Not everything in the world is useful forever. Heck, sometimes they're never useful from the start. Often there are many things we wish we cold do without. Movie sequels, reboots, bikini underwear... the list is endless. Let's start keeping track.

Redditor u/poop-machine wanted to discuss what things in life we wish we could eradicate by asking....

What should have never EVER been made?



A case for the Nokia phone. blackbeltgamer7

it doesn't protect the phone from the ground.

it protects the ground from the phone. King_of_Spicy_Meems

venomous agent x....

Most chemical/biological weapons. TonerLowDown

The worst of all of them is possibly vx nerve agent (venomous agent x) , it's the worst and most brutal poison ever created. Causes your muscles to lose control and crack your own bones. ElCannibal

I love them as long as they're limited to cosmetics.

Microtransactions. teeth_03

I love them as long as they're limited to cosmetics.

I get to play free games, and if I really like a game and want something interesting in the store I can drop up to $60 and I'm still at the same price if there weren't microtransactions. boomheadshot7


That peanut butter and jelly that's in the same jar. litebritebby

My grandfather buys the pickle relish and mustard in the same jar... when I ask him about it he sees nothing wrong. Volwrath_

Once is Enough.....


A second Paul Blart Movie. StationaryApe

Wherein we learned that Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 syncs up unnervingly well with Dark Side of the Moon. emolga587

Cigarettes. ShahiTandore

These appear to help people with schizophrenia cope with stress short term. otherwise why would 80% 90% of people with schizophrenia smoke? UndercoverRussianBot

The Horror. 

Kardashians. spyder631

This scene from American Crime Story is really poignant. It's worth watching the whole scene but from this time-stamp is the important part. It's Robert Kardashian talking to his children about fame and integrity, which contrasts against their impression of what fame is. omza

The Formula....

Indian TV soaps. They are profoundly annoying! major_roy

They have been using the same old formula for storylines since decades yet my grandparents like them very much for some reason. shreyas16062002



"Who's been a fan of Youtubers name before 2019?!"

Instagram and Snapchat. ProfanityPlease

Snapchat is important since SOMEHOW in 2020, its still physically impossible to text a video in a res higher than 144, apparently. I use snapchat solely to send videos to friends that i would normally just text, if only my $1000 pocket computer could send a damn semi-clear video over text. locofspades


Killer bees.

It's a story right out of a B-Horror movie. Scientist playing around with genetics, and the monsters escape from the lab. Scrappy_Larue

No mouth cancer....


There was a toothpaste that sold in Germany before world war 2 that had thorium in it, and the advertisement was that the radioactivity would clean your teeth. Gave a lot of people cancer. It was called doramad (look it up). forrestyohh

No Shag Please....

Carpeted bathrooms. wandlust

I moved from Norway to Oklahoma in the late 90's(back in Norway now) due to my dads work. The house the company provided had long shag carpet in the bathrooms (and rest of the house) from the previous tenants, even around the toilet. We strongly suggested that they rip out the carpets and put down tile before we moved in, luckily they did just that.

I don't get how people think when they put carpet in areas like that, it's not like it was left over from the 80's either, the carpet had only been installed like a year previous. roffvald

So. Bad. 

The live-action "Avatar: The Last Airbender" movie. I've never seen a series get such positive critical acclaim only to see its movie get torn to pieces so badly. makeupthrowaway678



Cats (2019). froaln

But it produced reviews of Cats, which were some of the funniest things I read recently. They got me through busy weeks at work. Lyeta


Remake of Psycho, it was Bad , awful, Anthony Perkins would have been rolling in his mothers grave. Bucketmouth3

I agree about the movie, but I loved Bates Motel. I though that series was great! Bromogeeksual

Low Health....

"Low fat" foods. They just add a lot of sugar which is more unhealthy. Theres research that shows that the spike in obesity correlates with the trend of low fat foods in the market. TokioHighway



Seriously every holiday card is doused in the stuff now and it gets everywhere, can't stand it. TheJadedSF

So good....

Napalm. Burns for 10 minutes and can melt the flesh off a person no problem. 8BitUserName

But it smells so good! Imissyourgirlfriend2

Just Once....


K-cups, single use plastics. Anthonybrose

He also helped develop cheap reusable k cups to cut down on the use of the disposable ones, even though it has a direct negative impact on how many disposable k cups Kuerig sells. I think we should celebrate companies and people who make honest attempts to do the right thing, especially when it is not in the best interest of their bottom line. technicolored_dreams


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