People Explain Which Embarrassing Moment From Their Past Still Haunts Them
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There's nothing quite like a good embarrassing moment to keep you up at 3 a.m. for the rest of your life. How many times have you been up late and violently cringed at some of your memories? You were such a dweeb, weren't you? That's okay, though. We all were. And a word of advice: People don't think about you as much as you might think they do. You're good. Chill out.

People told us all about their experiences after Redditor Thomas_0990 asked the online community,

"What's that one embarrassing moment that keeps coming back to haunt you?"

"I was about 13..."

"I was about 13, into shock humor and all that, just being inappropriate and in trying to make a friend uncomfortable, said his mom had nice tits. He laughed it off.

Months later, maybe a year or more, I visit his house with him to stay the night. He introduces me as "The friend who said you have nice tits." Easily the worst first impression I've ever made, and she laughed about it and said thanks, but a lesson was learned and I'm a better man for it."


You did indeed learn your lesson.

Watch your mouth. It might come back to bite you.

"I guess I had forgotten..."

"When I was in first grade, I had just recently moved to Oklahoma. My class was doing a showcase for the school assembly in 2 weeks. We were going to do some line dancing, and I was paired up with a boy I really liked for part of the routine. I practiced like a maniac in an attempt to assimilate to my new country classmates' way of life.

I guess I had forgotten to give a note to my parents saying that they wanted us to wear cowboy boots for the performance. I showed up to the showcase in flip-flops. The partner section starts happening and I'm kicking my legs like I'm a Rockette. My flip-flop flies off into the crowd and hits an older kid in the face. I immediately stop in the middle but the people behind me didn't get the memo that I launched a projectile into the crowd. The person behind me runs into me and falls into the crowd. This has a domino effect and causes a mini pile-up of 7-year-olds. I hobble off the stage into the bathroom with only one flip flop. I cried while I waited for my teacher to give me back my shoe."


"I did not get the job."

"So I was interviewing for a job in the bio-industry early on in my career and it was a panel interview with about 10 people. They asked me what would set me apart from other candidates, so I went into the normal spiel about being a fast learner and easily cross-training in multiple areas. As soon as I said that one of the guys laughed and a few jaws dropped and I quickly realized that instead of saying cross-training, I said cross-dressing. What sets me apart from other candidates? Cross-dressing. I did not get the job."


That's pretty hilarious, to be fair. It happens, though. We all trip up our speech from time to time.

"Went to the urinal..."

"Went to the urinal to take a piss before a C-level meeting and tried to squeeze out a fart and pooped myself. I had to clean up in a stall and call in sick from the bathroom. I exited the building out a backfire exit."


The mortification is REAL. You definitely had a walk of shame right back home to change, didn't you?

"I was being really cocky..."

"I was being really cocky with a group of friends, turned around dramatically and ran right into a pole."


"One time in college..."

"One time in college I walked right out of a presentation I gave without taking questions. I genuinely forgot to ask or answer."


Honestly, that sounds like a power move. You'd do quite well in our current political climate.

"I was starting out as a teacher..."

"I was starting out as a teacher in this English course and one day I had bad diarrhea in the short break between two classes. All of my colleagues were gathered in the teacher's room, waiting for the next class to start. I entered the bathroom connected to the room to relieve myself and as I was finished I was embarrassed about opening the door to the room and letting everybody smell the reminiscent odor. So I had the brilliant idea of opening the glass window of the bathroom, to let the wind circulate a little before opening the door. The window was stuck and as I forced it, it fell, breaking into a million pieces on the floor. Everybody heard the noise and knocked on the door. I had to open it and they not only smelled horrible diarrhea but also figured out my attempt to open the window to get rid of it lol.. it was so humiliating."


"No one came."

"My mom threw me a graduation party. She had the party in the community room of the local rescue squad and had a table full of food.

No one came. Most of the people she invited were fellow graduates so they had their own thing going on. We gave the food to the rescue squad people. I mostly felt horrible for my mom. Just writing this story made me feel like sh*t and it has been 25 years since this happened."


"I had never had a problem..."

"Freezing up in the middle of a best man's speech. My brain just went completely blank.. I had never had a problem with stage fright before, so it caught me off guard and made it worse."


Well, when there are a lot of eyes on you, things happen. Don't beat yourself up too much over it.

"I was at the airport..."

"I was at the airport one time and during the security check-in, one of the TSA people stuck his hand out in front of me. I proceeded to give him a high five thinking he's trying to be friendly only to realize that he meant for me to wait in line…"


Hey, do you hear that sound?

That's the sound of second-hand embarrassment sneaking up on you. I'm definitely feeling it right now.

Have some experiences of your own to share? Be brave and tell us about them in the comments below!

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