People Explain Which Things Should Always Be Kept In A Car In Case Of Emergency
Photo by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

There's a million things that can happen to you while out on on the road.

You spend lots of time in your car, heading from place to place. Maybe not this past year, as you suddenly think to whether or not your car still has gas in it or a running battery, but most years you'll be in your vehicle every day. Last thing you want is for it to breka down and not a clue what to do or how to survive until help arrives.

Reddit user, u/spornkuller, wanted to hear what you should always carry when they asked:

What's something you should ALWAYS keep in your car?

When The Weather Is Against You

Sometimes you can't stop the outside world from getting in your way. Weather or a nail on the road can throw you off your trail. A small addition to your car's inventory can make a huge difference.

Keep It Clean

Kleenex and paper towels.


And a pack of wet wipes or baby wipes! They come in so handy.


Need A Little Nap?



Surprised I had to scroll so far for this. Blankets are important if you break down in a cold rural location, but also if you get too lit at the party you can sleep it off before driving home.

Update: looks like folks are saying you can get arrested for sleeping in your car. Please avoid getting a DUI by using your car blanket to make a blanket fort. If the cops don't know the secret password you have no legal obligation to let them into your blanket fort (probably).

P.S. be aware of your local statutes


Cut The Chord

Something you can cut a seatbelt with. They sell combo seatbelt cutters with window breakers and sometimes other things along with them.

A blanket is also good to keep in the car especially if you live in a place that has potentially bad winters.


Never Assume You Have Enough Juice In The Phone

Phone charger


I learned this lesson when I was traveling to visit my sister, missed my exit, got lost, and had to stop to get a charger in an area I was unfamiliar with at night.

Google maps was not a big thing at that time, so the GPS map on the phone was really delayed. And I did not have a physical map either.

Now I always have a charger in my car just in case I end up out longer than anticipated and need to charge my phone.


Things You Never See Coming

The open road can lead to various perils, least of which are the ones you can't predict, could never predict, and in no way could even pretend to predict as of reading. Be ready.

So You Always Look Fly

Roll-on deodorant (doesn't melt), a change of clothes, a pen, cash, gum, jacket, car blanket, Tylenol, extra pair of sunglasses, a small bag/backpack. I also just always have a lot in my car.

Since I have to dress nice for work I also keep a spare old dress and flats in case i really have an emergency at the office.


For The Unknown...And Bats



I carry a bat that has a flashlight in the end.

It also has a pulsing light feature to blind attackers

And then the bat part to whack attackers


Need To Worry About Your Tumtum



This is excellent advice, it's even better if you combine it with a water bottle.

Also blankets and non perishable snacks will make a breakdown much more bearable


Never Trust Anyone's Stomachs

Airsick bags. (Fortunately got some stock from before the pandemic, have not flown for more than a year now...) Not for me, but my family driving with me. (Perhaps should add that we live in a mountain area with lots of winding roads.)


Three Months Or Less

Lots of people saying "gas"; they might mean in the tank, but do not keep it in your trunk (or boot, whatever). It degrades and evaporates in 3-6 months.

Keep a gas canister with a little money inside: enough to fill it.


I like the idea, but I'd just keep the gas in the trunk and put it in my tank at the 3month mark, and then refill it with new gas. If you run out of gas miles from a gas station, its gonna be a pretty big pain waiting for someone to give you a lift to the store.


Basics To Get Going No Matter Where They Are

Then there's those things you should probably start having with you, no matter what, and no matter the situation.

To The Negative And The Positive

Jumper cables


You can buy a battery bank now for $30 that will jump start your car. Much more convenient.


You Know. For Fires.

A fire extinguisher. About 2 years ago I was in the car with my parents when all of a sudden the gears stopped responding and smoke starting coming out of the front and back. We parked on the side of the road, opened the front and a piece (I think it was the battery) was burning. It was only put out because a man who was passing by riding a motorcycle quickly stopped, took off his jacket, soaked it in water from a bottle that he had with him, and covered the fire with it. Turns out he was an ex-fireman. You probably shouldn't always count on being that lucky.


Seriously. FIRE.

There have been incidents where a fuel leak or overheating of the engine due to lack of coolant liquid in the radiator has resulted in the car catching fire while on the drive or even while parked in the sun.

"Fire Extinguisher" can help you prevent your car from any such unfortunate scenario.


Here's Your List:

Fire extinguisher, shovel, water, multiple blankets, multiple flashlights with spare batteries, battery charging cables. If you're Canadian or live in Northern states that sees consistent below freezing conditions and your car hasn't been on long enough to thaw out the water bottles, put the bottle against your body, while covering with blankets. Your body heat is what keeps you warm under blankets. It'll thaw that bottle faster than you think.

That hidden compartment in your trunk is there for a reason. I find that car dealerships give you tire repair kits more often than giving you an actual spare tire. Even if you have a tire in that compartment, make room in your trunk for the above items.


Yeah. Yep. Yeah.



Front and back dash cam.


Safety on the road is a top priority. That means keeping your eyes on the road, enacting defensive driving techniques, and keep a small safety kit with you at all times.