People are crazy. And the moments we witness between people can leave quite a memory. And often those moments can be a real hoot. When jokesters are afoot, anything is possible. And hopefully they're intentions are good. Lord knows we all need a good laugh.

Redditor u/TEDOG1232 wanted to hear from everyone about what the best tomfoolery they've ever seen by asking.... What's the best prank you've ever heard of/seen/experienced?

Not the Wine.


One year for April fools the local newspaper posted an article about a truck full of wine bottles that had crashed. The article stated that wine was spilling everywhere and they didn't want it to go to waste, so anyone could bring buckets to fill.

One guy at my dad's work saw the article and ran out. All the people at work laughed at him. Halfway to the place where the truck supposedly was, the guy realized his mistake. He then went and bought a couple of cheap wine bottles which he emptied into the bucket he had brought with him. And then walked back into work, tricking a couple of other people to run out for this wine truck. OdaSet

High School. 

My boyfriend's high school had a tradition of pranking this one science teacher every year. His graduating class disassembled an old car, dragged the pieces upstairs, and reassembled it in the teacher's classroom.

There's even a video.

EDIT: My boyfriend is the guy filming everything and speaking behind the camera. Tannaquil

What's His Name?

No one knows for sure but rumor had it that it was the chess club. That autumn of the senior year someone(s) wrote "the principals name is an fool!" in grass seed across the berm on the other side of the school grounds. The next spring, when the grass was long you could make it out of someone showed you and you were looking for it. It was plain as day when the grass was freshly cut. FatuousOocephalus

Not Ready to Tell!

When I was 16 I was throwing a teenage strop at family dinner and stormed out. When I left the room my dad told my mum and sister that I was acting up because I was gay and frustrated about coming out. He swore them to secrecy because I "wasn't ready to tell them yet."

6 months later I brought a girlfriend home and my sister shouted "What?! Dad told us you were gay!" She'd believed it for half a year without mentioning it to me. HiHoKermit

The League.


Did this to a guy at work. Bowling league. Wasn't familiar. He threw 3 strikes in a row. When the monitor flashed a turkey he asked what it meant. We told him to go to the main counter, because he just won a coupon for a free turkey!

The staff had a blast with that one. ketzcm

Help. Me.

My cousin thinks her house is haunted so her husband and I plugged a wireless mouse into her computer and he's been messing with her since. Mizamagician

Someone needs to write a quick script that opens word or notepad at a random time and automatically typed "help me." Maybe it could be triggered by some kind of action that she does. That would really freak her out. me_on_my_mind

Asleep in the Closet. 

When I was in high school my sister used to set her alarm for 6:00am to get up and ready. One morning I had a brilliant idea and set my alarm for 5:45, I snuck into her room jumped into her closet and waited for her alarm to go off.

She wound up snoozing her alarm, I wound up falling asleep in her closet waiting. When she woke up at 7:00 to get dressed an hour later she found her brother asleep in her closet. Definitely scared her but didn't work as well as I hoped. SafeSecks

Damn YouTube. 

This is on YouTube, you can look it up, it happened several years ago when toy story 3 came out. A guy edited the ending of toy story 3 so that the screen goes black when they are in the incinerator, then the credits play, and gave it to his mum who hasn't seen it. KalKal01

The Parade.

I drive a float in the Rose Parade. This kid wanted to drive it soooo bad, he would not give up on asking and it got a little irritating. So I told him if you want to drive it you need to go down to the DMV and ask to take the test for a class F endorsement on your license.

I didn't think he would take it serious but he did. Waited at the DMV to be told wtf are you talking about? pryos1

The Shrine.


My fiancé and I go to a thrift store in his neighborhood pretty often. He always looks at the paintings. One day as we were leaving, he told me, "I just know one day I'm gonna find an amazing painting there."

About a year later (this spring) I sent a photo of an area of my finance's room (he calls it his "shrine area" with all his favorite tchotchkes) to a professional artist and commissioned him to paint a two-foot still life painting of it.

Last month I had a friend of my roommate who happens to manage the thrift store hang it with their paintings. Asked my fiancé to lunch by the store. We passed it on the way to the restaurant and casually went in. I died the whole time.

On the way out he stopped to check out the paintings and let out the most dramatic gasp I've ever heard in my LIFE. It was like a BAD PLAY. I got to watch his brain short circuit in front of my eyes. "This room?! This is mine!"

It was incredible. My roommate was hiding in a rack of clothes filming it and I've watched the video well over 100 times. Yessica_Salsa


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