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Narcissism is never a particularly attractive quality.

Which is rather ironic, considering narcissists believe they are simply the be all and end all, that everyone wants them or wants to be them.

Yet spending extended periods of time with people who are so egregiously obsessed with themselves can be simply exhausting, as they frequently find a way of veering the conversation back to themselves.

Making it all the more tempting to give them a taste of their own medicine, and find a way to annoy them.

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People Explain Which Super Specific Thing Irritates The Hell Out Of Them

Life's little annoyances are usually minor however, we all have that specific thing that for some reason sends us over the edge. Like when you are in line at the store and someone's rude and obviously spoiled as heck kid is having a fit over some gum, toy, or other and the parent just stands there baby-talking them rewarding the behavior.

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For all the strides made toward gender equality so far, we've got plenty of work to do. Pay is still uneven, male privilege is as alive as ever, and socially constructed expectations force us to act in certain ways to cater to it all.

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