Inventions That Are So Well-Made They Cannot Be Improved Upon
Donald Giannatti/Unsplash

The first version of most inventions that make life easier inevitably becomes outdated.

Remember the first time the iPhone revolutionized the way people interacted and communicated with one another around the world?

Who knew then that Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max would be a far superior version of the communication device offered by the manufacturer a decade and a half later?

While some innovations have room for improvement, it's inconceivable that there are some inventions that are simply too perfect to be bested.

In other words, if it's not broken, why fix it?

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In one of her more memorable moments on the iconic Sex and The City, Samantha Jones attempts to return a vibrator at her local Sharper Image.

Of course, the horrified store employee informs her that The Sharper Image does not sell vibrators, and the item she was attempting to return was, in fact, a neck massager.

However, a few knowing glances with some fellow female customers made it clear to Samantha Jones that she was not the only one who bought electronic massagers to alleviate tension in other areas than intended.

This is only one particularly funny instance of an invention thats purpose has shifted over the course of time.

Indeed, coca-cola and other sodas were created for medicinal purposes, and today soda pop is enjoyed purely for pleasure.

And who could forget how simple, cardboard milk caps would evolve into the game and trading frenzy that was Pogs?

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What might seem like a roadblock or an inconvenience might prove itself to be a much needed stroke of good luck.

Take for example, those who saw an early performance of the Broadway musical The Pajama Game, who arrived to discover the show's acclaimed dancer, Carol Haney, was out with a broken foot.

Well, however disappointed those in the audience may have been at the time, everyone present could later brag that they got to see Shirley Maclaine go on for the role.

Maclaine had some good luck herself that night, as a Hollywood talent scout happened to be in the audience.

Similarly, there have been several inventors and entrepreneurs over time who have worked hard at creating a life-changing invention, only to make a detrimental mistake.

Detrimental to the project they were working on, at least, as some of these mistakes resulted in legendary inventions.

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Of course, these advancements have resulted in some life-changing inventions that have become commonplace in most households.

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But these are only a handful of inventions that have made our lives all the easier and forever changed our future.

Leaving us to wonder what further inventions await us, not to mention the inventions which haven't gotten as much attention, but arguably should have.

As well as some inventions which we'd all be better off if they remained unknown.

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