People Explain Which Things Became Widely Popular For No Good Reason
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Some mysteries in life will always stay that way. It's just something we have to live with, and often the mystery is the root of the intrigue. And we all like a good intrigue. Don't we? For instance, I will never understand this "Real Housewives" fascination. And why do we need so many franchises? Time is precious and this is how you waste it? The rise in notoriety of certain things leaves my mind is a state of shock sometimes. Why is Paris Hilton a household name and not Katherine Johnson?

Redditor u/BillOakley was wondering how in the world we can explain the seemingly unexplainable by asking.... What is something that you just cannot understand the popularity of?


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I don't really understand influencers. Like why do they have such big followings? Why do people obsess over these random people who make their lives look better just for social media? I don't get it.


Keep your Money

TV evangelicals, like I have nothing against religion but why would anyone follow these guys to the point that they would be willing to give them money. For what? I just cannot wrap my head around why these guys are so rich.


This here. The one time Jesus got angry was when he flipped all the currency exchange tables and all other monetary stalls and locations. Even letting all the animals free. We need to get these holy water selling fraudsters off of the air. It's been proven that many of these especially super churches are scamming there congregation. Wolf in sheep clothing. Don't even need to make a point for prosperity preachers.



Toddlers and Tiaras. Why is there a bikini competition? Why are we forcing kids to participate in these terrible pageants just for the entertainment of adult viewers?


That's Fashion?

dog shoes GIFGiphy

Expensive ugly shoes.


Golden Goose look like off-brand children's shoes you'd buy from the 2000s, but they've got nothing on the trend of ridiculous, bulky, extra-terrestrial looking shoes. Like the Balenciagas that seem to be all the rage. As someone who loves his common projects, I honestly don't get that kind of shoe at all.


The Maniac

Chris Brown. How is this guys career still booming even though he's a clear freaking maniac?


Some women were even fawning for him harder AFTER his violence! A la "Chris Brown can mess me up any day". It's gotta be related to whatever makes people romanticize serial killers. Weird as hell.


Sign of the Times

The signs people buy for their homes that say "EAT" "KITCHEN" "PANTRY" "LAUNDRY" "HOME". Why!?!


My wife does this. I don't have any idea why. I refer to them as our 'wall memes'.

The one right above our kitchen sink says "Eat ~ Pray ~ Love". We don't even go to church, fam.

Edit: Here are some more!!

  • "Husband and Wife, together for life."
  • "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be."
  • "Home is where your story begins."
  • "No Whining."
  • "Family is forever." PAMountainMan

Why the Publicity?

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Couples wishing each other on social media on Anniversary/B'days, while they might be sitting next to each other.


It's been years since I've ever posted about my birthday online. All the wishes just felt hollow. So I stopped bothering.


I took my birthday off Facebook. I don't need my phone to blow up reminding me of my age. I would much rather have the people closest to me call or come say happy birthday.



Taking videos of yourself crying and posting it online. Also don't understand the people who sympathize with them.


I've noticed as time has gone on that people have become super self aware of their own "reactions" to things and so it's become a weird competition. People will post videos of themselves crying about things that make me think "they were this devastated and still took the time to record themselves and post it to the Internet?"


He Cray...

6ix9ine... I really really don't understand his popularity at all.


Am I High?

Frog Dancing GIF by FOX TVGiphy

The Masked Singer. I just don't get it....


I saw that show for the first time in the hospital, in the early hours of the morning, hopped up on painkiller and half awake while waiting for an MRI. Sat there groggily wondering why there were fursuiters on a reality show and wondering if I was hallucinating or something.


Under the Influence

The "Influencer" culture. Not only doing it - which makes you look like a huge narcissist - but following these people. I don't understand following people on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc to the point of obsession and calling them celebrities...

Like... am I (30) that old already?

Edit to add: I'm not talking about the channels that are actually about something - cooking, gaming, humor, hobbies, etc. I'm talking about the ones who just stare into the camera, give a little wink and lip bite, and then say something along the lines of "like and subscribe for more." Or channels that exploit kids.

Just not my thing 🤷♀️....



Funny Face Dog GIFGiphy

Lip fillers and injectables overall. Why does everyone want the same face all of a sudden?


The Life

"Show off" - "Showing off Money" in life or in social media.


I've always lived a cheap life style while making decent money and banking as much as I can i have no debt and people always asked me how can I be 30 with no debt and the secret to my success is to live with your parents.


No Payoff

Strip Clubs. Why would I wanna pay to just be teased?


And to add to that some guys go as a group. What is the appeal of a bunch of presumably straight dudes sitting down and getting boners together? For me it just seems like an awkward and uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.



The Simpsons Dancing GIFGiphy

Tik tok dancing teenagers do randomly while walking.



Bra companies that don't carry band sizes under 32.

Most thin models will have band sizes between 26 and 32. It's completely fine for a brand to choose what type of size range they want to cater to. However, it annoys me that a brand that only carries 32-40 band will use slender models, often putting them in band sizes that are wrong for them.

It's misleading for the customers to see a thin person wearing a "34B" when the model's actual bra size is more likely to be a 28G.

edit:since we're talking bras, please visit r/ABraThatFits and use the calculator there. So many people are wearing the wrong size. They really helped me with my back pain, and I finally have comfortable bras.



Expensive clothing brands like Supreme. The difference in price to a regular shirt with similar design and quality is huge especially considering most of the price comes due to the brand label.

Edit: I've read through a lot of the comments and just wanna say thanks for explaining why clothing brands can be such a premium for plenty of people.


The Music

I'm mostly a metalhead. I like some rap. I like even less county, but still some.

I can't get my head around country rap. My brother goes bananas for it and it's awful to me.

I haven't heard anything from the genre that I would consider innovative, thought provoking, or even halfway challenging.

I'm not trying to be a super smart guy here, I don't have the time to type the pants on head stupid things I listen to when I'm in the mood for the auditory equivalent of Spam and eggs.

But what's cool about music is you can find people pushing the boundaries in any genre, but country rap reeks of complacency to me.


The Fallacy

Penis themed everything at bachelorette parties. Penis cake. Penis straws. Penis candies. Penis-nosed glasses. Penises everywhere. Like, I've already been in a committed relationship with this dude prior to getting married, nothing is really changing.


Be Smarter

gender GIFGiphy

Gender reveal parties.


They're exploding on the west coast.


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