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Stereotypes are a shortcut, though typically they're not always a positive one.

We create or hear about these generalizations, these preconceived notions we keep in our minds, because they act as a kind of shorthand. You don't actually have to get to know someone of a different race or nationality or gender or whatever from you, because, hey, you already know what all of "these" kinds of people are like.

And unless you open up your mind, you could end up making that person mad, like the stories below.

Reddit user, u/brusselaar123, wanted to hear what grinds your gears when they asked:

What is the stereotype about you that you hear the most and how much do you love/hate it?

First Impressions Aren't Always Right

You meet someone, take one look at them, and think, "I got it. I know everything there is to know about this person." When, if you waited a few more minutes, you'd find you were totally off.

I'm Considering My Words

That I'm quiet because I'm stuck up.

I'm quiet because I have nothing interesting to say.


I Just Like Long Hair

Everyone thinks I'm some stoner hippie who can score them drugs. I teach middle school. You'd be surprised at the amount of teachers that have approached me. I just have long hair.


Names Mean Less Than Nothing

I've had a lot of people think I fake my last name, it's Salazar and I'm white as f-ck


My Outward Appearance Doesn't Match What I Am

Then there's the people who put on a display a certain characteristic, or impairment, which you have in your mind categorized as being a certain way. However, a further discussion leads you to realize the error you just made.

You Don't Know Me On The Inside

That I am always happy. I always hear how nothing ever bothers me. People just assume it is my disposition. Actually, I am depressed quite often and there is plenty I get pissed off about I only have so much energy and I work at not letting sh-t pull me down. I have become indifferent to it.


Keep Your Parenting Opinions To Yourself

Because my kid sometimes behaves rudely and sometimes makes weird noises, I am a sh-t parent who should just spank my child into good behaviour.

My kid has autism. If I thought physical violence would solve my problems, I would be punching those idiots who say this sh-t all the time.


It's Not Everyone. Just You.

My dad thinks I dislike everyone because I dislike his friends. Almost all of his friends are awful human beings, except 1. He's a legit good guy.

I hate it. I hate being thought of as someone that doesn't like anyone. That's not the case and I'm polite and cordial to people even if I dislike them. I just don't become friends with anyone and everyone just to say I have an insane number of friends.


Wrong On Every Conceivable Front

Then there's those moments when you consider someone and you're not correct in your assertions on any level.

Some Simple Geography Knowledge Would Be Appreciated

Hispanic with white skin here. Many are surprised I can speak Spanish even tho my last name is Hispanic.


Shoutout to people forgetting about the entire country of Spain (though tbh, even as a Latino it always throws me off for a sec when a random white dude brings out Spanish better than mine before I realize they're probably a Spaniard)


More Independent Than You Realize

Blind people need to be always helped and are incapable of being fully independent.

B-tch I'm about to get married to a blind man while being a blind woman and we are moving across the country. We are capable and adaptable.


No Understanding At All

I'm autistic.

We have so many bad ones.

• Mathbot

• Idiot

• Genius

• Idiot genius

• Totally incapable of functioning

• Sheldon Cooper

I kind of hate them all.


Keep an open mind, listen to when people talk to you, and don't jump to any conclusions. The best way to get to know someone is being willing to admit you're wrong in your initial encounter and to simply listen to their stories.

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