People Explain How The 'Shy Kid' In Their School Suddenly Snapped One Day

People Explain How The 'Shy Kid' In Their School Suddenly Snapped One Day
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Almost every school has that one kid, the "shy kid," who never says anything during class time or prefers to eat by themselves off in the corner. While keeping to yourself isn't a crime, and it's perhaps something they prefer for their mental health, there are kids who won't leave well enough alone. They think it's somehow their job to pester the "shy kid" until finally, one day, they break.

Reddit user, u/CLSE_Proximity, wanted to hear about what happened when the shy kid broke when they asked:

What did the "shy kid" all of a sudden do at your school?

A Performance To Remember

I was friends with the kid in school who was relentlessly bullied. He was seriously strong and shredded more than Chris Hemsworth's in Thor Ragnarok. He was very awkward and shy, but one day he decided to jump out the second floor window of my afrikaans lesson. We had a single floor classroom right next to our second floor class.

He jumped onto the roof adjacent to our class, then proceeded to dance on the roof for almost 2 minutes. Jumping down after he was finished. Came back to the classroom like nothing happened. No one noticed him doing this, so he did it a second time. No one noticed the second time either. Sorry Stephen. Your attempts to be cool were in vain.


A Rough Ending And A Happy Beginning

There were 2 kids.

The first kid was bullied by everyone, even the f-cking teachers. One day the kid just snapped and threw a desk, one of those metal three-sided individuals desks with the attached chair, through the second floor window.

The second kid was a young man who never really spoke but he got on stage at the talent show and sang the most beautiful opera I've heard. Kid got A scholarship to the Yale School of Drama where he's currently getting his doctorate.


Chekhov's Water Balloon

I have no idea why but one day he came to school with a huge bag full of water balloons and kept it in the middle of the classroom. He didn't say anything or do anything afterwards to cause some water balloon fight but that's exactly what happened tho


Ricky Ticky Bing Bang Boom

got up and sang like Frank-god-damn-Sinatra at a school talent show.

He was instantly popular after that


The Coffee Cup Is The Final Straw

This really snobby girl would always yell at the quiet kid for putting stuff on her desk (like his folder or something touching the sides) - pretty rude in my opinion. Well one day she placed a Starbucks cup on his side while not paying attention, he picked it up and chucked it across the room.


Broke And Finally Asked

"Kid" was 19 and mentally handicapped. He had very few friends, shy, but he was a damned sweetheart.

One day, a week from prom, in front of the whole cafeteria, he asked his crush to prom. It was adorable, he had a sign, people were recording it, and everyone cheered when she said yes.

I mean there was also this kid who interrupted a (American) football game at our school, stole the ball, then outran all the players around the track. After like 2 laps he scaled the fence and he was never seen again.


Good Lord.

Threw sh-t at the bully in the gym locker room. Like...produced the sh-t, reached in there and got it, and zinged it. I can't remember if he hit the guy or not.


Holy Forking Shirtballs...

Showed up at school with a Dasani bottle full of Everclear, drank it at lunch, and got sent to the office. They put him in a separate room with just like a desk and an office chair, he puked several times in a circle around himself cause he was spinning in a circle, then anyone outside the door heard him repeatedly falling off the chair and then complaining about the puke.

Same guy always wore a fishing vest full of random sh-t in all the pockets and once in geography class this kid was pissing me off and Fishing Vest was like "You want me to stab him?" and I assumed he was joking so I was like "lol yeah" and he asked what I'd give him for it, and I laughed and pulled out this CD (it was Guster, I remember). Motherf-cker walked up to the annoying kid, pulled a sharpened fork out of his vest and stabbed the kid in the hand. He got nerve damage. Then he demanded I actually give him the CD.


One Insult Too Far

The guy was in band and I went to the band room to pick some things up. Another "popular kid" was bothering him. The shy kid got a clarinet case and cracked his skull into the corner of the room. Me and 5 other kids had to pull him back and he got arrested. I think he's still in Juvie/county jail. The popular kid lived but he had to have surgery and he lost his band scholarship


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How Vexing...

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Heavy Drifting

"Leaving the stranded vehicle on the road in winter and trying to walk to get help. It happens in rural parts of our province once or twice a year and they find the body a few days later. They get disoriented and freeze."


"I got blown off a road in high winds. Heavy drifting. Less than a mile from a friend's house after I had turned around. Drifts made it impossible to complete the trip. Trying to run a mile in full blizzard conditions was a fight for my life as an in-shape 24-year-old male athlete.


Simple Slips

Uh Oh Omg GIF by BounceGiphy

"Almost any simple mistake can end a life if you're an anesthesiologist, that's how my grandpa died in his early 60s."


Any second. Any moment.

Stay vigilant people.

Celibacy could be better...

Oh My Wow GIFGiphy

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Check the Numbers

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Stay In

"Pulling the knife out of someone."


"Yeah, I did that but it was a broken tree branch that had impaled my leg. Without even thinking I pulled it out. Blood started gushing so I pulled off my shirt and tied it into a pressure bandage. I was lucky I didn’t bleed to death."


"Shock is an IQ reducer. I once sliced a bit off the side of my hand with a broken glass, and sort of dazedly picked off the piece of me and tried to stick it back on. It did not work."


Stay Dirty

"Mixing cleaning ingredients."


"My dad was trying to unclog his kitchen drain and mixed drain cleaners by adding one then adding another a few minutes later. It started bubbling and he began coughing intensely. I heard him coughing from the other room, saw what happened, and opened the nearby window to get rid of the chlorine gas he just produced."

"I forgot there was a large hive of wasps that had moved into that window and they did not appreciate this unexpected interruption. I took him to the emergency room for the gas exposure and it was tough explaining that the wasp stings were not why we were there."


Dear God

Jeff Goldblum What GIF by The Late Late Show with James CordenGiphy

"A friend’s husband locked himself out of their home. He tried to get in through a window that had security bars. While squeezing through his foot slipped and he essentially hung himself on the window sill."


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