Have you ever had an itching feeling about something happening, but no one else believes you?

All owing to the fact that you can't prove it.

It's a terribly frustrating feeling.

And while, more often than not, these suspicions we carry do not, in fact, turn out to be true, on some occasions they most definitely are.

Making it all the more frustrating that we were unable to prove our suspicions in the first place.

Redditor TheRedLego was curious of suspicions being held by other members of the Reddit community which they, at the moment, are unable to prove, leading them to ask:

"What’s a suspicion you currently hold, but can’t prove right now?"

I can smell it from a mile away.

"One of the upstairs neighbors is throwing dog sh*t out the their window at night."- ogresound1987

I'm telling you, Mom, my teacher just doesn't like me!

"That my English teacher didn't read essays, and based grades on how we were in class."- casshmg


It Just doesn't add up.

"My father's caregiver, she named herself as domestic partner in the will, but my father always referred to her as his caregiver, coerced him to change his will making her the executor and removing his children 30 days before she killed him."

"His death was ruled a suicide and everything went to her."

"Properties, banks accounts, valuable items, everything."

"My sister tried to fight it, but at the advice of her lawyer, she let it go."

"I 100% believe the people who signed as witness and the notary were in on it and paid off."

"I found 2 of them on Facebook."

"One witness retired the same month my father 'committed suicide' and the notary went on an elaborate vacation the following month."

"The other witness called my sister two days after my father's death while on vacation in Hawaii to tell her he was dead on behalf of the caregiver."

"It could all be coincidence and I could be drawing conclusions from coincidences, but I know my father."

"After all he had been through in life, he wasn't the kind of person to give up and off himself for no reason."- BrilliantInfamous807

"The circumstances surrounding the death of my grandfather."

"First, he died in September of 2020, but we did not find out until January of 2021."

"His so-called best friend pushed an un-notarized will through the courts in order to get his hands on my grandfather’s estate even though my grandfather had rewritten his will so that everything he had would be divided between me and my brother."

"This first will cut my mom and her siblings out by name and there was no mention of us at all."

"Second, my grandfather was a stickler about his credit."

"He had the best credit score out of all of us, but when he was found there were tons of unpaid statements lying around his living room, which was incredibly abnormal."

"Third, I don’t even know where this man is buried."

"I know he was cremated, but I don’t know where his ashes are."

"There was no autopsy as far as I know either, his cause of death was listed as a heart attack."

"Lastly, that 'best friend' has a daughter, and I know she knows something."

"She spoke to my uncle and all she could talk about was how devastating the loss was to HER and HER family, and how she had such fond memories of coming over to play basketball and watch my grandfather put together cars in the 70s."

"My mom, her brothers, and my grandmother have absolutely no memory of these people."

"I don’t care about the inheritance."

"It was never even about that."

"I just wanted to be able to say goodbye, you know?"

"Why didn’t they call and tell us he died?"- User Deleted

It's all a scam!

"The ongoing construction on major city expressways is an embezzlement scheme."

"They’ve been doing construction on the same part of the expressway in Chicago for over 20 years."

"It’s never getting done."

"They’re just pocketing money."- oneder_them

construction crew GIFGiphy

Some people are too thin skinned.

"YouTube got rid of displaying dislikes for viewers because companies complained about being ratioed."- Hoppy_Croaklightly

A house of ill repute?

"My neighbor has 'friends' over every few days."

"They are all wealthy based on the cars they drive."

"I saw one guy pacing nervously before entering her house."

"I also saw a guy brushing his teeth by his car before going in."

"You know what I'm thinking."- lookssharp

We know what you're up to, Reddit.

"That over the past year or so, Reddit changed their algorithm to make sure more videos make it to the front page."

"And introduce their sh*tty video player."

"All of this just to increase key user engagement metrics to inflate their valuation prior to their announced upcoming IPO / stock market debut."- Volkovy.

Jimmy Fallon Smile GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonGiphy

A sad cover up.

"When I was 15 a kid in my class died and the cops ruled it suicide."

"I have just discovered some information which led me to believe he was murdered by his uncle but I can't prove it."

"And they are somewhat big shots so nothing is gonna happen."- More-Masterpiece-561

Taking what isn't theirs.

"I think that one of my relatives cashed my tax return check, which was about a week’s pay for me."

"I’ve been dealing with one of my parents nearly dying for the last two months, so I haven’t had the time to sit them down and ask 'Where’s my money, honey?'"- OfficePsycho

Knowing something is amiss, yet being unable to prove it, is like having an itch that you just can't quite reach.

Hopefully these suspicions are way off base, and there's nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, one can only hope some evidence comes to light, and soon.

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