Things People Do In Public That Get Under Folks' Skin

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People are crazy, lazy, and gross at times.

It's one thing if they do it at their own home, but people are out and about asking this way. In public!

I should probably just come to terms with it, already.

But that doesn't mean I'm not going to call you out.

I will follow you out of the bathroom to shame you if you don't wash your hands.

Also, pick up after your dogs.

And your kids.

Have you no decency?!

Redditor Quiet-Reference5135 wanted to discuss some bad behavior, so they asked:

"What is something people do in public that gets under your skin?"

People who DON'T use turn signals.


Make a Choice

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"People who keep passing me and then slowing down so I have to pass them. I'm on cruise control going the same speed all the time. Pick a speed, we don't need all this lane changing!"


Hang Up

"Watch Tik Toks or videos LOUDLY!!"


"We have a girl that does this in the bathroom at work. More than once I've thought about turning the light off on my way out."


"A guy I used to work with used to sit there and run the hand dryer anytime someone was in the bathroom watching videos or talking on the phone while in a stall."



"Oblivious to their position or how they are blocking an entire aisle."


"This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Not being aware of the space you take up in public places."


"Yep. The worst one is person A knows person B, so they are just having a conversation in the middle of the aisle."

"They are completely oblivious to you, too, and act like it's an inconvenience when you ask them to please move."


Look Around

"Having no situational awareness at all."


"I worked in a large hospital in the amount of people that did not treat the hallways like roadways and we’re just popping out of nowhere at any time with no idea of what’s around them was maddening!"


"I try to be aware of where I am and I work hard at it but between my spatial awareness and situational awareness I tend to get in the way a bit. I also run into a hell of a lot of door and wall and you name it. I’m very disgraphic and it is my constant and at times real fear that I’m in the way."


Cover Up

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"Coughing or sneezing without covering their mouths."


"I feel like people are so much worse with this since COVID restrictions disappeared. Like they’re making up for lost time."


In this day and age how are people still NOT covering their mouths?!?!

Save your Business

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"Speakerphone calls. Seriously, just hold the phone to your ear. No one wants to listen to your conversation."


The Audacity!

"People who litter."


"I worked at Taco Bell as a teenager and one day I was working the drive thru and this man was at the window and I could smell his cigarette smoke."

"After he drove off, I could still smell it very strongly so I looked out the little window and he had dumped his whole ash tray out of his door right in front of our drive thru window. The audacity."


"Yes I hate that, the world isn't their trashcan, they're making things worse for everyone. Just hold onto the trash and throw it away later."


Move Aside

"Groups that walk 5 wide on a sidewalk chatting away like they're the main characters."


"I’ve started doing this move where I walk to the side, so they can give me room, I walk deliberately, but I look up and to the right or left so they can’t make eye contact. They always realize they better move or it’s gonna get real awkward. I also scuff the bottom of my shoe if someone is walking right toward me with their face buried in their phone. It works."



"Leaving their shopping carts out in the middle of the parking lot, rather than taking the cart to those designated spots the store puts out."


"But they walked all over the store, they can't possibly have the energy to walk 20 more feet!"


"Had to deal with this last night. Butthole left the cart behind my car, with the freaking corral not 10ft away."


Out First

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"Not letting people off the train before trying to cram themselves into a full car. Just let people off and there will be more room!!! How do you live/work in the city and not learn this by day 3!?"


As a New Yorker, that train issue is the WORST!

Okay, sound off? What indecent behaviors get under your skin? Let us know in the comments.

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