You probably regret that stupid decision that resulted in the accident that broke your leg or you probably still keep yourself up at night thinking about the bad choices that plagued your last relationship. You might know now that taking that one job was a terrible idea.

We don't know what we don't know––and knowing is half the battle. After Redditor postlogic asked the online community, "What will you never do again?" we could only cringe in solidarity.

"Date someone..."

Date someone with the intention of "fixing" them.


"Ignore red flags..."

Ignore red flags in a relationship and stay in a situation that lacks love. I will listen to my friends and be mindful of rose colored glasses.

Your partner should want to lift you up and want you to better yourself. They should also be striving to better themselves too. They should not feel like a strain or drain. If it doesn't feel right, it might not be right. Ask a friend and keep an open mind.


"I will never..."

I will never refinish a hardwood floor again. If I need a hardwood floor refinished and cannot afford to hire it out...I'll buy a rug.


"It's expensive..."

Cocaine, pretty sure I got addicted last year. I severely cut down on the usage throughout this year, and now I haven't used in two months. It's expensive and was ruining my relationships with my family.


"Like, people will just go..."


Go to the Grand Canyon. As someone who is absolutely petrified of heights, its one of the most terrifying places to visit. Like, people will just go sit on the edge on relax and be fine while I'm literally frozen where I stand panicking.


"About 75% of the way through..."

Run a marathon.

About 75% of the way through my training I realized that I was only doing it to be able to say I did it. (Hey everybody! Look how awesome I am to have run a marathon!) I couldn't even say that I was doing it to be healthier either because it was actually causing joint and bone issues. I still finished my training and completed the marathon, but I had to take a long time off after to heal. Haven't run more than a 5-miler since.


"I started riding..."

Ride a motorcycle.

I started riding when I was about 15 years old. I absolutely loved it, and each spring, would look forward to the smell of a 2 cycle Suzuki engine and riding all day. It was part of my life.

Fast forward to just after my 21st birthday. I'm riding a Honda 750 on the interstate on a Friday evening at about 9pm (Friday the 13th too), and all of a sudden I see a flash of lights in my rearview mirrors and bam, I was rear ended by a car and sent flying end over end. I slid on the asphalt for about 150 feet, feeling the flesh on my hands and knees being scraped off until I came to a stop. Cars and trucks were swerving around me to avoid hitting me. I jumped up as soon as I stopped and ran to the shoulder of the road. The driver was drunk, and had crashed into the ditch on the side of the road. A cop car happened to be sitting a bit farther up the highway and witnessed the crash and called for an ambulance and a tow truck. I haven't been on a motorcycle since that day over 40 years ago.


"Please do not..."

Work in a nursing home.

Almost every nursing home I worked and heard of is understaffed, underpaid, and overwork you to death.

The smell is horrible, and management makes the environment toxic.

Please do not send your parents to these facilities.


"Not even..."

Drive while intoxicated.

Never got into an accident, harmed anyone, or even got pulled over. But I do recall one time where I fell asleep behind the wheel only to wake myself up as I was driving on the other side of the road. I immediately pulled over, parked the car, and slept in it til the next morning. Never drove drunk ever again. Not even after a single beer.



Gossip about my boss with coworkers.


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