Movies are predicated upon a suspension of disbelief, but sometimes, disbelief really just gets way too out of hand.

We can't keep going on just accepting the craziest things because they take us out of the movie. How are we supposed to enjoy ourselves with this crazy, unrealistic nonsense happening?

u/UK-NeilPatel asked:

What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you?

Here were some of those answers.

It's Really About The Apple

College professor here. Pet peeves about how college is depicted:

  1. Every class is in a medieval European-style amphitheater classroom
  2. Professors are all living in giant 6,000 sq ft houses, even if they teach literature or sociology
  3. Professors only address students by their last names, and all students call professors "sir"
  4. Students or professors strolling down the quad with a leather courier bag worth a month's pay, for some reason always eating an apple

Bulletproof Fabric

Good guy jumps behind some furniture and the bad guys unloads 1000 rounds into it and none of them go through. What the heck is that couch made of!?


Impetus For A Plot

A: "I have something important to tell you. It's about the Jones case."

B: "What's up? What'd you find?"

A: "Can't talk now. Meet me tomorrow at 9."

B: "A! Tell me what's going on!"

A: "No, not now. Tomorrow at 9."

A is found murdered the next morning, B is haunted by conversation. Sets off on worldwide mission to solve the murder and uncover the cover-up.


Except Esmeralda In Hunchback

In fires nobody dies of smoke inhalation. They'll be in there for ages, merrily chatting away, coughing, miraculous escape (lifting a burning beam out the way maybe), they get outside and are fine! Maybe a smudge of soot on the face and a cough then on their merry way.



Gunfire indoors or inside cars and everyone can hear fine afterwards

Big explosions that throw people around but have no shrapnel

Windows that can be jumped through without shredding your skin

People traversing through air ducts


It Only Works In Movies, For Real

Fight scenes with multiple attackers. They're all so polite, waiting for their friends to get their a** kicked before engaging. In reality you get jumped by everyone at the same time.


Click Click

I think Hollywood only has two sound effects for mechanics shops. Air impact guns buzzing like a nascar pit stop and some hand ratchets clicking. In Hollywood you could get a scene of someone working on the international space station and the back ground noise would be a nascar pit stop air gun.


Instant Fixes

Cop looking at blurry CCTV image

Cop: "Can you clean up the image?"

Nerd: "Sure, computer enhance sector theta 6"

crystal clear image appears on screen

Cop: "Oh my god"


Thankfully The General Public Knows Nothing About Cars

Cars that don't have V8 engines using V8 engine noises. "Ah yes, I'm sure it's perfectly normal for that Dodge mini-van to sound like it has an LS V8 under the hood." It's totally because the sound is dubbed in after filming and they just have a generic engine sound file available. But it still bothers me when the engine sounds don't even remotely match the car.

Same thing with tires squealing during braking. It's so typical for the driver to stomp the brake, and you see the wheels all lock up and squeal like crazy as the car keeps sliding forward. Any car with ABS, (which is any car made after 2013 and probably 90% of cars made before that still on the road) wouldn't experience a wheel lock up like that.


Hardest Thing To Act

Stop waving that empty cup around, it's supposed to have hot coffee it in.

Put some water in it, or if you are worried about spills, fill it halfway with glue.

It needs to have some weight, especially when you set it down.


Its Still Warm Though

When people order food in a restaurant and then leave before it arrives. At least get it to go.


There's a scene in Grease that always pisses me off, when Danny & Sandy order burger, fries and a milkshake each at the diner... it's been a while since I've seen it, but I think Danny takes one bite and then they both bugger off and leave the lot.



10 trained soldiers with automatic weapons, a couple of snipers and a helicopter gunship are all shooting at the fleeing heroes.

The only thing they manage to hit is the ground just behind their feet.


It's pretty easy to kill not just the men but the women and the children too when you're kidnapped and trained by a bunch of laser sword wielding cult worshippers that think they have super powers.


Chatty Chatty

"I've got a plan"

"Great. What is it?"

"No time. Just trust me."


Or a conversation starting in one room, and then scene is cut and it jumps to where they are in the car (or wherever, somewhere completely different) but the conversation carries on right where it left off. What did they do in the time in between?



Doctors doing everything in medical settings. Scanning the patient, setting up IV's, interpreting brain MRI's. Nurses who? Radiographers what?


PT here. I don't even try to watch medical shows anymore because I end up yelling at the TV. It does crack me up to always see that one guy walking in the background with a gait belt & walker though!



Action movies where the good guy's car gets rammed or gets in bad wreck and it's still drivable and the airbag doesn't deploy.


To be fair, they drive an old banger most of the time that doesn't have airbags and generally always rams using the back of the car (from what I remember) so as long as the engine and radiator isn't smashed, it will probably still run.


No Pain

Someone being hit in the head, loses consciousness, and two minutes later getting up as if nothing happened.


That, or people getting shot or stabbed in a limb and end up with horrific looking injuries, and yet that doesn't restrict their movement one bit. They can still run despite being shot in the leg, they can still fight even though they've been stabbed in the shoulder. They don't even feel any pain.


Death Grip

Snapping peoples necks with a quick twisting motion at the jaw.


God, this is the one. I do combat sports, we twist each other up a lot. If it was so easy to snap a neck, our classes would be littered with corpses.


Just a Spritz

Unless it's an extremely flammable place such as a fireworks factory, the vast majority of fire sprinkler systems aren't deluge.


Or the ones where they have a good fight inside while sprinklers go off and they aren't blasting puke from being spayed with the crap that comes out of the regular types.

(Nobody gets sprayed with ten year old stagnant water and would want to continue before they step outside).


Sit and Enjoy

Big breakfasts that no one eats because the characters are in a hurry and running out the door. Me personally, I'll be late to whatever for some pancakes/waffles.


As someone who likes to cook, this has always pissed me off.

Everyone always seems to calculate how long a meal takes to make, but they never account for how long it takes to actually sit down and enjoy the meal. As a result, unless there's another character around to store that food properly, it just ends up going bad. Seriously, if you're only going to have enough time to have the toast, then make only the toast.



Clean houses where there are 3 to 4 chaotic children.


Living spaces in tv and movies are always spotless. That is, unless there's a plot- or character-specific reason why it's not.

And they're usually decorated very well no matter how poor they are.


I remember there was an episode of CSI where a family with like 4 or so children were killed. The CSIs noted the fast food wrappers on the table and dishes in the sink as though it's notable for a family with 4+ kids to not have an immaculately spotless house.


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