People Reveal Weird Things About Their Body In Hopes They Aren't Alone

They say your body is a wonderland.

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But just like Wonderland from Lewis Carroll's Alice series, your body is also an incredible enigma. They behave oddly. Everyone's is different. Sometimes different to the point of being abnormal.

u/Casperboy68 asked:

What weird thing about your body do you think nobody else experiences?

Here were some of the answers.

Hunger Pains

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Sometimes when I'm really hungry I'll get a bubbly sensation in the back of my throat. It feels like the sound of a carbonated beverage when it's first being poured.

My sister gets it too but everyone else I've asked thinks we're weird.


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I sometimes hear/feel what I can only describe as 'electricity' in my back/neck. It's almost as if there is a discharging of electricity that just releases at the base of my neck every now and then. No pain, just noise and tingly.


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I don't know how to explain it but I can create this sort of intense "sinking feeling" all over my body like I had the worst news ever. I can't hold it very long until I see stars. When I was a kid I thought this was me pushing my energy out of my body and I could maybe one day focus it and be like a DBZ character.

The Crawls

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Sometimes I'll just be sitting around and suddenly I can feel EVERYTHING touching my body. Its so uncomfortable. My hair touches me and my clothes touch me and a breeze is touching me and I cant get away from it and then all my muscles tense up and there's no comfortable way to "be" at all. I want to jump out of my skin but that's impossible.

It eventually goes away but its horrible. The only thing that really fixes it is sleep.

Shakeity Shake

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Once I start shaking my leg I can't stop it. It won't stop going. It only happens however at a certain angle. I get it every now and again, and when I do it doesnt f-cking stop. I have to physically stop it.

Go Twitches

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My left eye gets random twitching sensations. Not a twitch that's visible, but I feel it. And it's only ever my left eye. Sometimes changing how I'm standing or sitting can alleviate it, so I wonder if I'm... I don't know, unintentionally pinching a specific optical nerve, somehow.

Also, I can crack my ears.

Too Much Jaw

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Every time I open my jaw fully it pops and makes a sound. I've told both my dentist and my ENT doctor and they both seemed to have zero concern. I still think it isn't normal, but I haven't had anyone say they have the same thing.

Struck By Lightning

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Sometimes when i turn my head fast i get a lightning pain down my neck, I feel it on my tongue.

Hoping its nothing.

The Constant Headache

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Headache 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. for 10 years.


Pictures Of Water

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I get physically ill when I look at color maps with large bodies of water. It's obviously some weird psychological reaction; it's like how other people might throw up or faint at the sight of blood.

But I have no idea WHY it happens, and why only color maps, and why not satellite photos or undersea photos, or in real life out on the water.

When I was a kid I was fascinated with geography and I used to flip through my dad's atlas all the time, look at borders and place names and countries and states. But I had to do it with my eyes closed, and open just one very slowly, so if it was a country or state with a large coastline, I could flip the page quickly. Still would feel nauseated from just that little peek.

(Secretly hoping someone sees this and goes "hey, me too!" because in 31 years I've never met anyone with this specific phobia, or even close to, and it makes me feel weird AF.)

Also, raw carrots make me hiccup. Which I feel like might actually be something that legit exists, but I've never met anyone else it happens to.

Dog Ears

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I used to be able to hear well above normal human hearing range. I could hear power lines humming. The sound of a cheap TV set (cathode ray tube) would send me out of a room (they screech). When I was doing my physical testing for entry into the Army, they stopped the hearing test and accused me of timing the beeps. Got them to restart, they told me my hearing was ridiculous... Heard up to 21Khz, drop off at 22,000, picked up again at 23Khz. After 8 Years in the army, with shooting ranges, etc, hearing tested dead normal... No disability.

A Puppeteer In The Sky

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Sometimes if I'm sat in a weird position, I get a feeling like there's two fishhooks attached by string, one embedded in my belly button, the other my vagina. If Stand up too fast, the string tightens. Knocks me over sometimes.


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I think the cones in my eyes are mismatched (or maybe the hemispheres of my brain just interpret light differently?). One eye skews everything a bit red. The other had a mild blue filter. It has always been this way for me.


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I'm one of less than 2% of people (according to Google) who has the ear-cough reflex... Basically if I have something in my ears, like a Q-Tip when I'm cleaning my ears, I automatically cough.

That's Called Anxiety

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When I drink coffee I feel like something bad is just about to happen.

No Burping On Cue

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I am unable to intentionally induce a burp. I just have no idea how to physically do it, I've had it explained/demonstrated to me all through my childhood but to no avail, it's like explaining to someone how to cross their eyes. I can't have any carbonated beverages because of this since I can't manually release pressure so it stays in me and I'll get uncomfortable bloating. I also have insane/random/monster/ uncontrollable hiccups though, I believe they're somehow related.

So Sad

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Sorry for TMI, but... I don't think I'm capable of orgasm. I kinda go at it for a while, get bored, and do something else. It feels nice, but there's no overwhelming feeling of... whatever... an orgasm is supposed to be, nor is there any ejaculation. I mean, I could just be doing it wrong. But I think my genitalia are underformed.

I'm a man, btw.


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If I travel early in the morning in a car or bus I get really bloated for most of the day, regardless of whether I have eaten or not

Snappy Life

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My knees crack and snap whenever I bend them past the point one would in order to, per example, go up and down stairs... I'm 22.

Someone Is Always Talking About You

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I've always heard a high pitched ring in my ears for as long as I can remember, I usually tone it out and even in complete silence it's never really bugged me or kept me from falling asleep. But if there is a way to fix it I'd be more than happy.