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Being a jokester and having an overly jovial persona can be an asset for one's personality. It always leaves an impression, we all remember the class clowns. But how we remember them, there in lies the rub. Don't be so desperate for attention and devoid of self-restraint you end up turning laughs into tears and rage. I always wanted to ask my class clown after his release from juvie... "Was burning down the gym really that much fun?" Food for thought.

Redditor u/rodorod_ wanted everyone to rat out the prankster that left the wrong impression by asking.... [SERIOUS] When did the "Class Clown" go waaaay toooooo far?
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We all did some stupid things when we were kids.

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Every high school has it-- The incident.

The one that is the reason for the strictest rule in the school. The ones the students talk about and the teachers fear.

It can be a senior prank, it can be pretty much anything that went down that completely changed the culture of the school.

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Redditor u/902I0 had some issues with his younger sibling's ridiculous antics and wanted to know how he should handle the situation. Nobody is perfect but some actions are just downright mind boggling and stupid. People's idea of "fun" these days can be infuriating. Listen to the story....

AITA for accusing my brother of replacing my wife's refrigerated breast milk with cow milk?

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People are crazy. And the moments we witness between people can leave quite a memory. And often those moments can be a real hoot. When jokesters are afoot, anything is possible. And hopefully they're intentions are good. Lord knows we all need a good laugh.

Redditor u/TEDOG1232 wanted to hear from everyone about what the best tomfoolery they've ever seen by asking.... What's the best prank you've ever heard of/seen/experienced?

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