Just like art, sexy is subjective.

Turing someone on can be easy, if the situation is right.

It can be as simple as a smile.

Redditor Genericredditor5 wanted to hear about all the off-the-wall things that set our libido a tingle.

So they asked:

"What is your strange turn-on?"

Small things are super sexy. I love the small things most. You know what I mean.


touching black and white GIFGiphy

"Back of my thighs being touched."


"And the back of the knee."



"Long, sustained flirting/teasing where it's like a game of chicken to see who'll be the first to admit that they want the other person when you both already know you want each other desperately. Best orgasms ever after that."


"This is Chemistry, it's the best feeling in the world. I wish I still felt this way with my partner."



"I know it’s a funny thing with heights. I’m a 5’11 woman and I really like being taller than my male partner (don’t care what height for females). I just love being able to hug them and engulf them. I don’t mind any height for dating. If you’re a short dude it’s a bonus for me."


"Tall women. Idk. I love them, unfortunately I am only 5’9."



"Ok new one probably not that strange but I used to think so. So I have always read in romance novels that 'he growled in her ear' and was always like wtf how is that sexy. Then IT HAPPENED... I was like oh my God how is that so sexy WHAT. So yeah probably not that strange but was definitely something I never thought would be a turn on."



Sofia Coppola Violin GIF by The BeguiledGiphy

"The oddest thing once happened that never occurred again. I was watching a woman play the violin. She had such confidence and concentration. That was enough to get the blood flowing, I suppose."


The violin is AMAING!! I would be in love.


"Having my ear licked/chewed."


"Same. Even kissed and breathed on. They’re so sensitive and I always kinda flench or appear uncomfortable when they check my temp in my ears at the doctors office. They’re like we can do a different method if it’s painful, nooo just sensitive. LOL."


"Drives my husband wild."



"When guys laugh and giggle, it’s the cutestt thing ever."


"My husband has an evil genius giggle, even more so when he’s actually plotting something. It’s really scary, is he giggling about Tom and Jerry with the kids or is he plotting a joke for one of us or did he just think of a dad joke to pull for a certain occasion?"


Convo Interest

"I like it when girls talk to me about nerdy stuff, like videogames and books and stuff like that. I used to have conversations about comics with this girl I had a class with in college and I never asked her out and now I feel like an idiot."


"I once made a guy completely lose interest over the course of a walk because I went on a rant about the state of Paper Mario as a series. So you're saying you'd have the opposite reaction?"


Tell Me

So Excited Reaction GIF by OriginalsGiphy

"A straight forward women, tells you what and how she wants anything not just sex, basically a confident woman."


Natural Beauty

"All natural body. Don't care how you look without makeup, don't care how tiny you think your tits are or how bad your stretch marks on your butt look. If you're you, you're mine. The original."


Shoulder The Burdon


"Really the entire neckline, collarbone, shoulder area really."

"Just makes me want to nibble/nuzzle/bite."


"so you’re the people the dress code warned us about!"


Tee Shirt

​"Girls with oversized t-shirt with messy hair at the morning."


Gotta Hand It To You

"If a guy's hands are big enough that he can like curl his fingers over the tips of my fingers (not sure how to explain that, so I'll leave it as iykyk), that's it, I'm done, pack me up and f**king serve me hot."


Suit Down

"Seeing men dressed down. That’s not a euphemism for nudity- just the opposite of formal wear/suits. Just a T-shirt or an old band tee. IMO men look best casual."



"It’s hard to describe, but there’s a video of a gal demonstrating how to collect maple syrup. It’s in Wisconsin, so it’s cold as sh*t, but she obviously doesn’t mind being in the cold, and she does this thing where her mouth doesn’t move a whole lot while she’s talking because it’s freezing."

"Something about the way her mouth moves when she’s talking while it’s cold is cute AF."


Sorry to Dad bods

"The 'mom bod'. As most people refer to it that way i guess"


Well that is a lot of sexy.

Tell us about you! What would you add to this list, dear reader? Let us know in the comments below.

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