People Share The Best Jobs For Lazy People To Consider

Have you ever wondered how much you could be paid for doing next to nothing?

We'd probably all rather be doing nothing, if we're honest with ourselves. It's not that most of us don't enjoy our work, or think it gives us purpose, but if someone said they would pay you to sit around and do nothing, it'd be difficult to pass that kind of opportunity up.

Think doing nothing is the way to go? Check out these jobs.

Reddit user, u/Anononon8482626, wanted to know how best to avoid work when they asked:

What are the best jobs for lazy people?

Surprising Career Qualifications

There are some jobs that don't have many responsibilities, but they do come in odd shapes and sizes. You might never have considered these jobs to be "lazy" until someone told you. ​

Here's The Obvious Answer Out Of The Way

There's actually professional sleep bed testers.


Helping People Abroad Some Of The Time

Working for an Embassy. Had to go to the german embassy last year and let me tell you... Non of them has ANY risk of running into an burn out. I was the only one there, had an appointment AND no. 1 on the ticket counter. The embassy opened at 8.30 and it took them till 9 AM to look up from their screens and pressing the button calling my number. That was (again) #1.


Be Friendly, And You Don't Have To Hear Their Voices

If you can get a job doing Chat Customer Service, nothing I've gotten paid for is easier than that. People chat me about their credit cards and I look up the info and chat them back. It's really not difficult at all and it's nice to be able to help people with their bills!

On the flip side, for the same amount of money at the same company you can do Phone Customer Service, that is absolutely awful!! Luckily, I finally have worked here long enough that I get to just do chat and don't have to talk on the phone anymore.


Easy, But With A Bit Of A Catch

These jobs fall into a very unique category.

For most of the day you'll do nothing, sitting around, most likely watching nothing. However, there are those times when you're forced to spring into action so you best be ready to move.

You're Still Working For The Government

Have you watched Parks and Rec?

Working for a city is EXACTLY LIKE THIS. For years my wife worked for 2 different cities.


It's Those Dang Kids Again

Security jobs. 90% of the time you do nothing. 9% of the time you respond to false alarms.

It's that 1% where real sh*t is going down that makes it a tough job.


Late Night Check-In

Front desk hotel worker at night.

90% of your time you do about nothing and sit on your phone or computer.

5% of your time is spent talking to like the 5 customers you might see a night

5% of your time spent cleaning or doing paperwork



I code, I sleep, I eat, I code more. Don't get up out of my chair much and not only does coding pay well if your good at it, you do finish stuff quite fast and you can get some room to play some RuneScape or something!


Good Puppers, Bad Puppers, All Puppers

Dog walker

If you love dogs then how about getting paid to just walk them around the block a few times?

This job requires a little physical work but it's like a little workout for you too. Businessmen whose jobs require them to travel around a lot usually need people to take care of their beloved pets when they are away from home. A dog walker's pay depends upon the number of dogs he/she can manage at a time and they can earn as much as $50 per hour, or even more.


Wipe And Move, Wipe And Move

Be a cleaner. Not everywhere is the same but pretty much every boss I've had has said, "if it smells clean, it is clean". When I worked in a school all of do was vacuum the carpets, wipe down the tables and door handles then sit in my little closet. It would take 40 minutes to do a 4 hour job and I rarely was bothered by anyone. They'd close the building when your shift was due to end so that was fun.

Another job that I'm in now, building PCB's. So simple my @ss hurts after an 8 hour shift.


If You Don't Mind The Lower End Of Pay

Work in a library. Easiest work in the world


That was my job in high school, a book shelver. I would have loved to stay in the library, but it doesn't pay great. Shelving was 10% above minimum to start. A bachelor's degree got you $11 and a master's was worth just under $16.

Very chill job. Maybe after I retire, I'll be a part time shelver.


True Nothing Work

These are the cream of the lazy crop. The jobs and careers that don't require much, or anything, from you.

If you have no real career aspirations in life then these are the lines of work for you.

A Lot Of Empty Machines To Clean...Or Not.

Graveyard shift at a 24-hour gym.


Which doubles as security work when you live in an area with a homeless population


Passing Out...Digital...Sign In Sheets?

I once had a job where I sat in remote-teaching classrooms and was literally only there to pass out sign in sheets. For 6 hours I did this, several times a week. I'm convinced I'll never find a lazier job than that.


Measuring The Ground Can Take Alllllllllll Day

A guy on the surveying crew has the job of watching a surveying GPS unit all day. He gets dropped off with the unit, sets it up and sits there and makes sure it doesn't get stolen and that the blue light is still on. That's all he does every day, day after day. He thinks his job is the greatest thing ever.


I can confirm that the survey guys setting survey monument does exactly this, I want to say the gps has to run for 8-10 hours on the same exact point for a number of days before it's added to the data base.


Push. A. Button. Pull. The. Lever.

Drawbridge operator.

They sit in the tower, watching boats go by and occasionally raising/lowering the drawbridge as needed by means of pushing buttons.


I go to a nearby beach a lot that you have to cross a bridge for and I would agree. They're always out chatting up walkers and maybe a boat or two comes through a day. I think the bridge has been up once when I've needed to get through.

They've got satellite TV and are usually watching a game or something. I'm guessing you need connections, but it's a county job with benefits.


Some people may not want to work for a living. For them, the true joy of life is the experiences and individuals you find outside of an office. To them a job is just that, something to pay a bill and put food on the table.

And some people don't like working. No one's really in the wrong, here.

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