People Explain Which Super Specific Thing Irritates The Hell Out Of Them
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Life's little annoyances are usually minor however, we all have that specific thing that for some reason sends us over the edge. Like when you are in line at the store and someone's rude and obviously spoiled as heck kid is having a fit over some gum, toy, or other and the parent just stands there baby-talking them rewarding the behavior.

Children are all different and parenting is not one size fits all. But you know the type, that mom probably wants to speak to the manager, too.

Redditor ChrispyRiceeee wanted to hear what super specific things grated people's nerves. They asked:

People of Reddit, what really specific thing annoys the hell out of you?"

Everyone shared what specific thing annoyed them the most.


headphones earbuds GIF Giphy

​“When your pant pocket/earbud wire gets caught on the doorknob and pulls u backILikeYou72

Showing off what exactly?

“The a**hats who pull up to a gas pump at a station, open the windows and crank their sh*tty music so you can hear every rivet and loose bolt buzzing...and sit there. They're not even getting gas, they just want to make the world an objectively worse place.“ StarChaser_Tyger


During May, I had 3 guys hit on me hard through the online games. They know nothing about my personality, didn't bother to ask, but just kept wanting pictures and personal information and trying to insert themselves into whatever I'm doing."

“One of them would not stop pushing his sexuality onto me until I blocked him. The other two treat me like a little fragile girl in need of rescuing. Dudes, I'm fine! Stop! It's such a waste of time and I'm practicing being less polite and passive about it." gibcyndaquilpls

Struggles of the vertically challenged.

“When I'm stretched out to my max capacity to reach an item and it's still JUST out of reach.” madalyng

Ghost flights”

The last specific thing I remember getting real pissed about was ghost flights. At the beginning of the pandemic, flights were running without passengers because if they just stayed on the ground they would lose government subsidies. So they flew around without any passengers wasting insane amounts of jet fuel for government benefits." Heterodocs

Things That Are Normal Where You Live But Crazy Anywhere Else | George Takei’s Oh Myyy


“Sometimes YouTube gets stuck with the pause button over whatever I'm watching until I press the screen again. I've gone to press the screen to get rid of it a millisecond after the pause button goes so many f**king times. The act of clicking brings the button back up and then I have to click it another god damn time to close it again.”

“The whole time this is happening I am fuming and not paying attention to what I'm watching, so I have to rewind 10 seconds and start the cycle again. It brings on Alex Jones levels of anger for me.” MountainCourage1304

Um excuse me!

​“People who walk side by side slow as shit down the aisle in the store. They're juuuust far enough apart that you can't squeeze by them, and at least around my parts, when you say excuse me they just ignore you.” DavidoTheBanditio

​Usually when you've got a mouthful of food...

Beyonce Eating GIF Giphy

“When I'm trying to have a conversation at a restaurant and I'm interrupted every 5 minutes by 'hows everything tasting?'. It's made worse by the fact that I don't want the waiter/waitress to know I'm annoyed because they're just doing their job and I'd be an a**hole. But I mean...once you serve me my food you don't have to check in anymore." Open_Independance_67

Just take no for an answer...

​“When people ask you if you've seen/heard something and when you tell them "no" they act all shocked then repeat the question even louder. You then repeat ‘no’ while fighting the rising annoyance building up inside.”

“After the second ‘no’ they proceed to exclaim how they can't believe it and either insult you for it or start telling you how great it is. By that point you're already tuned out but trying not to be a dick about it and have no desire to see/hear said thing.” RomanovRyddle

Some may think the small things are petty but on a bad day they all add up.

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