People Reveal The Rudest Ways Someone Broke Up With Them

People Reveal The Rudest Ways Someone Broke Up With Them

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It's never the right time to say goodbye. But some people really just take it to the extreme. In some cases, it's so over the top that it sticks out in your memory as a giant question mark. Why were you so rude to me, person?

elephantqueen14 asked Reddit:

What is the rudest way someone has ended a relationship with you?

These are some of the craziest stories Reddit had.

Yes, You Did

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Changed his status to being in a relationship with another person. When I called him and asked him about it, he asked, "I didn't lead you on did I?". Rude and lame.

I Could Have Another You In A Minute

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The landlord called me to verify I would take over the lease of our house, since the lease was in my boyfriend his name. I told him I didn't know what he meant by that. He then proceeded to show me texts my boyfriend had sent him in which he said he was engaged and just moved to another city and that I would take over his lease. I had just moved in two weeks prior, quit my job and terminated my own lease.

To say I was pissed off is an understatement. Not only cheat on me, but actually letting your landlord break up with me? What the actual f-ck.

So the next day I packed up the whole house including everything he owns and I put it in storage. Only time I heard from him was when he called me after a couple of days furiously asking me where all his stuff was. I just laughed and hung up. Go f-ck yourself. Or your wife. The hell I care


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She just kept sleeping with different people until I left.


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Her friend answered the phone, I said "Is Emma there?"

Friend: "No she's with her boyfriend at the moment."

Me: "Oh."

What Goes Around

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Someone I know broke up with his gf by just ignoring her until she got the hint. He did it because she was "too fat" and he had just been with her because he was lonely.

He had another one later. He was happy with her until he met her family. Her mother and grandmother were "too fat", so he judged that she would probably get fat as well, so... He ignored her until she got the hint.

He had a third one. He was very happy with her, she was pretty and exactly what he imagined. She wanted him to go to her place sometimes but he was lazy and just wanted her to always go to him (he lived with his parents). She ignored him until he got the hint.

Too Many Lies

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When his other secret girlfriend tagged him in a picture of the ultrasound.

Backwards Logic

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I had a boyfriend intentionally cheat on me because he wanted me to break up with him instead of doing it himself.

He had sex with a coworker because it was easier than telling me he wasn't interested anymore.

It's Been Awhile

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My boyfriend of 1.5 years ghosted me. Just suddenly dropped off the face of the planet and wouldn't respond to my texts, calls, whatever. I knew he was okay because I saw him on Facebook with his new girlfriend.

The best part was when he randomly emailed me, months later, saying he "just wasn't feeling it anymore" with me. No sh-t, dude.

Worst Possible Time

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By changing his relationship status on Facebook. It was my 21st birthday. 10 years later and it still pisses me off that I wasted so much time on that a**hole.

Truly An Evil Gesture

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I was in the hospital, 3 hours away from home. After a month I was released and my mom and aunt came to pick me up. On the rode home, I used my mom's phone to text my boyfriend that I was coming home and he could come over. His response- I'm sorry. I can't take the stress of caring for you after your incident.

I was shot in the face by a 9 mm Ruger. He never "took care" of me before the incident. He quit his job and lived with me. I took care of him. What had actually happen is he came to the hospital once while I was still in the coma. My face was swollen and I was unrecognizable. He never came back afterwards. He assumed I would stay like that and didn't want to date an ugly person.

Just Be Honest

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Having the guy she was cheating on me with confess their affair and tell me it was over between us.

I feel like I came out on top though. Shortly after this they got pregnant and she had to drop out of college for engineering. I transferred to a different university and had some of the best times of my life while finishing my degree. I don't really believe in karma, but it was kind of odd how quickly her life took a turn after that scummy move.

Right Before The Test

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My last college gf broke up with me during finals week via email. She knew I had an exam that afternoon. I have no idea if it was intentional or not, but she sent the email about 20 minutes before the exam started. By a cruel twist of fate, I opened the email just as I was about to start walking to my class to take said exam, basically telling me she is leaving me for someone else.

It was not a very good day.

Such A To-Do

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Sends e-mail to me saying that I need to think long-term.

Two weeks later, moves to town (we had been dating long distance).

The day she arrives, I meet her at her new place, she says she's too tired to move anything in or do anything, and wants to go to bed, and sends me home alone.

Won't respond to texts, won't hang out with me, won't do anything over the next few days.

After a few weeks I ask her what happened, and for an explanation. Her response, "I feel like I've already told you."


Sweet Revenge

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His other girlfriend walked in on us cuddling in his bed naked watching a movie. I didnt know abot her, she didnt know about me. The fact that he chased her out of the house to explian "it's not what it looks like" after we had literally just had sex the hour before was all the confirmation I needed that I was the lesser option.

She found me on fb and her and I became friends. She had dated him a YEAR and I had been seeing him a month. We both cut ties.

No Need To Fake It

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Our relationship was already strained and we were living together at the time. She was complaining for days that her arm was sore and I slept on the couch in the living room to give her as much room as possible to stretch out on the bed in the bedroom. Woke up one night and heard her talking on the phone. She was talking freely to her new boyfriend on the phone and faked her arm injury to just get me out of the room. We hadn't even formally broken up yet, and I hadn't moved my stuff out yet.

Snapchat And Meth: A Tale Of Caution

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A handwritten note sent over Snapchat that didn't have any real explanation. It was like vague-booking method of breakup. This was literally minutes before the end of school, when I would normally see her off to her bus. Maybe she wanted to hand me the note but couldn't bring herself to. Maybe she wanted to text it to me but didn't wanna get in trouble for using her phone in class. Maybe she didn't wanna put it off. Definitely didn't have it in her to tell me in person. Either way, the way it was done just seemed to be an insincere waste of both of our time. A few years later she did apologize about the way it was done, but she was high on meth, so there's that too.


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I had lunch with a coworker today and he was telling me about how his most recent relationship ended....

Apparently the other guy she was with was infertile so once she got pregnant, she said "thanks for your sperm donation" and ended it. He had to pay child support for the first two years until he got full custody.

7 Years

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Drove over an hour in a snowstorm the day before Valentine's Day so we can spend the holiday together. I got her flowers, card, and a gift she gives me nothing and I think she might have a surprise for me so I say nothing. Well she did, the next morning on Valentine's Day she breaks up with me because as she says I'm too nice. She gives no other explanation then that even though I pressed her for one. That was after 7 years of dating.


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Stopped responding to me.

I was driving 4 hours both ways once a week to see him. In fact, I'd been down to his school to see him the week we broke things off. Everything seemed fine. Then silence. After 5 days of not getting an answer via phone, text, or snap I was pissed and sent a final message saying I was done. He'd had issues with leaving his phone at the bar before so I wasn't completely upset at first. Just figured he'd get a new one or it was just taking him a while to find it. But almost a week? Never mind the fact that I was already suspicious he was seeing other people. Guess who ever he chose was closer and better than me. I don't talk to anyone that's more than 40 minutes away from me now.

Paris Holds The Key

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He waited until we got home from a trip to Paris (he'd always wanted to go) and told me as we were unpacking that he didn't love me and didn't want to be with me.

He'd known for a while, but his therapist had told him to go on the trip to Paris first to "check if it changed things ".

Yea, sure she did honey. Sure she did.

Mind you, this was the same guy that insisted we go to couples therapy because I didn't want an open relationship and so there was OBVIOUSLY something wrong with me, so y'know.. the clues were there.

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