Those who live in thriving, metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles tend to be surprised by very little they see walking down the street.

So, seeing someone take out the garbage, walking their dog, or making a run for groceries would not be something that might catch their attention.

Unless, of course, they witnessed these otherwise routine tasks occurring in the early hours of the morning.

When doing so wouldn't only be unusual, but possibly even cause for concern.

Redditor wheeliemans3000 was curious to learn what everyday activities people might result in raised eyebrows at an unusual time, leading them to ask.

"What seemingly normal activity would look suspicious done at 3AM?"

Those rugs look unusually heavy?

'Moving rugs into a van."- DirtySingh

At least there's no risk of getting burnt.

"Sun bathing."- dudebro_fistbump

Peeping Tom's Window Cleaning LTD.

"Cleaning the windows of the girls' dorm."- MaximumChillaximum

Window Spraying GIF by Leah DubucGiphy

No matter the time of day, always creepy

"Digging a deep hole in the ground."- dwc1970

There are worse things to see through your window.

"That one time Bart flew a kite at night, there was something unwholesome about it."- Degnolo

I promise, I'm not up to no good!

"Parking in the middle of an empty parking lot in the dark."

"I've done this so many times on long road trips and 50% of the time a cop or local will knock on my window."

"So I now have tape and a laminated piece of paper in my car that says 'I am not a drug dealer or buyer, a burglar watching a store, homeless-High or drunk'."

"'I am simply taking a nap so I can drive safely til I get to a motel'."

"'Thank you for your concern'."

"'If I'm trespassing/in the way, please knock'."

"For safety purposes I do lock my doors, park near lit street lamps if possible, and usually have some kind of weapon."- TaiylorWallace

They need attention at all hours

"I tend to be nocturnal, and I also love to garden."

"This often means I forget to water until 2 am."

"I let my neighbors know that I might be out there watering in the middle of the night, because they are elderly, and I don't want to give anyone a heart attack."- AtheneSchmidt

American Horror Story House GIF by AHSGiphy

There's a time and place to do this...

"Playing Pokemon go outdoors."

"Just standing at a spot, then slowly walking, then stopping again."

"Probably at a park since there's more activity there."- dylan2451

What don't they want us to see?

"Taking a suitcase to the trash but I’ve done it."

"I’ve done everything at 3am."- blue-pixie-

The way every horror movie begins...

"Getting a Knock on the door, if it’s that late it’s never for good."- gekonto

Knock Knock Flirting GIF by jjjjjohnGiphy

One always wants to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Particularly those who work night shifts, making three AM the only time to get things done.

But if there's a knock at your door at 3AM, best not to answer...

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