Times Dark Web Users Felt Like They Were Genuinely In Danger
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The internet has proven a hugely advantageous advancement in technology.

Creating not only a world where we can buy just about anything with a single click, but also communicate with others all across the globe with considerable ease.

Something we were all beyond grateful for in March of 2020.

However, the internet can sadly be a dangerous endeavor, particularly the part of the internet known as "the dark web", where one's identity and locations remain anonymous.

Whether people find themselves on the dark web, primarily used for illegal, under the table operations, they often tend to find themselves in dangerous situations.

Some being far more terrifying than others.

Redditor BusinessOnion was curious to hear cases when people found themselves in truly dangerous situations after visiting the dark web, leading them to ask:

Dark Web users of Reddit, was there ever a point in your use that you felt you were genuinely in danger? What happened?

It's Not As Dark As You Might Think...

"I've used the dark web once or twice."

"Scariest thing was when my screen went black for a few moments and turned back on."

"Wasn't anything big, just my display cable f*cking up, but it did give me the creeps."

"As for dark or disturbing sh*t, I've only found a list of random addresses."

"The dark web really has a lot of stigma associated with it."

"For the most part it's just people curious about the dark web or people trying to scam you or sell you drugs."

"You have to do a lot of looking to find the really f*cked up stuff."

"You're more likely to find dark web type crap on Reddit or YouTube than the actual dark web."- SkippyDingleCha1k

A Case For Legalizing It?

"I once bought a bit of weed and I received a blackmail letter threatening me with awful things, like sending CP and calling the police, if I didn't send 1 btc, $1000 at the time."

"I was scared sh*tless but nothing ever happened."

"Always check the reviews before buying anything!"- noddintestudine

Some Advantages?

"A friend of mine used to use Silkroad on the Darknet when Bitcoin was $10 a pop."

"He placed at least 100 orders through it and never had any issues."

"It's a shame he didn't keep all the Bitcoin he bought because he would have been a millionaire now."- darktone2

Because Of The Billing Address?

"I was trying to buy those super cool laser pointers and I got a random message saying I know where you live."

"I noped out of that site straight away."- ThickCactus85

Being Caught May Have Been Less Dangerous?

"In college some friends and I ordered a 100 sheet of acid, using bitcoin, to our college P.O. Boxes."

"We got pretty terrified when it didn’t arrive when it should’ve."

"We thought it was found by USPS, our own mail service, or the DEA; we were paranoid."

"Turns out they just shipped it later than they said."

"We got our 100 tabs but that was a VERY stressful week and a half for all of us."- dasHeftinn

Important Things To Consider

"Every time."

"Remember that the person you just bought drugs from knows, your address, that you have drugs in your house. There's probably evidence of dark web use in your finances/computer/trash."

"They can rat you out with impunity just because they're feeling malevolent."

"They also could just get caught and be careless with destroying ex customer information, so it hangs over my head to this day."- 8v1hJPaTnVkD7Yf

Hidden Meaning?

"Came across a chan style site."

"Every post was about trains."

"Wouldn't say I felt in danger, but i felt so out of the loop that i was missing something that I just got off."- CreekKraken

There's Always A Chance...

"Had a buddy who used to order weed."

"The distributer got busted and the postal service let him know there was a suspicious package for him."

"He could either pick it up or it would be destroyed."- tha_t0dd

You Can't Trust Anyone...

"My friends and i were once ordering some green off the dark web."

"On the way, we saw a dude selling cyanide."

"Don't ask me how I got it."

"Don't tell me what you'll use it for."

"Violation of either condition will void the sale."- bluejaywhey

You might want to stop and think when you go on the internet to illegally buy something with hopes of not getting caught if what you're doing is a good idea.

After all, Black Mirror uses our current reality as its biggest source of inspiration.

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