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I am not a foodie. I love food but I'm not obsessed, so when I go out to eat, or even when I'm preparing at home I'm pretty straightforward and boring. I've only recently begun to dabble in chipotle flavorings. So I'm always interested in what menu concoctions people are wiling to try, because I'm proudly sticking to the same old. But when I do dabble, I am often surprised. So throw me some ideas.

Redditor u/gooodkush wanted to know what mouthwatering combinations we need to be adding to our menus that will surprise us by asking....

What food pairing sounds absurd but tastes fine?

Thank you Ireland

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Guinness and mussels blew my mind a little bit. I was thinking chocolate and malty with garlic and briny? How could that work?? But I was so wrong. Please, try it if you get a chance- it's freaking delicious. (Thank you, Ireland)


Irish here, the mussels are usually served in a thin white wine and garlic cream sauce which removes the briny flavor you'd expect. Also mussels aren't that "fishy" to begin with.

Guinness is popular with oysters too, in fact we have an annual festival!



Cream cheese and jelly sandwich. One of my favorites.


I remember reading about that when I was a small child. I was always curious but my mother refused to make one for me, and eventually I forgot about it. Now I want to try it again.



There's a local Mexican restaurant I go to on occasion that has lobster tamales with raspberry chipotle sauce. It sounds like a weird paring, but it's one of the best things I've ever tried.


Raspberry and chipotle are friends. Something about the super sweet and the smokey I think. There's a chicken wing place I like that has a raspberry chipotle sauce and its awesome.


On the Patties....

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Burgers and peanut butter.


I tried it at a joint known for it, hated it. But I think it was more because of the amount of peanut butter they used.

Tried it at home where we make thinner patties, used a thinner layer of peanut butter, then some honey spread on the top of the bun. Amazing.



Vanilla pudding and fries, I tried.


I remember when 6 year old me dipped a fry into a softserve at McDonald's. It was amazing. Different but not better or worse with chili too.


Cheese Always

Cheddar cheese and peanut butter, everyone thinks I'm crazy until I remind them that's what them snack crackers are supposed to be.


Cheddar cheese is one of those super combo foods.

Apple pie?

add cheese


add cheese

Peanut Butter?

add cheese


Add cheese


Sweet and Porky

Pork and pineapple. Pineapple really goes with any meat but I love it with pork and duck and greasy meats, it really cuts through the bull and balances out the umami from the fats. It's also a great tenderizer.


Raw pineapple will turn meat into sludge if you leave it mixed long enough.


That is true! I made that mistake the first time I made Bulgogi! I couldn't find the Asian pear purée it called for and I thought Pineapple might be a fun substitute! Bad idea putting pineapple purée on thin cut steak. REAL bad idea. Now, I found a happy mid point and my bulgogi is now perfect and on point, but first attempt was a disaster.


Pizza Add Ons

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Honey and pizza.


I've heard about honey on pizza paired with brie cheese and walnuts. Pretty amazing.


Bacon Forever

Peanut butter, banana, bacon and sriracha.


Bacon really does go with everything. If you ever get the chance try bacon with chocolate or maple syrup, absolutely heavenly.


In a big wrap with some greens, fresh spinach is my favorite. Use freshly cooked bacon and put the whole thing in a panini press. A local deli makes this and at first the idea was repulsive until I ate it. Sweet fancy Moses is it good. The called it "the Chief."



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Milkshake and fries. most of the time it's best with a frosty from Wendy's.


Something about that combination is magical. It's not as good with Wendy's current fries as it was with their old fries though IMO.


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