People Debate The One Invention They'd Eliminate From History To Change The World Forever
Arthur Chauvineau/Unsplash

It's hard to imagine that one invention could change the course of world history forever, but if you stop to think about it—there have been quite a few!

Imagine, for example, if we had never figured out large ships?

What would the world look like with only kayaks, rafts, and other smaller crafts?

What wouldn't it look like?

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People Break Down Which Inventions Have Done More Harm Than Good

Most inventions were made with the idea to bring progress to humanity, not to harm it. However, that is not always how things turn out. A prime -and sad- example of this can be found in the life of Alfred Nobel. Most people know his name as the creator of the Nobel Peace prize without a second thought as to what drove him to make such an award.

The tragic truth is that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite with the intent to help with industrial uses. After seeing the horrendous usage of his invention to kill so many people so easily he lived the rest of his life under the weight of an all-consuming regret. That led him to use his fortune to create an award for those who have done incredible things for humanity and peace.

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People Break Down Humanity's Greatest Inventions

What is a great modern invention? Well, if you ask me what is one of the most impactful inventions made on the last century the first thing that comes to mind is accessible birth control. The ripple effect of women having a say over their bodies has led to vastly increased rates of higher education, workforce development, increased wages, and lower rates of poverty.

In fact, places that have greater access to birth control have less of a wage gap and allowed for long-term career investments. Something we take for granted has allowed families to plan within their means and women to have control over their futures.

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People Explain Which Inventions Humanity Would Be Better Off Without
recha oktaviani/Unsplash

The phenomenon that is the human brain is one of the most incredible things on this planet. We are the only species that has been able to create amazing feats, like transportation, technology, arts and entertainment. Humanity has the potential for so many amazing inventions.

Humans also have the ability to create things of our own destruction or demise. As brilliant as cars can be, they have been known to cause a few accidents. Smartphones and television has given us access to infinite information and entertainment at the touch of a button. Over time, these devices have been known to cause some serious health problems.

We went to Ask Reddit to find out what inventions we are just simply better off without.

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People Break Down Which Inventions Have Done More Harm Than Good
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Not all inventions vastly improve our lives.

They can complicate things. Technological advances, for example, have increased rapidly and made our lives so much easier.

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