes occur because the part of the brain that controls feeling in the feet is positioned right next to the part that produces libido, and sometimes the wires within the brain become crossed.



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There's enough arsenic trioxide dust to kill 21 billion people or everyone 3x over hidden underground. All they did was trap it in concrete for someone else to fix it later.


Damn, just read up on this, it's basically worst than all the nuclear waste they're storing away to 'deal with later':


Walter White?

Leave a human body soaking in a solution of lye and water for several months and it will dissolve into liquid and soft bone dust which can be washed down a drain, leaving no evidence behind. If you need to speed the process up you can heat the water up to just short of boiling and dissolve the body in ~6 hours.


Hey Bud...

PAL (Permissive Action Link) controllers for nuclear weapons work by removing small varied amounts of explosives from each detonator package, and adjusting detonation timers by nanosecond-scale intervals to compensate accordingly. Any nuclear weapon equipped with PAL cannot be detonated without knowledge of these timings, which are encrypted by constantly changing codes.


Veggie Posh

check out beverly hills 90210 GIFGiphy

Beverly Hills California has the best soil for growing cucumbers.


The Length

Planck length is the smallest length at which space can be defined.

The entire observable universe is naturally the largest thing we can observe, and the largest thing we know of currently.

So silt is in the between those 2 in terms of size.

So, if you consider just how large space is, and how small a grain of silt would look to a human, that should give you an indication of just how small a planck length is, and the fact that one of the smallest observable objects on earth are in between the largest and smallest things we can currently define, it almost seems unbalanced.

Like you'd think that maybe our solar system would be in between the size of the observable universe and the smallest definable length, but nope. A grain of silt.


I'm Pretty

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I'm a bearded man. I know a thing or 2 about makeup. This is because of a very realistic character creator in a game. And my aristocrat character kept looking like a skank. So I actually googled how to do makeup. People are usually very surprised that I know do much.


Capillary Action

The force necessary to compress the arteries going into your brain is smaller than the force gravity exerts on your head, so you can technically hang yourself while lying down.


There is also something called Capillary Action. Water (and blood) is super "sticky" because the hydrogen bonds in water molecules can attach to other molecules. Using this natural adhesion, water can push itself up the stems of plants and trees.


Build and Fall

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Lego at one point in the early 2000s was the bestselling toy brand in the world, and also months from bankruptcy.

See, they had such spectacularly bad communication inside their company they had sets that cost them more to produce than they sold them for.


The Ways to Go

You don't need big fancy expensive chemicals or lethal weapons to kill people. simple things like injecting a small amount of distilled water into the blood stream or administering too much blood pressure medication can kill someone within 24 hours and there would be no signs pointing to murder when the time comes for an autopsy

edit!!! i meant distilled water not sterile water. very very sorry.


Retina Angles...

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The human eye captures the images of everything you see but receives it literally turned upside down, it is your brain that accommodates it so that everything is in its place.

Worthless data, but it is interesting.


Soup's On....

Cannibalism, while outlawed in a few states is not actually illegal in much of the US.

However, because of other laws and regulations, its nearly impossible to legally obtain human flesh.

It has been done though. You would probably be charged with desecrating a body, and possibly disturbing a crime scene. It would depend heavily on the circumstances. Basically, you'd have to have consent to eat it, or very extenuating circumstances.

Here's a link Today I Found Out

It explains it a lot better than I could.


Fleshed Out

Human meat looks like beef but taste more like pork. A human heart, if cut open while pumping blood, can squirt a distance of 30 feet. Not sure if these are weird enough since I just searched them up a while back.


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