Sometimes being a human means living a life full of fear, or at least, harboring lots of fears at every turn.

But there is always one fear that stands out more than the others. One fear that makes you seriously reconsider getting out of bed in the morning. And it can easily take over your entire life if you're not careful.

u/frogga asked:

What are you terribly afraid of ?

Here were some of those answers.

A Long Way Down

That my life already peaked and that was as good as it gets.


I thought my life peaked in my early 20's. I had a period where my mental problems almost disappeared and I felt like I could do anything, then the anxiety and depression came back.

Now I'm 28 and slowly working my way back. Next month I start working as a cleaner at a state-owned company and starting to get connections in the music business again, and I got some work on the side building stages. Its always possible to bounce back.


The True Crime Doc Waiting To Happen

Being convicted of a crime I didn't commit and spending my life in jail with no hope of being acquitted.


Absolutely my biggest fear. Whenever I see stuff about people serving stretches in prison and then being found innocent later my blood boils. Like...boils. I really really hate that. I'd seriously rather let everybody be free than have people locked up that dont deserve it.


Thanks, Cinema!

At this moment...being kidnapped and tortured thanks to a horror movie I watched this morning.



Losing my partner.


My biggest fear is waking up and he's died in his sleep. I often reach over to make sure he's still breathing in the night. It's weird because I've never experienced anything like that but I know it would ruin my life and sanity if it ever happened.


Constant Unhappiness

Going thru life not being genuinely happy..and also maybe dying alone? Idk


A quote I picked up on Reddit a while back- " The worst Hell I can imagine is that when I die, the person who I am meets the person I could have become".


A Parent Departed

The death of my mom. I can't bear it. I might just die from frickin grief


It'll break your heart and it'll tear you to shreds, it'll be so hard but you'll find a way, my mum was my best friend. But it's been 3 years, not a day goes by without thinking of her but you get there.


A Rotating Cast

That all my friends might leave me one day and I'll be all alone


I think it helps to think of friends as people who come and go in waves. Like the friends you had in high school will probably not be the same friends you have at age 35. It's always good to be open minded and actively trying to meet new people. I think too many people think the friends you made at some point in your life must remain friends forever, and if they aren't, you failed.


Too Close To Home

Weird but being homeless with no money and no help from any friends or family members. It scares me. I sometimes think about what i will do and how I will survive the winter. It makes me sad just thinking about it. How I'll have to dumpster dive for food or shelter etc. I have somewhat of a plan if it ever happens to me but I don't know why I put so much thought into this scenario and why I'm super scared of it. I did grow up poor.


A Very Real Fear

I'm afraid that my best friend is dead and rotting somewhere with a needle sticking out of his arm. He probably just couldn't put together the money to pay his phone bill this month or something like that, but when you've witnessed someone overdosing and being revived more than once and you know they're still doing what they do it's hard not to worry when they drop off the face of the Earth.


And NOT The New England Kind


I can deal with bees, they are friendly little flower children. Spiders are just natural insect deterrents. Any bug or creature I can deal with.

But wasps... Those bastards scare the hell out of me. They want to attack because you exist, no other reason. You don't gotta piss em off, your existence is enough justification for them to ruin your day.



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