People Explain Why They Don't Wear Any Underwear

People Explain Why They Don't Wear Any Underwear
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Nobody likes feeling constrained. Ask anyone who's been forced to squeeze in-between two people they don't know on a flight if they had a good time. Obviously, forcing anything into a space not meant to hold it is going to create problems, but what if there's societal pressure to do it? Not only that, what if the fact you don't restrict something is seen as cultural taboo?

Basically, some people don't like wearing underwear and they each have their reasons.

TRIGGER WARNING: Lot's of talk about underwear and underwear-related problems.

Reddit user, u/saurcrowd3, wanted people who live and die free to answer:

People who don't wear underwear, why?

Burning Sweat

My sweat is slightly corrosive same as my blood its something that runs on my father side of the family so if I'm sweating my underwear will trap my sweat and ill get burns/server rashes on my legs and thighs making walking very painful.


Who Can Argue With That?


Let my lady bits breath.

Plus it's fun


Set Your Own Boundaries, Basically

Panties are for periods, and special occasions only!


No One Needs That Kind Of Discomfort

Because my butt eats the underwear and makes an unintentional thong which is not fun. And because freedom too.


I'm assuming you are a girl. Are intentional thongs much better than unintentional ones?


Yes, because it's not a lot of fabric with an intentional thong. The other is like someone wadded up a sock and stuffed it against your crack. Not fun


Have You Tried It While Sleeping?

Not everywhere but I'm starting to more and more. Started just sleeping and it was very comfortable and freeing so I started to leave them off during the day a few times.

Feels kind of weird when I'm picking my son up from daycare like I don't think it looks any different but I feel a bit exposed.


Stick It To The Man On Your Day Off

I wear a suit 5 days out of the week.

When I [jump] to casual clothes, I want the least amount of clothing possible.

It's my way of sticking it to the man...which I grew up to be.


Medically, No Undies Allowed

I have dermatographia, so if I wear something with an elastic band, I'll get what resembles burn blisters where the band was resting.

It sucks because there's some seriously cute designs out there now.


Blunt, But True

At home I wear basketball shorts with no underwear (only at home) because holy sh-t is it comfortable


If we are talking at home the only times I have underwear on are if I'm going somewhere shortly, have just come back from somewhere or theres discerning company over.




You know the answer to the question. You are just too cowardly to accept true freedom. You ask yourself, "What would it be like?", "Is it better?", "Will anyone know?" You dream of the day in where you can rid yourself of the shackles of oppression. Alas, you cannot, because you are the ultimate servant of the oppressor, fear driven and weak, so you will always question and always dream but you shall never know liberty.


Braveheart here is getting ready to raise the underpants rebellion. I hope King Edward doesn't have you drawn and wedgied.


A Mystery That Was Never Solved

...I have a legit weird answer for this one.

I used to wear underwear every day like most people. Then I moved into this apartment with a friend. At first things were pretty normal but after a few months I realized that my underwear supply was dwindling.

I want to clarify that I'm sure my friend/roommate was not taking my underwear. I was like 250+lbs with a huuuuge butt and she was like 5"2', 98lbs soaking wet. She did not have any use for my fat girl granny panties.

Well, we were like 19 and 21 years old so we were not keeping up with our housework like we should have. I figured when I finally did ALL the laundry I would find a bunch of underwear that got lost in the mess. But I didn't. At this point I had bought those cheapo 12-packs from Walmart a bunch of times and they just kept disappearing.

I still thought that maybe there was just a secret pile of my underwear somewhere that I just couldn't find (??? Idk). I considered that someone was stealing them from the community laundry room, but who would steal ONLY giant cotton panties? Still, this is the only conclusion that makes sense.

Anyway, eventually I just could not afford to keep buying underwear that would disappear. Even though they were cheap, I was broke and working 2 jobs. So I just stopped buying new ones and eventually they all were gone and I just stopped wearing underwear completely. We moved out and cleaned the whole apartment top to bottom, completely 100% empty and I never found any of my missing underwear.

I don't doubt that our apartment could have been stolen from. The maintenance crew would let themselves in all the time. (Like, put in a work order and they would just bust in to "fix" your shit whenever.) one time they did that and took $5 and a bag of weed off the table :( I just find it hard to believe that anyone would steal a fat girls granny panties when there was an objectively way more attractive person to be stealing underwear from. I mean, I know some people are into big girls but they weren't even sexy underwear! Like big ol white cotton drawers.

I went a couple years going commando 100% of the time, like I didn't even own panties. I just bought some one day, I don't even remember why. But after a couple months of wearing them occasionally I finally got back to the point of "I can't put on clothes without underwear." Again. Also I lost a bunch of weight so I got to get cute ones :)

It's been a wild ride. I hope my granny panties are out there living their best life...BlNGPOT

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