People Divulge The One Thing They Most Regret Losing
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Losing something can be like losing a piece of yourself, depending on the item. No worries if it's a pencil from some meaningless box of school supplies, but if that pencil was passed on down through the ages, and it was your great-grandfather's pencil, the one he used in wartime to survive in prison, then, you'd probably want to write about it on the internet.

Reddit user, u/mostafall, wanted to hear what you'd like to find if given a chance when they asked:

What is something that you've lost and never found?

Wonder If It's Still There


When I was 8, I was at the airport with my family in Indiana waiting to board and playing on my GameBoy Advance. When it was time to board I took my game out, put it in my special container that held all my games, and put my GameBoy and the container in my little backpack.

Got on the plane, went to pull my GameBoy and games out of the backpack after takeoff to play, only to find my games and not my GameBoy. dug frantically through my backpack and all over the area on the plane, nowhere in sight.

My parents were upset, and still 13 years later, do not believe me to this day that I put that Gameboy in my backpack.

I still miss that thing :(


Burned Up In The Process?

My lucky roadrunner pin.

It disappeared the day I took my SAT.

Got a really good score so I think I just used up all the luck.


For Your Own Safety?

My pocket knives growing up.

Had a sizable collection that slowly disappeared. Wasn't until I was a full on adult that I found out my sister in law would take them and throw them away. #familygoals


Maybe Give The Mice A Warning Next Time

My former college roommate lost some psychedelics once.

When we moved out, we found the emptied pill capsules in a mouse nest along with a couple of dead mice. He also found a mouse that had drowned inside a half-finished beer bottle. That house had party mice.


Vanished Family Legacy

My grandfather's Purple Heart award was lost while moving.

Along with an old class ring made of 14k gold and a neat journal full of diagrams and other notes that he kept from his time in Vietnam. Sucks.


Nintendo? Again?

A lot of these answers are intangible, deep things like innocence and will to live. I'm still just salty that I lost my Nintendo DS on an airplane back in 2007.


A Familial Link Lost

A ring made out of my late grandmother's jewellery. My two brothers, all my male cousins and I all got the same ring made out of her old necklaces, earrings etc, and I lost mine

Was one of the worst days of my life


Burned Out Before Your Prime

My youthful desire to make the world around me a better place.

Now I just want to be as far away as f-cking possible from pretty much everything.


Seriously. Look After Your Nintendo Products.

My silver Nintendo DS. I dropped it in the car just as we were getting ready to leave, my grandma didn't let me look for it, and I never saw it again.

It's been 12 years and I'm still slightly bitter over it.


A Misplaced Manual Of Confounding Conundrums


Back when I was about ten years old, I had a book of brain-teasers that I absolutely loved. While I'm sure I could find all of the same riddles online nowadays, at the time, that tiny compendium was like something akin to tome of magic for me. I loved befuddling my friends with the scenarios between the pages, which led me – one fateful Friday morning – to bring the book to school with me.

Now, on the day in question, each student in the class was going to briefly present a shoe-box diorama that they'd made. I don't recall what the theme of mine was, but I do remember storing my codex of conundrums inside of it, allegedly for safe-keeping. That turned out to be an unwise decision, because I neglected to bring either of the items home with me that afternoon... and the following Monday, I discovered that they had vanished. (The operating theory was that the janitor had mistaken my diorama for a piece of garbage. Fortunately, my grade didn't reflect that assessment.)

Here's the thing, though: Although I was annoyed about my assignment having been thrown away, I had completely forgotten that I'd hidden my collection of riddles inside it. That detail didn't occur to me until a few days later, as I was folding socks to be put away. The sudden realization hit me hard enough that I actually froze in place for a moment, and the knowledge that my beloved book was gone indelibly burned itself into my psyche.

To this day, I can't fold socks without remembering that book.

The good news is that I still remember the riddles... like this one:

There is a truck-driver going down a one-way street the wrong way.
A policeman sees the truck-driver, but does not stop him or give him a ticket.
Why not?

TL;DR: I lost my compendium of conundrums, but I still remember its contents.


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