People Describe The Silliest Thing They've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Demonic'

People Describe The Silliest Thing They've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Demonic'
Photo by Lukas Meier on Unsplash

Religion is a funny thing. I get having faith, and Lord knows I need all the help and prayer y'all want to muster for me, but some people really just go overboard with what they believe God is going to be peeved at.

There are just some things people take issue with that make them sound like they should be medicated in order to be amongst the sane people.

I promise you cartoons are not evil. Let's discuss...

Redditoru/Yaoi_MakesMewants to discuss religion and some of its guffaws, by asking:

What is the stupidest thing you've ever seen a religious person call "satanic/demonic"?

I am a lifelong Madonna fan. So I have been hearing about her Godlessness for decades. I mean you roll around on one VMAS floor with a crucifix and people get all hot and bothered. Geesh.

In Lubbock

Buddy Holly Crickets GIF by The Ed Sullivan ShowGiphy

"Buddy Holly was said to make "the devil's music" by his own home church in Lubbock that he regularly tithed to still, even after making it big."

- TinyNuggins92

Wash Away

"An elderly woman I know was doing her laundry in her apartment building's shared laundry room when two other women who also lived there called her "demonic" and said she "had to have Satan in her" because she was doing her laundry on a Sunday."

- FreddieOasis

Isn't there literally a parable in the Bible where Jesus yells at ppl for taking the whole "can't do anything on Sunday because it's the sabbath!" too literally and points out how archaic, and dumb ppl are for blowing it out of proportion. It's like these ppl don't even read the Bible."

- pianomasian

Prince of Lies...

"Well when Pokemon first came out when I was a kid they were hating on it because evolution. Then it was Harry Potter because magic. Both equally idiotic."

- iBelieveInSpace

"The funny thing is, Christians who studied theology would agree with you. Most churches hold (and in cases such as the Roman Catholic Church, have always held) that miracles can only come from God. Satan is the Prince of Lies explicitly because he holds no power; he can promise you the world but can never deliver. So those claiming that Harry Potter features "real spells" are in fact heretics for claiming that Satan can perform miracles and that God is not all-powerful."

- zoor90

Dragons... oh my!

"Adorable dragons that my Christian brother in law painted and sold at convention, called it devil worship and were concerned for his well being. My sister just pointed them three vendors down and said "by the way, there's an actual witch you can go talk to, please leave."

- SilentObsrvr

"Yet some of the best dragons and gargoyles are carved on cathedrals. St. John the Devine in New York City is one of the best."

- Free-Cartographer-26

It's a Bad World

Mickey Mouse Disney GIFGiphy

"I knew a family who wouldn't let their kids watch Disney movies because they had magic in them, talking animals (witchcraft), etc."

- bigthrowawayfish

Well, Disney I can see. They have some issues we could break into and chat with our therapists about for centuries. And I'll do my laundry whenever I wish.


tom cruise crying GIFGiphy

"Donating plasma, use to donate plasma in college for extra money and some of my friends did it as well but then two of them stopped because their mom said it was being used for satanic rituals."

- JP1426

Damn Frodo

"Lord of the Rings."

- Lil-Smoky-1996

"My mom knew someone who claimed they were a "satanism expert" who "worked with the police" who saw me writing myself messages using the elf script in the back, and insisted they were runes and it was occult. For some reason she wanted to keep my message I wrote to myself."

- bunker_man

Glorifying Evil

"My mom insisted Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a satanic show that would let demons in the house because it "glorified them" so I wasn't allowed to watch it. This wouldn't have been run-of-the-mill religious nonsense if The Witches of Eastwick wasn't one of her favorite movies. For those of you who haven't seen it, the plot of this movie is basically Jack Nicholson as the devil seducing some witches. We owned it on VHS and she's watched it every few months."

- neobeguine

She Bad

"Dora the explorer."

- dumblehore3000

"LOL this is like the most innocent thing of all and they STILL found a way to call it "witchcraft". I watched this show all the time as a kid, I wonder how obnoxiously afraid of everything these parents are that Dora getting magical princess powers and talking to animals is offensive to them XD."

- StreetIndependence62

I Agree

Drag Queen Love GIF by TeletubbiesGiphy

"Teletubbies. Harry Potter. Like literally any scary movie. Monster Energy drinks. Starbucks. I have heard a lot!"

- Hans_Neva_Loses

You're "Right"

"Writing with your left hand. I naturally started writing with my left hand as a young child and my mom made me fix it. Whenever she saw me writing, she would put the pencil in my right hand until I could no longer use the left one. It wasn't until I was older that I realized she was doing it because she thought left-handedness was associated with the devil. Now I have sh*tty handwriting."

- rykozamcriot

Teletubbies are minions of the Devil. End of story. The rest... some of you really need to get a grip. I promise you God probably enjoys a good game of D & D now and again.

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