People Explain Which Mysteries They're Obsessed With Solving
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The most unsettling mysteries are the ones that have yet to be solved. I, for one, have for a long time been fascinated by cases of people who've simply disappeared without a trace. What happened to them? Were they killed? Were they victims of human trafficking? Did they simply get tired of their old lives and decide to start new ones under different identities? Could the answer be right under our noses this whole time? It's unnerving to think about.

After Redditor Rosefog1986 asked the online community, "What mystery are you obsessed with?" people told us about the unsolved mysteries that keep them up at night. Could the answers be within our reach?

"Who killed them and why?"

The Hinterkaifeck Murders.

It's just such an unbelievably creepy story. Who killed them and why?


"So bizarre."

The Tamam Shud Case

Who is this man? Was he a spy? Where is his family? Why did he have that piece of paper sewn into his pants? Never been an answer and probably never will be. So bizarre.


"Either someone in the world..."

What happened to Flight MH370. Either someone in the world knows the truth or nobody does and each proposition is equally terrifying.


"What physical conditions..."

The mechanisms of life, and the ability to experience. What makes it possible? Why does this fleshy vehicle need me as a witness when the brain alone should be able to provide full autonomy, and was I ever really pulled from a 'void'? What physical conditions define a conscious state? Is it a condition present across the universe with only certain beings able to harness it subjectively? These seem like questions beyond my time, but I can't help but be obsessed, hoping some answer will come to me like those questions of mine before it. It's enough to make me question whether I even exist at all.


"Nobody's ever going to know..."

What happened to the Beaumont children -- off for a morning at the beach, spotted with a man nobody knew, then all three of them and all of their possessions just gone without a trace. Nobody's ever going to know absent some incredible stroke of luck.


"Too many people..."

Spring Heeled Jack.

A sort of demon like figure many people around London said they saw in the mid 1800's.

Too many people of all different backgrounds all said they saw the same thing for them all to be making it up.


"I live in a small rural town..."

I live in a small rural town on the east coast of Australia, population 5,000. In 1997, a girl not much older than one of my siblings was murdered behind a service station (Ineka Hinkley), her death to date has not been solved. In 2003, when I was 12, a girl I met at drama class (Rose Howell) disappeared, she has never been found. I want to know what happened to them. I feel like the town has forgotten and I want answers to it.


"When and how did the first humans..."

When and how did the first humans become "awake," or sentient. Like the moment a monkey somewhere, a long long time ago, in his head went from "survive survive, reproduce reproduce" to "hey what if there's a god and sh!t?"

And I'm not saying that, right now, some other species might be exactly at that stage, in front of our very eyes. But I want to know what whas it like for the first one.


"And as someone who isn't all that religious..."

Where is God?

Pretend that there is an all mighty, infinite God out there. Where is it? In between atoms? No. The sun? No. Heaven? Where's that?

And as someone who isn't all that religious or tied to the idea of Catholicism, I'm terrified if there is a God and what horrible thing it will be. God is everything, it is all that is good and it is all that is evil. And I'm terrified that God is what HP Lovecraft wrote him as: a blind idiot. A black hole spewing tentacles, devoid of reason and logic.


"He became rich mining gold..."

Who murdered Sir Harry Oakes?

He became rich mining gold in northern Ontario in the 1920s. He eventually moved to the Bahamas, where there was less taxes, with the help of a local real estate mogul named Harold Christie. He travelled to England in the late 30s, where he was knighted and became the 1st Baronet Oakes. He also made friends with some prominent Nazi sympathizers, including Crown Prince Edward, who was famous for resigning the throne to marry Wallis Simpson. In the 40s, concerned with his Nazi sympathies, the British government decided to ship him off to the Bahamas and make him governor.

He wasn't the only prominent Nazi sympathizer in the Bahamas. There was also the Swedish Businessman Axel Werner-Gren, who was close friends with Herman Goering. One day, in 1942, Harold Christie, Axel Werner-Gren, Harry Oakes, and the president of Mexico's brother had a secret meeting on Axel's yacht. No one knows what they talked about.

On July 7th of 1943, Harry Oakes was murdered in the bedroom of his mansion. He had been bludgeoned to death, and then set on fire in his bed. Harold Christie was sleeping in the room next door, but claimed to hear nothing. There were also a lot of weird details in the murder scene, like the fact that there were three small puncture marks near his ear, or that feathers had been scattered all over the body, or that the blood on his face appeared to have flowed uphill.

The investigation was supposed to be conducted by the Nassau police, but instead the governor ordered two Miami detectives, with potential Mafia ties, to investigate. They settled on Sir Harry Oakes' son-in-law, Count Alfred de Marigny, as a suspect. He was a Mauritian socialite who probably wasn't a Count at all, and had eloped with Harry's daughter, Nancy, when she was only 19. He had numerous public arguments with Harry, and once threatened to kill him. They claimed to have fingerprint evidence (taken from the Chinese Screen in Harry's bedroom), proving that de Marigny was guilty.

What was then called "The Trial of the Century" began. The prosecution had a strong case, but there were numerous inconsistencies in the investigation and fingerprint evidence that the defence preyed on. They were able to get de Marigny exonerated, but he was deported from the colony.

For the next 70 years, many people put forward various different theories as to who killed him. Some people think it was Harold Christie, the Duke of Windsor, the Nazis, the Mafia, Harry's lawyer Walter Fosket, or even his wife.

We'll probably never know due to the age of the case, police incompetence, and the contamination of the crime scene, but it's still my favourite unsolved mystery.


"I think about it..."

Dyatlov Pass. I think about it once every few weeks and it puts me in a mood. Surprised it hasn't showed up in my dreams yet.



Honestly i just want to know if there has ever been some legit piece of information that might indicate intelligent life on other planets.


"I want to know..."

I want to know all the scandals that were successfully hidden. You have to think that for every horrible thing that someone did and tried to hide but we found out about, there has to be one that we just never knew.


"I believe in evolution and science..."

I believe in evolution and science, but a huge mystery for me has always been what gave the first living thing motive to do anything?


"I'm certain..."

Madeline Mcann, I'm certain her parents paid everyone off so they stayed out of prison but it annoys me that they're still free!


"As a North Carolinian..."

As a North Carolinian I want the answer to the lost colony of Roanoke. It's a prominent part of the curriculum here so it's always been something of interest for me.


"WTF happened..."

WTF happened to Elisa Lam? I mean, I know they found her floating in a water tank with no clothes on, but how did she get in there? WHY was she in there? Who was she playing Hide and Seek with in the elevator?


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