People Reveal The Things That Immediately Make Them Suspicious Of Others

People Reveal The Things That Immediately Make Them Suspicious Of Others

People Reveal The Things That Immediately Make Them Suspicious Of Others

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Thanks to catfishing and trolling accounts, it's more imperative than ever to be suspicious of those you meet online. Real life doesn't always work the same way as internet life. People won't have 8-digits on their name tags at a business conference, like on Twitter, to show they're untrustworthy. Sometimes you need some tips and tricks to figure out who to trust and who to walk away from. That's what Reddit user, r/carlin2345, hoped to find out when they asked:

What instantly makes you suspicious of someone?

"No, I Promise, We're Really, Really Happy"

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When someone overshares every detail of their "perfect" relationship on social media. 9 out of 10 times that s---s a dumpster fire.


"Have You Tried Out This Life Changing Face Cream/Insurance?"

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When they start using Facebook to subtly hint at how great their life has been since they discovered this amazing business opportunity.


"Did You Hear About The Last 7 Months Of Karen's Life?"

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Office Gossip. I don't mean "Hey, did you hear about Janet's new haircut?"

There is a woman at my work who will gossip all day if you let her about other people. How they are late, what they are doing and blah blah blah. She will instant message me too about it. It's gotten so bad that I just ignore the messages, even though she sits right next to me.

If they are willing to gossip that much, they are willing to talk about you.


"I Mean, Just Say It..."

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I had a guy get offended because when he said he didn't consider "Get Out" to be a horror movie, I asked him to clarify what he meant. He was like "Oh no, I'm not getting into this discussion."


"I Mean, What's Your Deal?"

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My manager gets so irate when people make simple suggestions. For example, our assistant manager and three crew members suggested hiring a great worker who us four have worked with, and she blows up on all of us. She then proceeds to rushingly hire people with terrible attitudes and nonexistent work ethic.


"Have You Met My Wife? Hello? I'm Right Here?"

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When they devote 100% of their time towards talking to your partner and ignoring you.


Tell Us What You Really Think

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When someone tries to be funny at the expense of others, especially when they're not super close, and there might be a hint of truth what he thinks. It seems very specific, but it stands out, and once I notice this behavior I don't trust them at all.


"I Don't Do Music"

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I was trying to make small talk with a quiet co-worker and asking her what kind of music she likes. She doesn't like music. I'm keeping an eye on that one.


When They Say...

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"I'm one of the realest people you'll ever meet."


"This Isn't My Decade"

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If they talk about how things always seem to go wrong for them. Things like forgetting to pay a bill, getting towed, or getting fired. Typically these folks will blame their misfortune on dumb luck or other things.

Normally it means they're kinda just sketchy or really not responsible.


Tell Me Lies, Sweet Little Lies

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Lying over unnecessary things is such a red flag. Like compulsive lying... Do they lie about everything? Had an ex who lied over eating a chocolate bar just to show he did someone in common with another person.


"But, Literally Everyone Has Played Mario"

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"I haven't really played this game before"

starts wavedashing


"We Promise, We Are Who We Say We Are"

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Nigerian royalty always raises my eyebrows.


Trust Me

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If you have to constantly say "trust me" or "believe me" I neither trust nor do I believe you.


How Fast Can You Shuffle It Out Of Here?

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"Oh I don't like drama. I'm the most drama-free person you'll ever meet."



"Um, Actually..."

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When they correct you on everything. Statements start with "no". Usually turn out to be too dominating and can be pretty annoying pretty soon.

I've realized I'm one of those people unfortunately, actively trying to change. Any tips appreciated :)


"Hey There Jack, Jim, Bob, Chuck, And Jan"

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When they shorten your name or automatically give you a nick name after knowing you for two seconds.


Using Your IQ As A Crutch

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Someone telling me their IQ. I don't need IQ to tell me someone's intelligent. IQ is what people use to try to instantly bridge the relationship gap between, "you don't have the experience with me to trust my thoughts on this matter," and what they want the relationship to be; "I am a genius and a thought leader and my input is insightful. LISTEN TO ME!" (or some variation) I'd rather people prove their intelligence through their actions and statements than cling to some 3 digit number like it's a holy relic.

Case in point: had someone once tell me he had an IQ of 190 once, then told me within 30 minutes that global warming was a conspiracy to keep people controlled and starving (because people are easier to control when hungry, dying, and half-crazed due to said previous items). Telling me that greenhouse gasses were actually good for the world because "have you ever been in a greenhouse? Plenty." Sure, he might have an IQ of 190- but he's proven he doesn't know the limits of his knowledge.


ALWAYS Beware Theme Music

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When ominous music plays every time they enter the room.


"That's A Great Story, But..."

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"Wow that was a great story. It's crazy, I did the exact same thing, except I had a broken arm, no credit card, and I hadn't slept in 48 hours."


"Girls Are The Worst"

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Girl: "All my friends are guys, can't be dealing with all that girl drama"


Things Are Always Bad For This Person

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If they always talk about some sort of traumatic experience. I have this one coworker who, at the age of 23, has had 3 miscarriages, her fiance died overseas, has been robbed/beaten multiple times, and had her credit card number stolen 3 times in 2 months. While it's a slim possibility, I highly doubt anything she says.


And The Worst Person To Be Suspicious Of...

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Anyone who feels the need to cause pain during a handshake is an insecure a** who should not be trusted. Other things that scream insecurity are trying to loom over people shorter than themselves or constantly repeat someone else's name.

Find your chill. And your self-esteem.


H/T: Reddit

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