I hate to be asked if I need help while shopping. Like, I detest it with a passion. I can't explain why. Most of the time I have music going in my ears or at least pretending to so the retail stalkers will leave me in peace. I don't hate the workers specifically, I just hate the sentiment. If I need an assist... I'll ask. So it's always mind boggling to me to come across people who relish the attention or stores who insist on having staff be a step away from Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. To each their own, as the shopper's guide says.

Redditor u/Mizu3 wanted to discuss all the simple things in life some of us just get connect with by asking.... What's a very common thing that you just can't relate to?

Let me Eat

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Restaurants that force their staff to act, sing or engage in fake banter.

Just make my food please and leave the theatre to the thespians.


Puff Puff Puff....

Smoking, nearly everyone in my family and all my friends smoke.


If you don't grow up/hang out around smokers it's honestly kind of hard to just pick it up unless you actually want to. Especially nowadays since smoking cigarettes isn't as common.

Nobody smoked in my family so I never viewed it as a "normal" thing to do. I always viewed smoking as a bad and kind of pointless habit, because that's what I was taught I guess.

It's kind of sad that the people who told you that had that attitude, as if becoming a smoker is unavoidable.


Big "10"

I went to a big 10 college, I swear everyone was having the time of their life but me. I couldn't wait to graduate.


I feel this so hard. I went to a big college because my best friend was going. Turns out I'm way more introverted than I thought I was in high school. We basically went from friends to acquaintances in like 3 months and I was stuck at a school I hated.


the sounds of silence....

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Being quiet late at night when your parents are asleep. My parents are deaf.


Damn. What a life. Not being afraid of being heard. Well - not by your parents at least, idk about siblings. So many possibilities.


Life on Tape....

Sharing your whole, intimate life on facebook/tiktok/instagram/etc. It's just gross.


A coworker of mine posts no less than 3 hours worth of video onto his Snapchat daily. Every single meal he cooks and eats, every single time he feeds his turtles, every single walk he takes with his dog. It's insanity.


Through the Curls....

Running a brush through my hair. I have very curly hair so only finger brush it when it's wet which isn't often. Seeing people grab a brush and run it through their hair when they've been in the wind or just to 'freshen up'... I wish!! My dad is who I got my curls from and so he knew to brush from the tips to the roots whereas my mum didn't and would try getting a brush through from root to tip! I once had a hairdresser brush my hair while it was dry and I was holding back tears the whole time (I was too shy to say anything). Then there was always kids at school wanting to straighten it 🙄


I Do - We Don't

Big expensive weddings.


Best thing about 2020 for me is that we didn't have a £25k wedding but instead had a £500 wedding with just us and our parents.



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Getting upset with people for things they are not in control of.


Dream Big?

Having dreams and aspirations, I never thought I'd get to be an adult so I never had dreams.

Btw thanks for the awards guys, I've never gotten so many so I appreciate all of you! <3


22, this year made me stop and suddenly I started to question myself why I do what I do, crap is scary man, I don't know me lmao

Edit: Thanks for the replies, made me realize that while I'm kinda lost, I'm in the right path to find myself. Wish you the best this 2021.


It's Just Cloth

The obsession with branded things. Clothes with the brand's name on them just look tacky for me. I'd much rather have a regular old graphic tee instead of a t-shirt with Gucci on the front in gigantic bold capital letters. It's pretty whatever most of the time, wear what you want and all that, but the obsession becomes incredibly annoying when people act like they're better than you because they spend several hundred dollars on a single shirt.


It's all Crap

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"Keeping up with the Jones's"

I don't give a crap how nice or shiny your things are or mine aren't.


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