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Dating is weird. Boundaries go more and more away as the time goes by, but at first, boundaries can be pretty petty and low-set.

And if someone crosses one of those low-set boundaries, it's easy to write them off and say goodbye. Some may say you're petty, but you know you're just being real.

u/astalius asked:

What's the pettiest reason you've stopped dating someone?

Here were some of those answers.

Ish Goes Down

It was my brother but I still hope you like it.

My brother broke up with his first-ever gf after 1 week cause she knocked down his Jenga tower. He was 16.

Edit: I'm not dating my brother I worded it wrong lmao. It's my brother's story


Fearing For Life With Dinner

My buddy broke up with a girl because she talked with her fork. Over food she would stab at him with a fork in her hand, while talking. My friend could only concentrate on the fork, no way this was going to work long-term.


Left On Read

She never texted first so I waited one time to see how long it would take before she took the initiative.

It was two weeks until she asked what I was up to.

I didn't even respond.



One girl I dated was really into kpop. One time we had pizza and mozzarella sticks and she said "mozzarella sticks" in a korean accent and we broke up that same night.


You're Not My Baby Daddy

He had a crazy, ridiculous, terrible, really long name and mentioned that he had his heart set on having a junior. When I asked if he was joking, he said he was not, and that I had no choice in the matter because every man is entitled to name a son after himself if he wants to. Turned out I did have a say in the matter, since I was under no obligation to have his babies at all.


Bébé Face

In high school I dated the captain of the wrestling team. He was a huge Puerto Rican, one of those guys who had a full beard at 14. I had only known him that way (with facial hair) and when he showed up at school one morning without his mustache, he looked....ridiculous. That's the only way I can describe it.

I immediately broke off with him (we'd been dating for about 8 months). After he grew it back out, we got back together.

Things like that seem normal when you're a shallow, 15 year old girl.

Not my finest hour.


Nowhere Past Date One

I've told this story before, but I knew this one girl who, on our first and only date, just would not shut up about how heartbroken she was that David Bowie had died two days ago. Every time I would try to steer the conversation elsewhere, she would say, "Oh yeah, that reminds me of the time David did XYZ." At first it was endearing, but it got annoying really quickly. And that was the end of that. I still sometimes wonder if I had caught her at a different time, if things would have gone differently.


Not The Best Trajectory

She was Jewish, and I had no idea if I was supposed to get her a Hanukkah present, or how Hanukkah even worked. I didn't want to seem insensitive. So, I just stopped dating her.


End Of An Era

He had the worst shoes ever. I was 19, he was 23, head over heels, very much in love, lots of chemistry, sparks and everything. On date 4, or maybe 5, he had such ugly and dirty shoes on, I just couldn't believe my eyes, it was so nasty. All the butterflies in my stomach just died on the spot. He figured something was wrong, but I couldn't straight up tell him what was the problem. I broke up, saying I met someone else.



I have one small tattoo, which was too many for her. We were both around 26. She ended it immediately upon finding out. It isn't even a weird one. It's just a flower.



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